Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Honor....or golf?

I trust you all had a great Memorial day...some of you will have had a three day weekend, others less...but hopefully all took a moment to think of the fallen soldiers who gave their lives so that you and I could not only taste freedom but remain free.

When I was younger I had some difficulties in understanding that Memorial Day was a day to remember the fallen warriors...after all Veterans have their own day right?

Well, that was a juvenile way of seeing the world and I am thankful that I have matured sufficiently to understand the difference.

It is too bad that our current Commander in Chief still lacks the maturity to understand the reality of Memorial Day.

Now, I am not going to beat down on Obama specifically...because I would do this for any President who did the same thing. It does not matter who did it, what matters to me is the principal behind it.

Here's my problem...you can agree with me on these thoughts, or you can be wrong....your choice!  :)

Let's digress for a short time and think about the last couple of weeks our fearless leader has had. First he throws the Israeli's under the bus and then is surprised that the Israeli Prime Minister doesn't bow and scrape and say thank you. In fact, he stood up to the President (in the oval office of all places) and made it quite clear that Israel would NOT do what Obama suggested. What a nerve he has to say that! And what an effect that must have had on Obama!! After all, who would dare stand up to him like that?

So Obama runs off to Ireland and the UK. Ireland was the source of some heritage in Obama's blood (his red hair and green eyes suggest it had to be Irish heritage!). And then it was off to good old England where he and Michelle could take turns in showing their ignorance of etiquette.

And so, back to the USA where pesky problems like the economy, and debt, weigh heavily on the hearts of many, and yet seem so distant to the pleasures of the White House. Barely having time to catch his breath, Memorial Day is upon him and he knows he will be called upon to make speeches about the warrior who have passed and the thankfulness the Nation feels.

But there is light at the end of this bleak and dreary tunnel. It is a three day weekend...and he can get those pesky speeches out of the way by noon, and take advantage of the holiday to enjoy the Company of movers and shakers who can help guide his policy decisions while putting in a quick 18 holes. He never gets the chance to enjoy golf...has only played 12 times this year so far.

A game of golf? You know, I have never understood the appeal of golf. Maybe I am missing something....but it seems that a game with such high green costs and membership costs would be something that you would want to do a lot. But with golf, it is the exact opposite. The idea is to take less swings and walk the shortest distance possible...what? If I was paying those thousands of dollars in membership and green fees, I would want to get my money's worth. Lots of swings and lots of walking....makes much more sense to me.

And then, there is the whole concept of the game. Let's see if I can get this right. You put a small white ball on the ground...and then hit it as far away as you can. You then walk all over the place trying to find it, and when you do, you hit it away again. This goes on a few times until the ball goes into a hole, and then you start all over again. Is that about right? I don't want to offend any golfers among my readers, but, really? This is a sport?

I can see some skill there certainly, but it is not the ball is going to hit you back, is it?

Anyway, I digress...I was talking about the Presidents memorial day.

So, he takes a few hours off to play golf with some high powered folk....what's that? No high powered folk? Who did he play golf with then? Oh, a couple of junior staffers from the White House....aaaaah, ok. The kind that are likely to fawn over every word that passes from his lips - I am quite sure they would never rebuke him over anything. I am sure they are nice lads, but really? Golf with staffers...of course, they may not care if he doesn't score his round and certainly would not question his counting!!

Here's my problem.

On a day when America remembers her fallen, this President chooses to spend his day playing golf with a couple of junior staffers.

The Commander in Chief, who has sent men and women to war, to their deaths, under his orders...plays golf. The Commander in Chief who represents previous Presidents who have ordered young men and women to die for their country chooses to play golf on the day those lost lives should be remembered.

In my opinion, on Memorial Day, the President should spend his time thanking the families of the fallen, not just through a speech that he bets bored with half way through, but by honoring them all day. That could be by quietly listening to the stories of heroes, as told by their Grandchildren, or enjoying the families of the fallen at a Bar-B-Que in their honor, or by reading of past exploits of the brave men and women in uniform.

Memorial Day for the Commander in Chief should be different to those of us who do not issue the orders that send our brave troops into battle. For the Commander in Chief it should be a day of retrospection. A day when he puts aside childish things and learns of the costs of his orders. A day when he faces the reality of the pain and suffering his, and his predecessors decisions have created.

I am not saying he should apportion blame on himself....this is not about blame...this is about being thankful for the willingness of those in uniform to defend liberty, faith and America, to the death. This is about one day in a year when the President and Commander in Chief has the opportunity to show that he understands the sacrifices made, and makes a silent promise that he will never order our children to war without due consideration and understanding of the cost of those orders.

And our President played golf.

Does not seem right.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Forward we go...straight to the stone age!

I write this column because not only do I have opinions on many things that happen in this world, but I am also totally astounded by the clear stupidity of some people.

Sometimes, the stupidity is so great that it takes my breath away. Sometimes it is so ludicrous, that I simply have to laugh...and sometimes it is totally innocuous but very funny.

I wish that was the case for todays stupidity. This one is not innocuous, certainly not funny, and far from being simply breathtakingly stupid.

Today's example is world changing. If allowed to go unchecked it has the capacity to drag the world, with liberal cheers, back into the golden days of the cave man!

You think I exaggerate?

I have a question.

What do you think would happen if all the scientists in this world stopped researching? What do you think would happen if the inventors stopped inventing? What do you think would happen if all repairmen stopped repairing?...or all builders stopped building, or all engineers topped engineering?

What would happen if all judges stopped judging? Teachers stopped teaching....ooops...that one is already happening! Strike that!

Would you want to live in this marvel of the 21st century world when these happened? Or do you think that we would be thrust backwards in time, in short order, to a time where man had to forage for food and throw rocks at his neighbor to protect what scarce belongings he owned?

So....liberals are boldly stepping forward, with each step we get closer to the "event" that will drag us backwards thousands of years in the blink of an eye. We must be watchful, as each individual step taken by these so-called progressive thinkers is usually so small that nobody takes any notice....until now.

Now they have taken a step that is so outrageous that most clear thinking adults will say "No, that must be wrong. They can't be doing that, can they? That is just STUPID!"

Unfortunately, the population of clear thinking adults is dwindling and the uproar over stupidity has turned into little more than a childish whimper.

So...here is todays stupid act that will shake the world to it's core if allowed to continue.

Italian lawmakers have charged six seismologists with manslaughter, because they failed to predict a 2009 earthquake that killed several hundred people. I kid you not!


Do you see the insanity in this? Do you see the threat to world life as we know it?

