Monday, February 4, 2013

Going Galt....


That is the only word I can find right now.

For the last several weeks I have been thinking very carefully about what this blog should be doing for the coming 4 years…and as I watch the Liar-in-Chief and his machinations in the White House, as I watch his lies, his deceptions and his attacks on the Constitution I am thankful that at least conservatives hold the House and can put up a fight against this crap.

And then I understood.

The House has no more interest in stopping the march toward tyranny than I have in living in North Korea.

We hear the obligatory bleat from Boehner as he finds a way to increase the debt limit.

We hear the conservatives say that by doing this we can regroup and reduce spending next time around.

I hear the democrats laughing their asses off as they watch the GOP disintegrate in front of their very eyes.

Their mocking is loud and clear as the President suddenly becomes a keen shooter…the White House propagating that lie by taking a picture of his highness holding a shotgun as only a person who has never shot a shotgun in his life could.

And meanwhile every possible move is being made to restrict our 2nd amendment rights.

While the Conservatives in Congress find a way to appoint John Kerry as Secretary of State…notwithstanding his dishonor of the State in the past. How soon we forget that this excuse for a man threw his medals away…or just pretended…either way he is a disgrace to this Nation and has no right to be anointed Secretary of State. Just another liar. And yet, with nary a question he marches to his new role and states “I have big heels to fill”…well, John Kerry, you better come out of the closet, put on your pumps and start selling America down the Muslim Brotherhood path. ‘Cause if you don’t, there are plenty of Obama disciples in the wings who will do that for him…best watch your back and do his will lest you become just another useful idiot discarded in the street, having to learn to dance in those pumps and fishnets just to make a living!

Over these last few weeks I have struggled to understand how America has reached this point.

And frankly, I have no idea. 

Education? Maybe.

 Intimidation? Definitely. 

The “have nots” outnumbering the “haves”? Certainly.

But none of this explains the absolute lack of backbone shown by conservative politicians. None of this accounts for the total lack of political savvy within the minds of conservatives in Congress. None of this accounts for the cowardice, poor judgment, and lack of knowledge displayed by those we have elected to represent us.

And therein lays the problem.

These are the men and women we have chosen to represent us…and we have selected fools and cowards (not necessarily in that order).

There is no doubt in my mind that we get the government we deserve…but to think that we have elected a bunch of Lilly-livered pathetic, inarticulate and scared little children as the men and women we hope will stand up for us is insane.

We are the problem…we elected children to fight liars and egomaniacs. Why would we expect anything different to what we have?

And so I am disgusted.

For once it is not with Obama…he is exactly who 51% of the population voted for, and while I immensely dislike the person, he is who he is by nature. I hate what he has done to the Office…and he will one day answer for the irreparable damage he and his followers, his disciples, have done to this country…but that will not be anytime soon.

No, I am disgusted with the conservatives in this country who continue to elect a core of intellectually and morally bankrupt pretenders to Congress. People who secretly harbor white man’s guilt and love Obama on the throne. They are scared of being called racists…and are terrified of the union thugs.

They no longer know what is right, nor if it is even worth fighting for…the only survival they know is to put on the Nike’s and run as fast as they can when Obama says “Boo!”.


So what can we do?

Well…I for one, am ashamed of the people of this country. I am tired of fighting an overwhelming force of evil. My wounds run deep…my faith in the conservatives in this country is sorely shaken.

I no longer feel qualified to be a part of the charge to rightness, let alone a leader.

I need to regroup…to step away…to accept that this battle is lost and to determine how the war can be won. Being involved on a daily basis does not allow me to see the big picture. Being consumed by doubt, anguish, and yes, fears for the future of this country, does not a leader make.

And so I am letting go for now. Call it going Galt if you will.

I am stepping away. I am licking my wounds to fight another day.

So what will I be doing?

I will be doing what Obama hates most…I will be making money. I will be preparing for the safety of my family. I will not be caught unawares if the shit hits the fan.

Yes, I am arming myself. I am ensuring adequate supplies of guns and ammunition and food and water are available at all times.

I hope I won’t need them.

And I will continue to write…perhaps not here on this blog, although I may from time to time. Certainly not as regularly as I have done.

I will ration my media. Very little news, very little politics will enter my home.

I am becoming the hermit who cares not for the world outside. We have made our choices and now have to live with them as best we can. Life is too short to spend in grief. I am going to live mine by choice…my choice.

Perhaps in doing this I will become the very thing that Obama fears most….a free man.

Perhaps we should all do the same.