Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Race Card!

Whoopi...congratulations for leading the world in stupidity. Your comments on the View yesterday were typical of the low life you have become.

What is it with liberals?

If I ask someone for proof of who they are, am I a racist? Ahhhh....only if I am white and they are black, right?

If I suggest that someone should spend less time on the basketball courts and more time working, I am a racist, right? Nope...only if I am white and the person I am referring to is black!

This whole race thing is out of control. And who keeps it front and center?

Who benefits the most from keeping race as an issue?

I can think of several:-
1. the likes of the NAACP - if race was not an issue they would not have a reason to exist, so it is imperative they keep race an issue
2. The likes of Jackson and Sharpton - their power base comes from the race issue that they perpetuate
3. our President - without his class and race warfare, he would have zero chance of winning the next election, but by giving blacks a reason to hate white and the rich, he can appear to be their Messiah while simultaneously holding blacks back
4. Whoopi Goldberg - without the race card to play she would be nothing more than another washed out aging bad comedian who couldn't get a gig selling toilet cleaner.

Here's the deal.

It is time for the good people of this world to stand up to the bullies, the morons, the haters from the left.

I do not like Obama - if that makes me a racist, I will wear that title with honor
I do not like the way the economy is going - if that makes me a racist, I will wear that with honor
I do not like government handouts - if that makes me a racist I will wear it with pride

I do not see one place where I mentioned color, race , gender or religious belief in those three statements above - and yet, when I have made those statements in public forums, I have instantly been labeled a racist.

Well...I don't care anymore. Call me a racist. I don't care. That word has long ago lost its meaning. Like all things that the left touches, the meaning is lost in the hyperbole.

If my beliefs in political and economic foundations make me a racist...then I AM A RACIST.

After all, that is what the word now means. No longer should anybody wear that label with disgust but should wear it with honor. Except of course for the real racists. Those who keep the blacks subjugated. Those who use race to control and manipulate the masses. The true racists are way worse than the KKK because they care not what MLK said....they know that their power is NOT coming from the content of character but from the color of skin.

This whole race thing is the illegitimate child of Political Correctness. When the truth is prevented from being heard simply because of the color of the presenter and the color of the receiver...when truth is denied by the leaders of ethnic and racial communities...when truth takes a back seat to political correctness, then I say "screw PC, and let the truth reign"!

Do I hear an Amen?

You will hear no more PC from this writer.

Black, white, green, purple, orange with pink polka dots....its all the same...and I will tell it like I see it...and if you call me a racist for that, I will hold my head high.

The fool will be you who is too ignorant to know the meaning of the word.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Did Obama blink?

A week is a long time in politics!

The question on every thinking person's lips is simple....did Obama blink?

Or did he do the right thing for the right reasons?

The Machiavellian nature of politics is such that it is impossible to know for certain what the motives are for the White House to release the birth certificate. If it was simply to put an end to the so-called "birthers" outcry, why not do that two years ago and prevent the whole thing from going this long? It also seems to my simple brain, that maintaining the "birthers" would have given Obama a target to show how stupid the conservatives can be. Why would he spend two years creating this situation and then capitulate overnight? Something else is going on here.

Is the birth certificate real? Has it been sanitized? These are the questions that the birthers will try to keep on the front burner, but in my opinion they will get little traction. In fact people who continue to maintain Obama was not born in this country will find themselves on the wrong side of lunacy.

So why didn't Obama put an end to this two years ago...or at any time in the last two years? Why did he wait until Trump came along? What did Trump do to get Obama to fall in line? I doubt we will ever know the answers to these questions...however there is no doubt in my mind...

Obama blinked!!

Now, what does Trump do now? Is he in a stronger or weaker position?

I think the WH considers that by taking away Trump's immediate attacks they have weakened him and reduced his chances to get traction as a Presidential candidate. I suspect this is why the HW released the certificate.

I think this was a major blunder politically.

In my opinion, it has consolidated Trump's strength. It has shown that if he exerts enough pressure, the President will fold. This will make him bolder, and if I were Trump I would immediately go on the attack.

I would start by calling out the media. I would say they are protecting Obama and that if they had done their job instead of licking his ass, this whole thing could have been put to rest two years ago.

I would then attack Obama again and get details of his education records, his academic career etc etc. Stuff that is not necessarily of great importance to anyone, but will apply more pressure to Obama. The whole purpose of this continuous attack is to cause Obama to have a public meltdown - to show the world who he really is.

And I would throw into the mix all sorts of commentary on what Obama has and hasn't done since his inauguration. If I was Trump I would find ways to make sure Obama could not spend more than 15 minutes without seeing my ugly face challenging him on one thing or another.

The trick is for Trump to get into his head...and stay there...a niggle here, a niggle there. It does not have to be big major important things.

You see...Trump has made Obama blink...and he who blinks first will lose eventually if the other person keeps up the pressure.

Obama made a huge political error. Does this mean Trump will eventually run for President? I still do not think so, but the landscape has changed enormously in the last 24 hours.

Obama has opened the door ever so slightly....and one thing Trump is good at is walking boldly through an open door.

Is this a clever political play by the Obama people to get Trump to run and hence assure an Obama victory? Maybe....but that would be a stupid ploy because they do not yet know what support Trump would have...and in this crazy climate, he just could pull it off.