When liberal law makers can ignore two basic tenets of life (shit happens and personal responsibility) and not only blame but charge with manslaughter those people who have devoted their lives to science in the hopes of one day being able to predict when shit will happen...when blame for a natural disaster is placed on people with no ability to change it ...then we have progressed a long way down the slippery slope of oblivion.

What is next? We have already had civil cases of people suing gas stations for allowing a drunk person to fill up...maybe we should charge him with manslaughter if the drunk kills someone? Maybe we should charge the manufacturer of the car? Or the guy who does the regular maintenance? What about charging the pedestrian who jumps out of the way of the wildly driven car? Maybe he should have stopped the drunk?

Nope...it makes much more sense to charge the seismologists for death resulting from an earthquake. After all, they knew what was going to happen and didn't stop it!

Yes, my foolish liberal friends...you are displaying your stupidity for all to see.

This world has truly turned upside down...and in the clarity of an upside down world, it is easy to see that liberalism is definitely a mental disorder.

We need to stop this nonsense before it spreads. Mass lobotomies may work....but then you and I would be charged with cruelty to animals for suggesting such a thing.

There goes liberty...there goes free speech...there goes freedom.

Stupid is as stupid says. No finer example can be found today.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Code Red...Code Pink...fools!!

Just when I thought I had seen it all...the loony left finds a new way to astound me.

The latest stupidity is the demonstrations by Code Pink at the Netanyahu speeches.

Ok, I get it. They don't like Israel. They think that the occupied territories belong to the Palestinians. They want Israel destroyed.

What I don't get is how uneducated these buffoons are.

Palestine? Palestinians? Where did these people come from?  There has NEVER been a nation called Palestine, and no peoples called Palestinians. This is a pure figment of their imagination. If I recall correctly, the whole Palestinian thing was an invention of the British when they did not want to see an Israeli settlement in '47/'48! When the Jews were trying to gain independence, the Brits were very misguided and encouraged Arabs of all nations to go live in the territories and call themselves Palestinians. The Brits thought they would outnumber the Jews and prevent the nation from rising up.

So, they were wrong. The worst part is that the Arabs calling themselves Palestinians, and millions of otherwise well-educated persons around the world have come to believe the crap that there really WAS a Palestinian nation and that Israel stole their land!! Thank you, Yassar Arafat...the PLO was a figment of your imagination and yet you convinced the world that the Palestinians had a Nation that needed liberation. What fools we are!

Good grief. Liberal educators will surely have something to answer for when they stand before God on judgement day!

So..the loony left has once again taken up the cause of the Islamic peoples, and turned their back on the Jews. Who would have believed it?

Ummm...wait. While it is true that the democrats were in power in 1948 when Israel gained its Nationhood (or at least became recognized as a nation - it's nationhood was never in question), it is not true that the democrats of the time were fully supportive of the Jewish nation.

And today they are even less supportive.

Code Pink is nothing more than a bunch of stupid liberals whose ignorance has driven them to do foolish things in the mistaken belief that they can make a difference. They can make a difference all right.

Normal people will look at these fools and choose not be associated with them...unless of course you are a liberal, in which case you will think they are doing God's own work...wait...you don't believe in God , do you? I guess they are doing man's work, and you better go along like a nice little lib and join them.

Stupid is as stupid says!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Why do Jews vote democrat?

My head hurts.

Really, it does.

I hate it when there is something going on that makes no sense and I can't find any logic to it.

What I am talking about is how the Jews of today can actually support the Democratic party. Why do they do that?

Am I the only person who sees this enigma?

Here is what I see.

The Jews in this country have a tendency to vote democrat. That seems to be their choice and I suspect that there is some historic symbolic reason for this. At some time in the past the democrats may have supported the Jewish Nation. Perhaps the democrats of the past had such a significant positive effect that Jews passed down this democrat nature from generation to generation...so now it is the Jewish thing to do to vote democrat?

I don't know the reason and that drives me insane.

But here's the thing. Why would a thinking person of any Nationality support a political party  that wants that persons homeland destroyed? Why support a party that today wants to see nothing short of the annihilation of Israel? Why support a party that calls for the removal of Israel's land?

So what if Israel captured that land during a war? To the victors go the spoils! Or at least that is the way it used to be. Why did Obama tell Israel that the only way to peace was to go back 50 years in time? What is it with this administration that so supports the 14th century movements of the middle east Islamic tribes while trying to defeat the 21st century technology of the only true democracy in the Middle East, Israel?

Why do the Jews in this country not stand up strongly and let the democrats know this is unacceptable?

Why will the Jews not let their displeasure be known at the next election?

Regular readers of this column know that I am not a person without opinions. And I usually can see what is going on and respond accordingly. But in this case, all I get is a headache!!

Maybe someone of the Jewish faith will help me?

Why do you vote democrat?
Do you believe the democrats of today are the same as the democrats of yesteryear?
What will it take for you to realize that the party you support is interested only in supporting a Palestinian state and not in supporting Israel?
When will persons of the Jewish faith rise up and declare their blind allegiance to democrats has ended?
What has to happen before you will stop blindly following liberals into the oblivion of a world without Israel, and start supporting those that support your homelands?

Are you such the oppressed and victimized remnants of history that you no longer see yourselves as worthy? Must you continue to hide in the enclaves of Hollywood where your liberalism is simply a way to acceptance in a world long bereft of reason? Or perhaps you remain scared of the antisemitism that still runs deep in some places? Or maybe you use that which we abhor as a way to maintain your success?

What is it?

To me, the Jewish people are God's chosen people. The Christians and the Jews serve the same God, the one real and true God. All other Gods are false. People of the Christian faith support the people of Israel, while people of little faith or no faith support the barbarians in the middle east and North African nations. The very barbarians that will destroy Israel in seconds if given the opportunity.

And yet, you throw your lot in with the current racist antisemitic democrats.The anti Israeli, Muslim loving faithless scourge of our society.

Would you rather be seen as a democrat than a God fearing, constitution loving, freedom oriented conservative?

Or is it simply that you have bought the liberal lies of generations that capitalism is bad, capitalists are bad, and only socialism is good?

Wake up. Your future is in your own hands. Words matter - start listening to the meaning of the words hidden by the hyperbole. Elections matter - start voting for people of morality, strength and a sense of history. Start thinking deeply rather than with the ingrained sensibilities of years past.

If you do not do these things, you will wake up one day and see Israel destroyed and the persecution of the Jews will race across this earth at the speed of light. A battle is coming and right now, you are on the side of those who wish to destroy you.



Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lies, lies and more lies.

So today was Obama's chance to swagger and talk tough, to show the world that he is indeed a strong leader, and to show that America will not back down in the face of danger.

