Friday, February 3, 2012

The diversity outrage.

Here is fair warning for all my readers.

Today I am going on a rant.

Today I am going to express all the frustrations and pent up angers that have been broiling under the surface of the conservative movement for many years.

Today I am going to throw political correctness out the window, and I really don’t care who I offend. If your skin is so thin that you can’t accept the truth, you have no business reading my blog.

If you are a conservative who believes in the equality of all people and the right to equal opportunity but not equal results, you are welcome.

If you are a moderate, or a liberal, or a progressive or a damned bleeding heart, I suggest you get some blood pressure medicine before continuing reading, or better yet get your uninformed ass outta here!

Ok…so, now you know what to expect. I don’t want to read any comments pointing out that I am heartless, uncaring racist a**hole. I don’t want to read any comments attempting to point out the error of my ways. I don’t want to read any comments mounting arguments that I am wrong.


Simply, because I am NOT wrong.

And I believe that by the time you finish reading this, you will agree with me.

So…let’s get into it shall we?

What I am writing about today is minorities.


Let’s try and define what a minority is, shall we.

One definition is : A racial, religious, political, national, or other group thought to be different from the larger group of which it is part.

OK…let’s go with that.

A racial group: modern thinking seems to define race broadly into three groups…black, brown and white….in our enlightened thinking, if the majority of the population is white and black and brown are thought to be different, that makes them a minority…and because they are a minority they  deserve additional rights to everyone else?


Give me one good reason why the color of a person’s skin endows them the right to call themselves a minority and get rights over a person of a different colored skin?

A religious group: If the majority of people are Christian, then a Muslim is in a minority…and as a minority group is entitled to more rights?

What a load of crap. And yet we see it every day….just recently a Christian speaker was prevented from leading a prayer breakfast because the minority Muslim and atheist attendees objected. And we have all heard about the rights of Christians to display symbols of their faith, while the rights of minorities are protected.

Stupid crap!

Political beliefs: It becomes more apparent every day that conservative beliefs are being subjugated to the more vocal liberal beliefs. The right to free speech is now only applicable to those with the loudest voices, the biggest thugs and the most outrageous threats.

And on it goes.

But today I want to talk about race.

Yep, I am aiming this blog directly at the racists who take advantage of their race to get freebies from the government.

First I want to direct my comments to those among us of black or brown skin color who see themselves as different or downtrodden because of their skin color.

You fools need to wake up and smell the roses. Your skin color has nothing to do with how you feel. Your skin color should not provide you with any more rights than anyone else. You do not seek equality….you seek preferential treatment. And as long as you continue to seek preferential treatment, you are racists….you use your race to steal from people of a different color. Every time a person of color gets a job offer because the government demands diversity in the work place, every time a person of color gets a college scholarship to meet the government diversity requirements, another nail is hammered into the coffin of equality.

If you want to be equal, as you claim….then you must start acting equal. You must start competing on an equal basis. You must start refusing the advantages that the liberals have thrust into your face and be the man or woman who says…”I have earned this…not because I am black…but because  the sweat of my brow and the personal sacrifices I made have brought me here. I am no better and no worse than the brown man beside me or the white man on the other side of me. We are competing on the basis of skills…not color”

I am sick of the perennial outcry from the black community. I am sick of the racist slurs when race is not even mentioned. I am sick of the minority groups taking advantage of the color of their skin.

By way of example, I want to talk about a small town in Southern California . Lancaster has around 150,000 residents.  It has 3500 Section 8 housing recipients.

Section 8 housing recipients are required to comply with certain simple and easy to follow rules such as :-
-          Not earning an income over X dollars
-          Naming everybody who lives in the house and not allowing unauthorized folk to live there
-          Not allowing felons to live there

You would think these are simple rules to follow, but apparently not.  So Lancaster, CA shared the cost with LA County to appoint a couple of investigators to ensure that these rules are being complied with.  The only way to ensure compliance is to do housing “checks” (unannounced) and since, at least in Lancaster, Section 8 recipients are not necessarily the most courteous folks in town, the investigator would request the Sherriff to provide protection personnel when the house visits were conducted.

Does anybody see anything racist in this?

A simple Section 8 housing check to ensure that the rules are being followed?

Apparently, the federal HUD folk and the NAACP think this is racist. You see, approximately 71% of Section 8 recipients in Lancaster are black.  Therefore, it stands to reason that about 71% of house checks have been done on black households…and one would expect 71% of all problems found were found with black households….do you think that would be reasonable? (Oh, and as a point of interest – 91% of all appeals from Section 8 folk who were kicked out of the program have been refuted by the courts, absolving Lancaster of any and all wrong-doing and upholding the cities actions.)

Well, apparently the feds and the NAACP do not think this is reasonable and have launched a civil case against Lancaster for unfairly discriminating against black people.

What are you people smoking?

When the number of black people on Section 8 is higher than any other “race” then a reasonable person would expect that the same proportion would be subject to examination.

What is racist about demanding that blacks and whites respect the same laws?

Or are blacks immune from this now?


I know some of you are thinking that I am a racist.

I don’t care.

It is time for the black community to stand up and say “No more”…if a black person is caught committing a crime, he must be punished the same as a white person. It is time for the black community to accept that the reason they are disproportionately represented in jails, is because they are the ones doing the crimes.