No...I think the Administration has NO idea how to deal with this threat to their re-election and are simply trying to quiet the clown. Well...what they have done is enboldened him.

Yes. Obama blinked.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Will Trump trump Obama? we are a mere, what, 19 months before the next Federal Election?

I guess the election season is on us already. Obama is out there starting his campaign, dressing it up with the foundations needed to keep his lies afloat through 18 months of pathetic soft-ball questioning by the main street media. Rumor has it he is practicing his flipping and flopping on a daily basis now....being careful to limber up first lest he injure himself in his rush to appease the voters.

I can just see Obama pacing the halls of the White House in the wee hours of the morning...stopping at every portrait hanging on the walls and seeking inspiration from the faces looking back at him. Unfortunately, he is unable to gain any inspiration from the face staring back since all the portraits have been replaced by his own.

I can hear his low mumbling under his breath as he paces...questioning how this could have happened and what he can do to save his political skin...

"After all, I had the 2012 election in my hand for the taking. I have worked the electorate...I had the votes of powerful and big fact every person on welfare or some form of government aid will vote for me because they won't risk losing their free money by voting republican. And then there are the unions, bless their magnanimous hearts. Their funds will be channeled directly into my campaigns, the will bus dead people to vote for me, they will sway the electorate with their power and all I have to do is give them a few lousy percent of some car manufacturers that I can steal from bondholders. And then there is the largest group of all...the blacks. They will vote for me because they know the color of skin is FAR more important than content of character. Years of liberal racism has taught them that. Their vote is mine for the taking. And what about the unwed single mothers that are supported through welfare. Their kids are fed because of me. Their vote is mine too. So what went wrong?"

Hey, Obama...I will tell you what went wrong!
Trump spoke up!
Trump called you out!
Trump is pretending to run for President and you bought it!

I use the word pretending because I simply do not believe that The Donald is really going to run. I do not believe that he thinks he can win the Presidency against this (or any other) President.


I believe Trump is way too clever to believe his own BS. I believe he expects that many people will believe him, and will listen to what he is saying. But why would he do this if he has no intention of running?

Could it be for the publicity? I doubt that very much. He is already extremely well known and has little to gain financially through the publicity he engenders this way. Perhaps it is for notoriety? You think his past exploits, the spectacular successes and even more spectacular failures, are not notorious enough?

Nope..that is far too simple.

My theory is this:-
1. Trump truly loves this country and is frustrated at the lack of leadership currently in the White House, and is equally frustrated at the lack of back bone the current crop of conservatives display.

2. He sees several ways to assist conservatives to win back the White House...and he is doing exactly that.

3. By standing up and loudly proclaiming the whole birther issue he is able to wrest that hot potato away from conservative candidates so they do not need to be tarnished by what many people consider a losing proposition, while at the same time applying continual pressure on Obama to release the birth certificate. Continual and unrelenting pressure of this kind will keep Obama wondering what will happen next and could put him off his game...even a small miss-step, a small irritation or angry response, will likely unleash a torrent of unacceptable behaviour from our President. I believe that Trump hopes to apply sufficient pressure that Obama will have a very public meltdown.

4. Trump has shown in recent polls that he is the most popular potential conservative candidate by a long margin. It does not take a genius to understand the reasons for this. He has tapped into some sort of primal drive in the minds and hearts of conservatives who are disgusted by the crop of politicians who cannot lie straight in bed. He speaks loud, clear and in no uncertain terms. He does not pontificate, or wait to see which way the political wind blows. He says what he wants to say. The electorate is crying out for this sort of honesty. What is Trump really doing? He is showing other potential presidential candidates what they must do to win the election. It remains to be seen whether anybody learns from his example or whether it is totally missed by the establishment.

5. The Donald is taking it to the liberals/progressives as hard and as fast as he can. He wants to put a huge target on his own back so that the left spends so much time attacking him and making him the butt of their jokes, that they don't see the danger coming in the form of a highly articulate and populist conservative who will lead by example and follow the Trump doctrine of saying what you mean. This candidate will not be a Romney, Huckabee or McCain. He/she will likely be newer to the scene, responsible to the people and staunchly pro-constitution. THis will be the person that will knock Obama off his pedestal.

Is my crystal ball crazy cracked from too much time in the sun? Maybe. But I think that Trump sees himself as John the Baptist rather than as Jesus Christ. He is preparing the way for the real leader, who he will recognize when he comes.

So ....does Obama fear Trump? I have no doubt that the answer is yes. Not because he expects to campaign against Trump in the next presidential election....not at all. (Obama would love that to happen as it would make it so much easier to win!) No, Obama fears Trump because he understands that Trump is simply preparing the way, and that the real opposition to Obama's continuing presidency has not yet appeared. Obama does not know how to campaign against somebody who has not revealed him/her self. He does not know how to direct attention away from Trump. The media is trying to be dismissive, but the Trump intrigue is too good of a news story.

Yes, Trump will trump Obama, but not by beating him in the polls. He will Trump Obama by preparing the way for the true challenger to succeed.

These are just opinions and may be totally wrong in the fullness of time...but until then, I Trump, run!