Apparently his speech lasted for 50 minutes, but I wouldn't know because after 20 minutes of the crap he was spewing I could not watch any more and turned it off.

This whole non-event was preceded by Hillary Clinton introducing the man who has, "since the day he entered office, worked diligently to transform the diplomatic services of this country, finding a new and creative way for the diplomatic missions to achieve their missions". (I apologize for the paraphrasing...I was too busy bending over the sink regurgitating my cheerios to actually know exactly what she said, but I believe I have the gist of it right!)

And then, with the introduction done, and a handshake and hug complete with the obligatory pat on the back, Hillary relinquishes the stage to the deceiver in chef and the real dribble begins.

I think it was about 5 minutes into his speech when he stated this gem:-

"And though these countries may be a great distance from our shores, we know that our own future is bound to this region by the forces of economics and security; history and faith."

(This is a direct quote taken from the prepared text of the speech provided by the State Department...so no paraphrasing this time!)

Let's take a look at this statement (which is referring to the Middle East and North African countries).

He started strongly with a statement of fact. These nations are indeed a LOOOOOONG assed way from our shores. Too far to swim, but air transport can get you there in a few hours. Good point Obama...your speech writer clearly knows his geography...well at least in a broad sense.

Shame he doesn't also understand history....but we will get to that in a minute.

It is the second part of this statement delivered by Obama that I have great trouble with:-

"we KNOW"? Who knows? He is referencing the future...and to my knowledge nobody knows what the future holds, nobody has that perfect vision, and nobody can say for certain what is going to happen. And yet not only does this moron claim to know, he tries to absolve himself by using the term "we". I don't know, do you? It is a clever lie to bring "the people" into accepting what he says next.

"our own future is bound to this region"....hmmm...what doe he actually mean by that? Do you think America's future is dependent on what happens somewhere else in this world, or should America be self determining, and take actions based on its own self interest? To say that America's future is BOUND to the Middle East is giving power to the Arabs to determine what America will look like in the future.  Another lie trying to destabilize the right of self governance that America enjoys, and slowly leading the listeners toward acceptance of foreign determination.

"bound to this region by economics"....hmmmm...really Obama? What does this region provide economically for America that America cannot provide for herself? Oil? Known American oil reserves are greater than all the reserves the Middle East has, with who knows how much not yet discovered? So if not oil, it must be the purchasing power of these economies to acquire American goods and services? While it is true that many western ex-patriots enjoy tax free living in the Middle East, I suspect that the economic impact on the US economy is actually minimal. No...I suspect the greatest economic impact these countries have on America is the billions of dollars America sends them in aid every year. That must be the economic ties he talks so freely about!

"bound by security"...how apropro Mr. President. Our biggest ally in the region soon found out how America welcomes its security support when you turned your back on Mubarak. He may not have been a good guy but he was an ally who helped keep the western world secure from the Muslim terrorists, to at least some extent. So..you turn your back on him and then have the nerve to say our futures are bound by security. You are so full of it, Mr. President. Security my ass.

"bound by history" Just what history are you referring to Mr. President. Ancient history tells us the Muslims expanded and killed every nation that opposed their brand of religion, until the Christians fought back in the Holy Wars. Is that the great history you want us bound by? The expansionist policies of Islam? The destruction of religious freedom? Is that the history that our future is bound to? Or are you referring to a future that recognizes the history of expansionist Islam and is bound by the need to fight that evil? That does not sound like your intent from this speech Mr President, so I assume you are expecting the west to be bound by the Islamic successors of history. Is that what you are saying? If not, what? It makes no sense....but maybe the next thought completes it?

"bound by faith" I don't know about you dear reader, but I am not now, nor ever will be, bound by faith to the middle east. Their faith is nothing more than a politically motivated idealogical system created from the bizarre thoughts of a pedophile who worships a black rock. If you don't know what I am talking about, do some research. I will never be joined by faith to an ideology that encourages pedophilia, rape, incest and homosexuality. And I haven't even gotten to the murder and destruction parts. Islam is nothing more than a cult and should not be given any respect as a religion. I will not bow down before Islam ever. And I abhor the President deciding without reference to me that my future is bound to that region by faith. NO! NEVER!

So...I put up with his ramblings for a few more minutes and then turned off the TV in the hopes that my sanity would remain intact.

I guess by doing so, I missed the most important part of this speech. The part where he turned on Israel and made it clear that he believes Israel should give up part of its territory to the Palestinians.

Oh how the world has gone astray...and this President is leading it toward oblivion. 

I may sound like a crazy person today....but I will NOT stand by quietly while the President leads us down this particular rabbit hole. 

One simple sentence that I have dissected above, tells you where this moron is leading this Nation....and then the comments on Israel tell us he is doing it quickly.

Everybody needs to take note of words...words have meanings...and then decide for themselves what those meanings mean.

Am I crazy? Maybe.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Once upon a Wednesday - how to defeat dragons!

Wednesday already!

Where has the time gone? So much to do, so few days in which to do it.

Today I want to talk about dragons...you know...those fierce fire belching creatures of fairy tales. Well I am here to tell you they are real...they exist...but they can be slain.

As C.K.Chesterton wrote (and I paraphrase)..." Fairy tales do not teach children that dragons exist. Children already know that. Fairy tales teach them that the dragons can be slain."

What is the dragon attacking 21st Century USA? What vile creature is appearing out of nowhere with no more warning than the sounds of its wings beating the air as it selects its target and attacks?

It is the dragon of 21st century progressivism. Liberalism gone mad. Nothing more than a rabid memory of the democrats of yore.

To label the current crop of liberals as democrats is just wrong. They are a truly different beast. They are dragons circling the ineffective conservative defenses, their acrid breath turning staunch conservatives to jelly as they await the moment to fully engage with fire from their belly devouring the last remnants of common sense.

Dragons...with no sense of moral right or wrong, with no sense of integrity, but with an extremely well developed sense of survival. Dragons who will turn on their supporters, their friends, perhaps even their children, if it means political survival. Dragons who are crafty enough to succor their enemies, give credence to straw men and support any vile untruth if it gets them one step closer to total annihilation of this country.

We have one such dragon sitting in the White House, enjoying caviar and lobster while his dragon wife tells us what to eat...and warns of the danger of obesity while serving fries and hot-dogs (a healthy combination) to guests at their super-bowl party.

We have these dragons entertaining friends and people they believe can assist their nefarious dreams (from his father) at regular concerts held at the White House. (have you ever noticed how many black entertainers have been invited to perform? How many white entertainers have been?)