It is time for people to wake up. It is time for profiling to be an accepted form of police investigation. After all, we all do it. I do it…and you do it.

You say you don’t? What about this.

If you are walking down a street and see three or four guys with shaved heads, baseball caps, baggy pants and tattoos hanging around outside the tattoo shop, don’t you immediately think “gang bangers” and take the appropriate precautions? If so, you are profiling. If not, you are downright stupid.

We all profile in many aspects of our daily lives. We base our perceptions of people on our past experiences, media coverage and good old common sense. We profile.

So…the bleeding hearts among us are going to use a whole host of arguments condemning what I am saying here….

How about this one? I talk of equal opportunity but what opportunity does a poor black family in the ghetto have to get ahead? It is not the kid’s fault he was born there!

You are right…it is not the kids fault. But he went to school didn’t he? He had a chance to learn English, reading, writing, math? Guess what…I had that same OPPORTUNITY….and it was hard to learn some of that stuff…but I did. They have that same chance….but it is much easier to sell drugs on the local corner than to work hard and get an education.  It is much easier to join a gang than to volunteer at a church. It is much easier to accept what is than to change what is not.

Until the people in the ghetto decide they want change, they will continually rely on someone else to provide for them. Enough already.

Do you want to really know why unemployment is higher among blacks than whites? Do you really want to know why employers don’t want to employ them?  Why not ask them? They know.

Bigotry and racism has no place in America. Unfortunately it does exist and will continue to exist. Contrary to common belief, it does not go in one direction only. Black bigots hate whites and browns. White bigots hate blacks and browns.  Brown bigots hate white and blacks.

The truth is, nothing you can do will change that. It is the dark hearts of man that some people cannot control.

And here is the kicker…no amount of government intervention will change that. Those bigots will always be bigots.

The only thing government intervention does is further divide the community along race lines. It keeps the blacks down…it creates resentments and jealousies that otherwise would not exist.

A hand out is NOT the same as a hand up. Hand-outs from government addict the recipient to a lifestyle from which there is little chance of escape.

And you get the type of thinking that was expressed by the local chapter leader of the Lancaster Chapter of the NAACP when talking about Section 8 recipients:-

“It is not fair to my people”

His people? Since when are section 8 recipients belonging to and represented by the NAACP? My people? I call BS on that…. And yet not one person has stood up and said that Section 8 is no concern of the NAACP.

It is time for all people of all colors to stop allowing government and the NAACP and other organization to divide us on the basis of the color of our skins. We would not accept being divided based on our height, or how big our noses are, or what color our hair is? Of course not…but we are all too ready to allow the color of our skin to be the important factor.

Here is what we need to do if we want this BS to stop:-

1.       We must call for the abolition of diversity
2.       We must call out anybody who uses race as a divider
3.       We must refuse to cower before the threat of racism

Americans are Americans. We all bear the responsibility to ensure America is a great Nation. We must all share the consequences when America fails.

No American is deserving of any treatment that puts him or her ahead of their fellow Americans. It should not matter how many blacks or whites or browns work for a company, what should matter is only how good they are at their jobs.

It should not be easier for a black person to gain entry to a college, or get welfare, or a section 8 house…and yet it is.

Diversity. What could be more diverse than millions of people from hundreds of countries joining together as Americans, melding their cultures, their foods, their skills, their ideas and their ethics.

And what does our government do?

It celebrates the differences. It gives one group more assistance than another group.

It picks winners, and losers…

..and gets the rest of us to pay for those choices.

Racism is alive in this country…ably supported by the federal government…a government that sees racism in every word uttered by conservatives.

And for those who want to go there…

-          Talking about food stamps is not racist
-          Talking about poor people is not racist
-          Talking about Section 8 is not racist

….and we will no longer accept the race card being thrown in our faces.

Rant over.

And as a final word…you can agree with me, or you can continue to be wrong!



  1. Amen, brother. Why can't the idiots we have elected to our government see things the way you do? We would have a much better place to live in. Thanks for telling it like it is.

  2. Thanks Henry,

    it seems to me that many people actually do see things as I do...but don't realize it because they have been brainwashed to think that these beliefs are wrong and that they are bad people if they hold them.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    On the other hand, politicians have no reason to support these truths because it by keeping the people downtrodden that they can buy votes at the next election. If people are self sufficient, the promise of a few new shiny trinkets will not buy the votes....but if they are told they are poor, unhappy and hopeless, then the trinkets are offered as a way out of this miserable state (yet another lie...for these trinkets keep people enslaved).

    So the perennial battle between truth and politics continues. I sense more people seeking truth...but November 2012 will be the proof!


  3. It's refreshing to read such a scathing attack on political correctness and the twisted ideals of the left. All major religions teach us to regard our fellow men as worthy of respect, possessing each an innate dignity which must be honored. However, worship of diversity as a goal unto itself is counterproductive to creating and maintaining a successful society. The most successful societies have as members an overwhelming majority who share a common set of values and beliefs.

  4. Thanks Joe,

    Yes..diversity as a goal does nothing but create greater divides among people as the only way for government to ensure success is by forcing people to act the way it would like them to act.

    That never works. It ALWAYS creates the very divisions that it was intended to prevent.