Thursday, June 28, 2012

Supreme Court nonsense!

A week is a long time in politics.

And when you add the Supreme Court into the mix, all sorts of nonsense can happen.

Just this week we have the Supreme Court telling the States that yes, they can check an individual’s identification…but no, they cannot do anything if the person is here illegally. That is the Fed’s job…and even if they are not doing it, the States cannot do it for them.

Interesting logic, if nothing else.

And then today the Supremes have effectively said that if the government charges a tax on people who do not buy what the government wants them to buy, that is ok. And therefore most of Obamacare stays.

It never ceases to amaze me how stupid people can be.

You see, this whole Obamacare thing really was not about health care…it was about how far the Federal Government can go in telling you and I what we must and must not do. It is about Government meddling in your lives under the guise of making your life better. It is about big Government creating programs that feed it and will eventually lead to total tyranny.

Today’s Supreme Court decision will most likely become a political football with the liberals gloating and the conservatives regrouping to challenge it in the house.

The man on the street, with little or no legal knowledge, will suddenly become constitutional experts…sprouting their nonsense to anyone who will listen…and hoping to force it down the throats of those who do not wish to listen.

Debate will be vocal and harsh…taunts will be made by both the gloaters, and the other side will return threats of overturn and “wait till November”. Yep, business as usual.

But here’s the thing…and this is what scares me…this is what we must be concerned about.

Romney delivered a good speech today…a speech tinged with all the problems with Obamacare…a speech delivered in a tempered style…a speech promising repeal of Obamacare…a speech delineating the choice the people must make in November. I actually thought it was a good 5 minute response to today’s news…and appropriate.

However I saw one major problem with it. While promising repeal, he indicated that it would be replaced with a system that would reduce health costs, ensure people with pre-existing conditions can get coverage and a few other things…all the so-called “good parts” of Obamacare are being planned to be included in the replacement.

That is scary to me.


Because the good parts are popular. They are popular because they will end what is seen as discriminatory charging more for health insurance carried by those with greater health risks…huh?

Do we really want to go down this path?

Let me ask you this….

You are a healthy young adult…your young family is healthy….you eat well, you manage your diet carefully to ensure a good balance…you don’t smoke, exercise daily and have no family history of chronic disease like heart issues or cancer. You do not have diabetes, or weight issues. In fact you are healthy as a horse.

Your neighbor, who is about your age, and has a family just like yours, is a lazy man. Rather than go to the store each week he buys his meals from fast food chains. His regular diet of big macs and pizza (often on the same day) has led to a weight problem of significant magnitude. At  5 ft 10” he carries his 350 pound with a half shuffle reminiscent of a man 3 times his age. 60 cigarettes a day and a 12 pack of beer every night does little to enhance his health. His father and mother both died young…one from several forms of cancer and the other from heart disease. His diabetes has raged uncontrolled for a decade now.

I absolutely agree that both you and your neighbor should be able to obtain health insurance.

But my question is…how much should you pay and how much should your neighbor pay?

Insurance premiums based on a risk assessment would indicate that you should pay a much lower premium than your neighbor. All things being equal the insurance company could easily determine that the likelihood of your needing significant medical care now is MUCH lower than the likelihood of your neighbor needing medical care now.

Since the cost of medical care is 100% dependent on the amount of care you need, it makes sense that your neighbor should pay a significantly higher premium than you.

Ahh…but the advocates of the “good parts” of Obamacare are saying “NO”….they believe that regardless of the life choices a person makes, the insurance premiums should be the same for all people.

This is nothing more than a redistributive scheme…you see, as a healthy young man (or woman) you are more likely to have a good job, a better paying job than your unhealthy neighbor. In fact, your neighbor is more likely to be living on welfare.

In order for your neighbor to pay the same premium as you, it is necessary that YOUR premium be increased. The insurance company can no longer practice risk assessment pricing so must spread the cost of care across everybody…which means you pay more, and the additional cost subsidizes the unhealthy.

Insurance that is priced this way leads inevitably to higher premiums for everyone.

Can you imagine if everybody paid the same car insurance premium regardless of their driving history, number of accidents, number of DUI’s etc?