There is a way to defeat the racist dragons that plunder our economy, belching their nonsense and lies as they steal the very bread from your table. But, as with fairy tales, the brave prince who tries to defeat the dragon has many trials and dangers ahead of him. I intend to provide some sign posts for that brave prince to follow, so that he (or she....let's not be sexist here) can avoid the pitfalls that have destroyed those that went before....

1. The first piece of advice is to grow a pair! Do not be afraid to stand up and tell the world the truth. One thing I admired about Donald Trump was his willingness to stand up for what he believed. He was not cowed by the army of dragons huffing and puffing ...he stood his ground and refused to bow to that greatest injustice of all, political correctness. If anyone wants to fight these dragons, he/she must stubbornly hold their ground in the face of political correctness. Trump could never be the man to lead the revolt against the dragons, but he was sure able to show how it could be done!

2. Have a tough skin. It does matter what color this prince/princess is. This hero of mankind will be subjected to taunts because of color. If a black person, it will be said that he is running because he is black , and because white people know that a white person cannot compete for fear of being called a racist. If a white person is the hero, the race card will be played EVERY time. The dragons think they have this locked in...either way they can win. What they don't understand is that it works ONLY IF the hero cares what they say about him. A thick skin that does not give a hoot what the dragons think is essential for success.

3. NO COMPROMISE. How many times do conservatives make a stand only to fold at the last minute. Well, it is time they acted like they held 4 aces....the house is controlled by conservatives now yet they fall like dominoes every time the dragons say something like"if the budget is not passed it will be your fault"...pathetic!! Nobody holds any faith in the heroes when they give up and surrender at the first sign of disapproval from people whose opinions are based on ideologies completely opposed to their own. What sort of mamby pamby emasculated girly men do we have in conservative politics today? For success we conservatives must KNOW what we believe, act strongly on those beliefs, and not compromise on anything. Compromise means that the left wins, albeit a little slower than they wanted. Nevertheless, the dragons gain a little more strength and confidence. No compromise...compromise feeds the dragons!

4. Know your enemy. Our hero is going to be facing the impossible task of not only battling a political machine of enormous strength and firepower, but a media that long ago stopped reporting news and started campaigning for the prince of dragons. Add to that the millions of ordinary folk who have fallen under the spell of the dark prince and believe he will lead them to the promised land if only they will take up arms and help him defeat the voice of reason. Our hero has to have the strength of emotional Hercules to defeat such odds and the wisdom of Solomon to know where the next deceptive attack will come from. Our hero is limited by his adherence to truth, which must not be sacrificed on the alter of success as that further emboldens the dragons to victory. The only thing these dragons fear is truth itself. Our hero must stand strong and deliver truth to the masses, simply, coherently and not be distracted or diverted by the straw men the dragons continually build. Do not believe a single word from your enemies, or your friends. Know what is true in your heart. Do not fight to win an election. Fight to defend truth, for it is only by defending truth at every turn that you will find the strength to battle the vast array of dragons that will form a never ending line to destroy you. Know the enemy within as well as the enemy without.

Is there anyone who can withstand the brutal attacks that will be aimed at whoever has the nerve to go against the prince of deceit? Does anyone have the honor to admit when they are wrong? To change their opinions as they seek the truth? To show the world that the dragon ways are not the natural way?

I honestly do not know. I see signs of possibilities in the likes of Herman Cain, and Michele Bachman. I see supporting actors in large numbers. I have not yet seen the person who will stand up and say..."I do not care what anyone thinks of me. I am here to kill the dragon. And I will do that, whether you follow me or not. I will never give up and I will fight until that metaphorical dragon's head is stuck on a spike and displayed for all to see what happens to enemies of this country!"

Do we have any heroes left? I have to believe we do.

If we don't, then every child will know that fairy tales lied...and dragons can not be defeated.

Do we want our children to live in fear of dragons? Or do we want to show them that while dragons do exist, and that sometimes they gather sufficient strength to terrorize all that is good in this world, there will always be a hero that comes galloping on their white stallion with no more than his or her faith as protection, who will fight for good and slay the dragon.

More than any other time in modern history, we need a dragon-slayer. But history has always shown that great heroes appear when great heroes are needed.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Arnold, Newt and the ACLU are nothing compared to this outrage!

What to write?

There is so much stupid stuff around today that it is difficult to choose between topics. I could look at Arnold and his decade old love child....but that is way too tabloid like.

Maybe Newt's unfortunate episode that is likely to end his presidential run just days after he bolted from the blocks would make an interesting topic? Nope...again, every tabloid will cover that.

How about the ACLU demands that a NJ school change its venue for graduation services because last year one attendee was offended by the Christian symbols on display at the very historic venue? This would be a perfect case of stupidity, but unfortunately is neither news nor original as the ACLU is always taking this type of action. It is clear that lawyers who can no longer earn a living doing real work attach themselves to the ACLU in the hopes that they can garner a name for themselves by fighting Christianity. No real story there either...just predictable stupidity.

Of course there is always the debt ceiling that we hit at 4pm yesterday. Strange how today there is no noticeable impact from that particular tragedy. Although, we have been told that the government is able to pull a whole range of tricks that keep it solvent for another, what, 11 weeks?  Or at least so says little Timmy Geithner (have you ever noticed how he resembles a leprechaun?). Now, I understand that he doesn't know how to use Quickbooks or Turbo Tax and therefore is incapable of lodging his tax returns, but that is no reason to doubt he understands the economic impact of reaching the debt ceiling. No! That is just crazy stuff. Of course he understands this...I just wonder what tricks he has up his sleeve to avoid a fiscal meltdown? Maybe....nah...well...couldn't do that, could he? Maybe he will just forget to pay some bills? Nah! That is crazy. About as crazy as the government cutting back on some of its spending programs to avoid default on its borrowings.

Which brings me to a new idea. Spending programs.

I am sure you have all guessed by now that I am a small limited government type of guy. I happen to believe that the federal government has a few responsibilities that I expect it to carry out in the most fiscally efficient but yet effective manner possible.

SO today I am going to restrict my musings to the efficiency of government spending in areas where the federal government has a mandate to spend. The most obvious area is the protection of its people and borders. Defense. To the extent that some NASA programs could also be said to be potentially good for defense, I will even include NASA in this discussion, although I do believe that most of what NASA does is better done by the private sector (but that is a discussion for another day!)

The focus of my attention today is government contracting for armaments, materials, vehicles, weapons, aircraft etc etc. Let me say at the outset that I have no problem with the government acquiring these things, no do I have a problem with the government contracting with private companies for research and development, some of which will never result in an end product. It is essential for research and development to be conducted to ensure that the US stays at the forefront technologically . This is all good stuff, by and large.

No.  The problem is in the type of contracts.