This is exactly what we are talking about with the “good parts” of Obamacare. The parts that even many conservatives want to see included in a replacement.

And the worst part of all this is that such a system does not encourage healthy eating habits or healthy lifestyles. In fact it supports the opposite. There is no penalty for choosing a lifestyle that will see you visiting the doctor every week…instead it is simply a redistribution of health…taking from the healthy and giving to the unhealthy.

Maybe all our college students should practice this principal with their college scores…take from the high scores and give to the low scores…I wonder what would happen to education standards if that was adopted? Do you really believe the result will be any different if adopted in health care?


So…we conservatives must be aware of what is really happening here.

While the Supreme Court decision today opens up a full range of potential abuses by the Federal Government, and we should not take this lightly, I do not expect that such abuses will occur in the near future. Should Obama win in November however, that could be different.

I can imagine the government stipulating that every person over the age of 25 must own a car….to reduce costs of public transport, or be levied a tax to support such costs. Then, the car must be American made…and easy to justify next step. Of course, if the Government had invested or loaned a specific manufacture money, and that manufacturer was in trouble…a simple adjustment would require you buy from a specific manufacture…and then there is the green agenda…to support that you must by an electric car.
This is somewhat far fetched and I do not expect the people would stand for such abuse….but it IS the logical outflowing of today’s decision.

Oreven more palatable…the global warming crowd pressure the government into doing more for clean energy. Fossil fuels are not only damaging the earth but are creating health issues that are costing more under Obamacare. The simple solution is to reduce the so-called green house gasses…so the government decides that all new homes must be built with solar panels on their roof. Soon after it is mandated that all homeowners MUST retrofit their homes with solar panels or pay a tax which will be used to offset the costs of managing the health effects of global warming. (Of course, it is totally irrelevant that the government has invested in multiple solar panel producing companies, and this mandate would ensure that the loans/investments could be repaid thus avoiding another Solyndra type scandal.)

These are just two areas of governmental over-reach that are sure to be in our futures if we allow this stupidity to continue.

Of course the repeal of Obamacare does not change that…the precedent has been set that the government can tell you what to buy and tax you if you do not comply.

What a disgrace!

But I warn you again. Replacement of Obamacare with a product that gets rid of the bad things and keeps the “good parts” is equally as dangerous. It opens the way for huge increases in health costs…and will permeate our society so that no form of risk based pricing for any roduct will ever be allowed.

And you know what this?

Socialism. Government control. While the capitalist system will remain with private ownership allowed, pricing will be government controlled as will the selection of products. It will be nothing more that the redistribution of wealth…and we will all be thrust into a grey world…a world where there is no flavor, no color…and NO freedom.

The temptation to play politics with today’s decision is high.

But a greater threat to our future remains in two places:-

1.       Allowing Obama to win in November
2.       2. Allowing a conservative Obamacare to pass with the just “good bits”
Government has no place meddling in your lives to this extent. They already have too much control.

Beware…the slide to socialism could simply be slower under a conservative.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A political dictionary....

It should be no surprise to anyone, least of all my readers, that as the November election gets closer, we will be subjected to language that is designed to hide the true meaning of the words while hiding the true intent of the speaker.

This is not an activity that is restricted to the liberal progressive movements. Conservatives are equally guilty of hiding their true intent behind words that allow them to appeal to the greatest number of voters. Some words can be used as positive enforcers; while others have negative connotations…and the astute politician can and will use both to paint the exact picture of him/herself that he wants the public to see.

You see politics has very specific objectives and the politician will use language to achieve those objectives.

To help prepare you for the onslaught, I have listed below some of the language you are almost certain to hear coming from the lips of politicians over the next few months. This language will be repeated almost word for word in the language used by commentators who merely parrot the sound bites they hear.

So…here we go….