For years the government has required cost plus contracts (as opposed to fixed price contracts). For a minute let's ignore all the other inefficiencies in the contracting systems (such as Hubzone preference, women owned preferences, veteran owned preferences etc etc) and simply look at the greates cost increasing vehicle ever devised by Government.

The cost plus contract.

A cost plus contract works very simply. The contractor estimates what it will cost him to fulfill the contract. He then adds a fee or profit of around 7% to come to the estimated contract amount. That becomes the price of the contract. I don't think anybody would argue that a 7% profit is too unreasonable, after all we expect companies to make a profit, right?

So...on the face of it, cost-plus contracts look very efficient. Companies are not able to make "super profits" off the government and everyone is happy.

Not quite. You see, the Government has to determine what is acceptable as part of "cost" so they have thousands of government employees determining what constitutes 'cost" and what the contractor can include in the cost base. This is part of the "hidden cost" of cost plus contracting.

Ok. Once the Government has determined what are allowable expenses for "costs" it must ensure that these definitions are complied with. So another department with thousands of employees is structured to ensure that companies comply with the definition of "cost". These people go into the contractors workplace and audit their books and records to ensure compliance with costs definitions. Another "hidden" cost in government cost plus contracting.

And we haven't even gotten to the contractor yet.

So, lets go there now.

The contractor, in initially preparing the quotation for the contract, is fully aware of the thousands of pages of definitions of cost he must know. So, he creates an entire division within his company that simply examines government requirements and ensures that the company complies with them. This is a huge overhead that not only can not be avoided but is an acceptable cost for a cost plus contract and therefore actually makes the contractor money by the 7% fee that gets applied to it.

Wait...that creates an opportunity to make more money. If every allowable cost provides a 7% profit, if we simply increase our costs, we make more money!! What a thought! so...instead of using stainless steel screws that cost $1 each, we could use titanium screws that cost $4 each and effectively quadruple our profit. Wow! A goldmine that the government is paying for.

Wait a minute. This is just plain crazy talk. The government doesn't just give out no-bid contracts. There is still a competitive bid process right? Yes, with a few exceptions, most contracts have a competitive bid process...but remember, all the people bidding know how the game is played and have all gamed the system in the same way. Whichever company eventually wins the bid, has already built in the most waste it possibly can, because by doing so, it makes more money that you are paying for through your taxes.

If you think this is bad, it actually gets worse.

Most corporations know that if they push too hard on their initial quote, they may lose the contract. So...they underquote to get the job. They bid $3 million when they know it is going to cost them $5 million. Why do they do this, you ask? Why take a loss? The answer may surprise you. 

They will NOT make a loss. IN fact they will make more money. Why? Because when they get 2/3 through the contract they will tell the government that they have had some problems and have run out of budget, and the revised cost will be $5 million. They will say they cannot complete the contract without a revision in price. The government then has to decide whether to cancel the contract, in which case the contractor gets his $3 million (which generates a profit for him because he has not spent that much yet) or the government decides that an incomplete contract is unacceptable and agrees to extend the contract value to $5 million and the game begins again.

So...why does the government insist on cost plus contracts?

There are a number of reasons:_

1. the government does not want to be seen as causing companies to go broke. If they negotiated a fixed price contract and the contractor got it wrong, and ran out of money, the government would be blamed for causing its demise. What? Did I read that right? Yep...sure did.

Of course the thought of renegotiating a fixed price contract as they do with cost plus contracts could never happen. Garbage. I don't believe this line for a minute.

2. the government wants to make sure that it is not paying "super profits" to the contractor. IF it entered a fixed price contract and the contractor made 30% instead of 7%, people would say the government was wasting money.

On the face of it, this makes sense. However, would you rather the government pay $6 million on a contract where the contractor made 30% profit, or $9 million on a contract where the contractor made 7% profit?? For the identical item?

Don't laugh...I have seen these numbers in a real situation, and have seen far worse than that.

3. We don't want to find the company is unable to finance the contract. 

Ok...I can see that. Under a cost plus contract the contractor sends in a monthly bill of costs and fee and gets paid within 30 - 60 days and the cash flow remains fine. Umm...why can't a fixed fee contract be based on fixed monthly payments ,or payments when certain steps are achieved? Of course they can - the problem is that the government contracting officers are either too lazy or two ignorant of the technology to determine what reasonable monthly payments should be. It is way easier for them to wait on the contractor to invoice its costs and fees...no thought required.

So...cost plus contracting is costing us taxpayers hundreds of billions a year. A simple change to compulsory fixed price contracting eliminates government waste, contractor waste...and probably hundreds of lawyers both in government and in the private sector who will need to find new jobs.

Of course they can always go work with the ACLU while they try to find that elusive honest job.

Just my thoughts....


Monday, May 16, 2011

Actually, "the Rich" Don't "Create Jobs," We Do....Another lie!

It has been a few days since I have posted....that is not because of a lack of topics (it takes no more than 3 minutes to find a multitude of examples of stupidity)...but because I, unlike my liberal counterparts, have responsibilities outside of my blog that I attend to. It is called having a life...something that is sadly lacking in the rantings of many on the left.

Speaking of rantings, I came across this article and thought I should share it with you....


If you ever want to understand just how low the education system in this country has become, you just need to read this article. And if you want to truly understand how effective the intellectual dishonesty enjoyed by the author is, simply read the plethora of comments in support of his basic premise.

The few stand-outs who dare to question his premise are virtually lost in the noise of the clapping and cheering of dishonesty.

This article is so wrong on so many levels that I really do not know where to start. Do I start by showing where his thinking is astray? Do I start by showing where his facts are wrong? Do I start by pointing out where his knowledge is deficient?

If I do all the above, this will become a much larger post than anyone with half a brain would want to read, so I will simply select a few things he said and add my opinions/thoughts.... :)

1." The idea that there are producers and parasites as expressed in the example above has become a core philosophy of conservatives. They claim that wealthy people "produce" and are rich because they "produce." The rest of us are "parasites" who suck blood and energy from the productive rich, by taxing them."

OK. So, the author is claiming that the core conservative philosophy is that the rich are producers and that if you are not rich you must be a blood sucking parasite? The author uses Atlas Shrugged and comments from Boehner to support this. Clearly, the author has never read Atlas Shrugged, because if he had, he would understand that the workers are considered to be producers, while the parasites are the union thugs, the government employees, the handout recipients etc. The labor needed to produce goods and services is not considered parasitic. I further question the authors intelligence and ability to understand simple English when he chooses to misrepresent not just the intent of quoted sources, but the actual statements made.

The authors entire basis for this article is intellectual dishonesty. He has created a lie, and then proceeds to attempt to prove it is a lie. Ordinarily one would expect that to be a relatively simple task...after all, it is usually easy to destroy something you created, right?

Apparently not, for this author stumbles in every possible way.


2. "Democracy Creates Jobs"

Really? Firstly, the author is showing his extreme ignorance by referring to USA as a democracy. He was very clever by not actually stating that but it is certainly inferred in many ways, since he continually writes about "in a democracy". Listen up dude. You obviously either failed history or you were educated in the public school system.  I will say this a few times so that you can understand.

The USA is NOT, I repeat NOT a democracy. The Founding Fathers knew that a Democracy is nothing more than mob rule and that in a Democracy the largest numbers, the most powerful, can control the rest with no in built protections. That was not going to happen under their watch.

So...they created the best political system ever known to mankind...a Representative Republic. A Republic is a nation governed by the Rule Of Law. The Constitution and Amendments are the Law by which USA is ruled. The people elect representatives to the Senate and House to represent them in creating the laws that the country will be ruled by in accordance with the over-riding requirement that all new laws must be consistent with the Constitution. 

So..America is NOT a democracy. It is a Representative Republic...a totally different animal indeed. I know and understand why the left continues to misinform people about the political system in place in America. By convincing and teaching us that we live in a Democracy, they stealthily decrease the extent to which the Constitution drives government. In a true democracy, the law is not restricted by unfortunate Constitutional matters, but is free to be whatever the mob wants it to be. With more and more people relying on the government teat for their sustenance (ie parasites) the tipping point has been reached whereby the numbers are sufficient overpower the right thinking people in this country....and if it wasn't for that pesky Constitution, they cold do whatever they wanted.

Democracy? Bah humbug!!

When one talks with authority implying that USA is a democracy, ones intellectual dishonesty is worn on his sleeve for all to see. What is particularly distressing is that so few see this, and so many blindly agree with the falsehood emanating from this mans fingers.


3."We do not "depend" on the good graces of a favored few for our livelihoods. We all are supposed to have an equal opportunity, and equal rights. And there are things we are all entitled to -- "entitlements" -- that we get just because we were born here."

Really? Really? Equal rights? We have equal rights....our Constitution (remember that pesky document?) lays out what our rights are. We have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. On those three I will agree.

Equal opportunity? Well, while not a right it is certainly an admirable thing to strive for...nobody should be denied opportunity simply because of color, religion, sexual orientation or any other thing that makes them "different" or "appear different". HOWEVER, equal opportunity does not mean that some should be treated with "more equalness". I am referring here to that nasty thing called affirmative action. How does having to employ a person of color in front of a white person simply because of some arbitrary quota considered equal opportunity? Huh? Tell me? How?

Let's quickly look at entitlements. Equal entitlements right? So a black person should get the same entitlements as a white person? That would be equal, right? And a rich person gets the same entitlements as a poor person? So when a rich person is denied public health because his income is too high, while a person wasting his life on drugs is provided free public health, this is considered equal entitlements, right?

It seems to me that these arbitrary rights, opportunities and entitlements are not at all equal but are based solely on factors that differentiate people.

Yes, we have rights JUST BECAUSE WE WERE BORN HERE...and they are set out clearly in the Constitution. It is unfortunate that successive governments have chosen to not only expand those rights, but to restrict some people from having them based on color or finances etc.

This is what happens in a democracy. See point 2 above. This is exactly why the left wants us to think of ourselves as a democracy and not as a representative republic. 

I guess it is fine to want everyone to have equal rights and entitlements. That is one side of the coin. Clearly, according to the author, this equality does not extend to funding the government that provides these rights and entitlements. The more equal rich guy gets to fund more while the more needy poor guy gets to take more. 

Yep...that is definitely equality!!

Another example of intellectual dishonesty from this author.


In any normal situation that would be enough...but let's see if there are some examples of stupidity in this single article.

4. A democracy is supposed have a progressive tax structure that is in proportion to the means to pay.

Maybe a democracy is supposed to have a progressive tax...although I do not know where that is mandated. It is simply an opinion of the author. In any event, I don't care what a democracy is "supposed to have", or by what authority such a statement is made because USA is not a democracy. So, that basically kills the crux of this argument, however it may be entertaining to review the rest of this statement.

I love the italicized part ..."in proportion to the means to pay". OK...who determines what that proportion is? Who determines the means to pay? What arbitrary amount should be included? What is a fair tax rate? Obviously if a person has the means to pay above a certain level, why not tax that at a 100%> Indeed, why not tax everything above, say, $20k annual income at 100%? If we did that, everybody would be equal as the left wants it to be?

What's that? You don't think that number is high enough? Why? What is your basis for determining that? Is it because you earn more than $20k per year and want to maintain a certain lifestyle based on the effort you contribute to earn that money? Or is it because you don't want your hard earned money going to help some miscreant who never worked a day in their life?

I have found that most so called liberals want the poor to be looked after...but not with their money. With the money of the rich people. 

It is all well and good to make everybody equal...as long as it is with somebody else's money. I have discovered very few liberals who actually live what they profess. They still want their homes, caers and flat screen TV's while stridently yelling for somebody else to look after the poor and disadvantaged.

This author is no different. Hypocrite!


5. MY favorite:  "The rich do not "create jobs, We, the People create jobs"

Really? I started a business and created 12 jobs that did not exist before I started the business. My business was built in advance of the demand for the service I offered. It was funded by my own savings. Let me tell you, a poor person would not have created that business. A poor person, or even an ordinary hard working every day Joe, would not have started that business.


Because it took over $500k in start-up costs before the first penny of revenue was received.

"We the people" did not create the demand for the service. The business was created first and then the demand was created. This created jobs based on the use of capital...and poor people and ordinary people simply do not have the capital to start businesses that create jobs. By the way...that $500k created 11 jobs...around $45k investment per job. How many jobs does the government create for every $45k it spends? So don't go telling me that taxes create jobs.

And don't tell me that this magical thing called demand creates jobs without first explaining where demand comes from, ok?

So where does it come from? It comes from money that is earned by other workers (or government handouts). So how do people get jobs? Because a company that is probably owned by a rich guy, decides he needs to grow and to do that needs to employ more people!

What if the business owner is not  a rich guy? Well...somewhere along the line, his business has been supported by a rich guy, or by a pool of funds provided by several rich guys.

The intellectual dishonesty of this author astounds me...although it shouldn't because he is clearly the product of a poor education. However, to discuss demand as if it were something that comes out of nowhere is really sinking to the bottom of the intellectual barrel.

This time he is lying by means of not following an idea to its source. He has chosen to simply disregard reality in his attempts to make a point.


OK...if I have not shown you how wrong that article is, I guess I have failed. The reality is that the left concocts these lies, and builds very elaborate straw men that sound "right". The truth is they remain lies.

Taxes at whatever level, and charged to rich or poor alike, simply takes money from an efficient private sector and is then spent (wasted) by an inefficient government sector.

Someone, please tell me how this creates jobs? Please tell me how you can justify treating people unequally under the banner of equal rights?

Stop the hypocrisy, the lies and deceptions. Speak about it wherever and wherever you see it.

Stupid is as stupid says.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The trolls attack...well, limply anyway!

Well, well, well. It sure did not take long for a liberal troll to attack me.

I take that as a sign that I have somehow gotten under his or her skin...and that my truth in yesterday's post struck a nerve.

This tells me I am on the right track.

Anyway, back to my leftist friend.

I have always said you can know a lot about your enemy by watching what they do and listening carefully to what they say. As I have said previously, words have meanings. Sometimes the meanings change depending on the context but the "whole" meaning usually is loud and clear.

As you will recall, yesterday I wrote about political correctness, and the lies that it generates. Based on the sole response I got, it appears that I angered the left more than even I expected. Of course, I have no idea why this happened. After all, all I did was expose the truth.

Here is the comment I received (edited for content but if you want to see the whole post, you will find it in the comments.)

"You don't like being treated like a little irrelevant piece of s*** by us leftists? Well it's time for you to get your f*****g guns and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. We are waiting for you....



Now, let me dissect this for you. It is amazing what we can discover just by carefully looking at the words.

First: This was posted "anonymously". Yep...the brave leftist who posted this was too scared to even put a name to his post. That is a sure sign that he is probably peeing his pants right now in case I respond.

Now, lets look at some of the content.

I was ready for a well articulated argument that showed the error in my logic and thinking. A well educated person would certainly have been able to mount a critical defense for political correctness, right? Ok...so where is it? The fact that I find not one single rebuttal is intriguing to me. This suggests to me that the author of this comment is either uneducated and therefor does not know how to phrase an argument, or is the beneficiary of a public school education and could possibly even have a higher education, but has never learned to think for himself because the public education system long ago decided that free thought was a bad thing.

So...I am going to go with ....a college dropout. I suspect from his spelling and sentence structure that he has at least a high school education and maybe some college.

So, if his content did not argue or rebut my post, what did it contain?

Well, it is nothing more than a few lines stolen from the liberal/progressive playbook. The playbook reads "if you cannot argue the facts, the first thing to do is to belittle your opponent. This will make him feel bad...and we all know that when people feel bad, they cry and run away!"

How is that tactic working for you? I have some news for you dude...I don't care what you call me. Firstly, I don't know you from Adam so why should I care what you say or do? You could argue that the fact that I am responding by posting about you indicates that I care. That argument is wrong. I am posting this to show people that they don't HAVE to care what is said about them. You and your pathetic little playbook are totally irrelevant to me.

What is relevant is your choice of language. This also predictably indicates your education level, and knowledge. Language is a means of expressing ideas, desires, needs etc. Your language expresses your need for a laxative and the fact you haven't been laid for a while. You really must get out of your mom's basement more often! When those specific words are on the tip of your tongue all the time, one can only surmise what your needs are!

All good posts should include a call to action - or at least so say the marketers. The comment has a great call to action. It incites violence. It is declaring war on conservatives. It says, the only thing you can do about it is get your guns and come shoot us. Hmm...sounds like we are talking about a person who has spent more time watching Rambo reruns than reading history.

A quick thought....if the liberals were winning, why the sudden call to arms? Why not just ignore the conservatives if they are truly worthless....or is there something with a deeper meaning here?

What could that meaning be, I wonder? Could it be that the conservatives are gaining strength and threatening the numerical strength of the progressives? Could it be that the truth is setting free more people every day and the intellectual hold that the liberals had is now crumbling? Could it be that they are scared of the intellectual honesty that people are now discovering?

I would like to think all the above is true but that would be projecting onto liberals something that I do not believe they have. I do not believe they have the capacity to think in logical honest ways. Liberalism is clearly a mental disorder that has forever damaged intellectual capacity.

Nope. It is far simpler than that. His call to arms is there simply because he knows no other way. When he can't win on the intellectual battlefield, he will try to apply violence and aggression, trying to make conservatives cower before his physical might. Or...to goad conservatives into taking the exact action they themselves would take.

Projection is a powerful aspect of the human psyche. A person who is basically moral expects those he deals with to be basically moral until proven otherwise, and treats them accordingly. A person who is a habitual liar expects everyone else to also be a liar and distrusts everything they say. It is perfectly natural for people to project aspects of themselves onto others. And liberals do it all the time.

When this guys calls conservatives out like this, he is projecting his expectation of the left's response. That is all he is doing.

And finally....Bring it? Isn't that the title of some sort of teenage cheerleader flick? This guy must really need to get laid if he has that on his mind!!

Dude, if you read this...a little advice.

Don't try to mess with the big guys. They are smarter than you. They are more honest than you. They have more integrity than you. And most importantly...they do not care what you think!


Stupid is as stupid says!


Monday, May 9, 2011

The greatest lie of all - political correctness!

So...I have been watching the news and thinking about why this country, western civilization and orthodox Christianity seem to be in their death throes.

Why is this?

Why does Western civilization crumble as we watch? Why does the great United States of America tremble at the threat of some third world despot not liking us? Why has the church gone soft on its moral leadership?

Why do we all accept this decay of our beliefs, our lifestyle and our future?

I have lots of theories and lots of reasons but as I examine them all, it eventually comes down to words. Words do have meaning. And yet we, as a culture, are all too willing to change our use of words so that people are not offended.

When Osama Bin Laden was brought to justice, it appears the code name used to refer to him was Geronimo....just a code name, and yet the Native American people are now upset that such a heroic figure as Geronimo was used as a code name for bin Laden. And now...Apache helicopters and Tomahawk missiles are offensive to Native Americans. What the hell is going on here?

Political correctness is what is going on. Political correctness and the need to be nice so as not to offend anyone is going on here.

Why do we allow this to happen?

We are trained from early childhood to be nice. We are told if we don't have anything good to say, don't say anything. We are told that we need to be tolerant and just let things be.

In other words, we have all been taught .....

....to lie
....to avoid defending the truth
....to do whatever is necessary to stop someone 's feelings being hurt
....to avoid confrontation
....to submit to others

Does any of this build a stronger civilization? Does it build a stronger country? Does it create a moral compass for our children to follow so that they can create a better civilization?

No!! It does not!

It has created a civilization filled with people who fear doing the right thing...if they even know what the right thing is!

It has created a civilization filled with men who have voluntarily been emasculated and no longer know what it means to be a man.

It has created a civilization that thinks it is ok to elect leaders who do not hold the strongest of moral values.

It has created a country that folds in the face of the smallest of threats to its cultural norms.

We have become a nation that no longer demands excellence...we demand that everybody not have equal opportunity, but be equal. Do you think I lie? What about junior sports like T-Ball where every player gets a medal for turning up regardless of how they play? Or the tournaments where winning margins must be no more than X, so that a vastly superior team does not make an inferior team feel bad. Do you really think this is teaching our kids anything other than mediocrity?

How about in the work force where if the unions had their way, no one would negotiate their own pay rates? The unions would do it so that everybody is treated equal. Is that the way we achieve greatness? Or is it the fast track to mediocrity?

And lets talk about taxes. We want the tax system to do what human nature can't. Human nature knows that not all men are equal and tends to reward the high achievers better than the incompetents. But we have come to believe that human nature is just plain wrong, and so we use the tax system to try to level out the playing field....by taking from the high achievers and giving to the no-hopers.

And we believe this is the way to greatness?

Man, have we been fed a shovel full of crap..and we as a culture have lapped it up and asked for more.

And where did it all start? It started from a perceived need to accept everyone, to avoid hurting them, to be "the bigger man" and let them do their thing.

We are a nation of liars. We are a nation that calls things something other than what they are...eg. we call Islam a religion of peace...when in fact is not even a religion but a political system based on hate and violence, a system that promotes homosexuality, pedophilia, rape and murder. This is what we call a religion of peace.

We call blacks African Americans....how many of them have ever been to Africa let alone were born there? I wonder how many know that Africa is a continent and NOT a country! Since when can you be a citizen of a continent? (How many of these African Americans can even identify Africa in an atlas, or could name two countries in Africa? I have spent more time on the continent of Africa than 99% of these so-called African Americans!) Why does being born black give you the right to be an African American? You are an American if you were born here...nothing African about it! And yet, we don't want to offend anyone so we all fall in line like good little children and call them African Americans. What a bunch of crap!

How about illegal immigrants? That is the most stupid nomenclature ever. They are either immigrants who came here legally, or they are illegal ALIENS...and yet we call them illegal immigrants or even worse, undocumented workers!! We lie. They are not undocumented workers...they are ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Political correctness does nothing but hide the truth. When a person is not able to speak his mind for fear of offending someone, and must be politically correct, the ONLY thing that suffers is the truth!

And when  the truth is so easily hidden, so easily beaten into a pulp and left lying on the side of the road, bleeding and broken, and we all just blindly walk past, not even recognizing what we have become...our nation starts to crumble.

Our politicians have succumbed. They lie to our faces in the name of political correctness (and wanting re-election.) Our media have spread lie after lie after lie, repeating them so frequently and fervently that they have become the new truth. Hollywood applies the new truth, the lies and deception of political correctness, to their movies and TV shows.

What hope does the normal man and woman have in the face of this onslaught?

They have their courage! Somewhere deep down inside, every man and woman knows that the time has come to make a stand. The time has come to push political correctness back to the socialist/marxist/communist hell that gave it birth. Time to challenge every lie that is spoken.

It is time to lose that timidness that has been trained into each of us. It is time to ignore the teachers and the leaders who have said "be nice".

It is time to take a stand and stand up for truth, morality, justice.

Time to be honest within our hearts, and to speak out loudly and ferociously when we see true injustice in this world, and to deny evil the chance of getting a stronger foothold.

I want my readers to stand with me and do a few simple things:-
1. when someone calls Islam a religion of peace - stand up and say loudly "That is not true"
2. when someone refers to an African American - ask loudly whether they were born in Africa? And if not, then they are simply Americans like the rest of us
3. when someone refers to an illegal immigrant, or an undocumented worker, stand up and ask if they mean an illegal alien

This is just a start, and we have so much more to do. But we have to start somewhere....and as we get more comfortable with these 3 simple things, we will start to see how our entire lives have been stolen from us by the deceptive influence of political correctness.

It has to stop, and it has to stop now if we are to turn back the hands of time and make America the great country she once was.

God bless America...and God bless all those who defend the truth.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

The circus comes to New York!

I am a tad late in writing this because it took me some time to wrap my head around what is actually going on.

The facts simply do not make much sense. As I see it America has done the following:-
1. Killed the most wanted terrorist - a good thing
2. Afforded said terrorist a religious funeral within hours of his death! What?
3. Told the world that we killed said terrorist.
4. Refused to show pictures of said dead terrorist for fear that we might incite his followers. (I guess that killing him and then telling the world that we killed him would not incite his followers to action - but pictures of a dead guy will?)
5. Acknowledged that the war on terror continues, and that operations to track down and capture/kill terrorists continue in Afghanistan and other parts of the world. (This acknowledgement will not cause followers of the dead guy to be incited to violence?)
6. The President visits Ground Zero for the purpose of allowing the victims of the 911 attack to have closure. I suppose that such closure could not happen without the presence of his holiness, the anointed one?

Excuse me? It is only Thursday and all this has happened?

How can one dead guy create such hysteria in a government?

I may be oversimplifying this but life does not have to be like a Good Will Hunting equation! We don't need to pussy foot around terrorists.

Here is what I would have done:-
1. I would have killed the guy.
2. I would have declared his death at our hands with trumpets blaring.
3. I would have released pictures of his dead and twisted body. In fact, I would have made many copies of it and dropped them from aeroplanes all over the middle east, saying, "THIS is what happens to people who commit acts of terrorism against the United States."
4. I would have QUIETLY written to the families of the 911 attacks, with a heartfelt note saying that the US has kept its promise of bringing to justice the person responsible for 911. The note would have said, "I trust you are now able to bring closure to the pain and suffering brought by the now dead guy. God Bless America."
5. I would not have had a public circus which makes no sense at all. On one hand the government is trying to downplay the impact of this dead guy, and yet doing everything possible to lift his pedestal higher.

Listen, the guy is dead. End of story.

Time to move on.

It is not right to try to gain political capital from this.

A dead terrorist does not deserve the attention he is getting.

He is dead. Leave him that way.

Oh, and Mr. President....take your damn circus out of New York and let the true victims celebrate the victory and mourn the death of their loved ones, and find closure, in the way they need to do those things. Not in the glare of the media circus, and security that surrounds you. If you were half a man, you would have left the media at home, a\left the security at home, and done a silent and anonymous pilgrimage to Ground Zero. You, sir, are no leader.

So...one dead guy can create a circus. How did this country get here?