“Fair” – this will be used by politicians of all colors to convey to you that just like you, they have a sense of the rightness of bring fair. It will be used in ways such as “fair share” (ie. The rich must pay their fair share) or in ways like “it is only fair that people who have spent most of their lives here should get to stay” in relation to illegal aliens. The beauty of this word to a politician is that “fair” is a totally subjective measure…it is the listener who will determine in their own minds what is meant by “fair”. The politician will never be tied down to what HE thinks is fair because if he allows that to happen, he has no room in the future to change it. An example of this is a “fair share of taxation”…if a politician allowed that to be defines as , say, 53.6%, then anything above that must, by definition, be unfair. No politician will define fair…the purpose of this word is to tie your emotional sense of right and wrong in to his apparent agreement with you. The purpose is to get your vote…not to believe in any sense of fairness. It is a political word with NO meaning, but you will hear it thrown around daily for the next 5 months.

“Racist” – you do not have to be too smart to see this one coming. It has been used to define the Tea Party, to define anybody who disagrees with the President, to define anybody who wants illegal aliens sent home, to define anybody who thinks blacks and hispanics should be held to the same standards as all other Americans. It is used to stop examinations into fraud through government programs like Section 8 and welfare. It is used along with its ugly step-child affirmative action to ensure that one part of society is treated differently to another. Well – I here to explain what racism will mean during the next 5 months. It will mean that your voice is not worthy of hearing. It will mean that you are white and therefor do not count. If you are critical of anything the President does or says, you will be branded as a racist. The attacks against political foes based on racism will be as numerous as the stars in the black sky. As long as that black man in the White House remains, racism will be the weapon of choice for the next election…wielded by the left to attempt to marginalize their foes.  The use of the term black man above is NOT racist…it is factual…if that fool wants to run on his blackness, there is nothing wrong with calling him black, but that statement will be treated as racist by the left!

“the less fortunate” – this is a term we will hear repeatedly. Just like the term “fair”, politicians will be careful not to define who the less fortunate are. They will allow you to define that in your own way, and in the hope that you will define it as people who through no fault of their own find themselves in need. A very worthy definition. However, this is not what the politician means when he speaks of the less fortunate. What he means is those who’s vote can be purchased through social programs designed to give them money. The less fortunate may have plenty of money for drugs, booze, electronics etc…and may choose not to use their money for food…but the politician knows that by providing this person with food they will buy his vote. The only way these programs can get the support of the electorate is by talking about “the less fortunate”. If the politician talked about the real recipient of these trinkets, he knows you would never support the program so he is careful NOT to define who these people are.

“undocumented worker” – illegal alien (no other way to describe it)

“move forward”…oh, this is a good one. We will hear this from both sides…the country needs to move forward…really? The politician will take great care not to explain what that means…or what political direction that forward movement will take. Again, they will let you define what it means, while in their hearts and minds they know exactly what it means…it means going in the direction THEY (not you) want the country to move in. Moving forward when on the top of a cliff is not necessarily a good idea. Sometimes it is worth backing up a little and taking a good hard look at what is in front of you. Beware the politician who talks of moving forward!

“fix Washington”…we will hear this a lot from both sides. The presumption is that the people are sick of a do nothing Congress and want to see Congress doing its job. Both sides are going to use this to try to convince you that they feel your pain and that they can do something about it. The reality is that the only way Washington can be fixed is if YOU elect the right people to represent you…people who put the future of this country before their own economic or career needs.  Fixing Washington is not the job of the President – it is the job of the PEOPLE. When politicians say they want to fix Washington, what they mean is that they will bend Washington to do what they want…which is not always the same as what the people want!

“compassion” – in an election year we will hear this word a lot. It will be used to explain why the politician supports certain programs, and will be used in the negative to describe people not supporting the program as having a lack of compassion. When I say “get a job” I will be accused of lacking compassion – but if say “go on welfare” I will be viewed as compassionate. The politician’s use of this term is designed simply to use it to buy votes…from those who are the recipients of his compassion.

This is but a short list of some of the terms I expect we will be hearing. Each election season brings forth its own range of phony words…last time around hope and change was a meaningless phrase that swept the current President to victory. But what did it mean? Nobody ever defined it.

This year we will undoubtedly be assaulted with more meaningless slogans, more meaningless words designed to hide the intent of the politician who will play on your own definitions of right and wrong….

I leave you with what I believe will be the the three words most bandied around by the current crop of presidential possibilities….

“It’s only right”

This little phrase will be used by politicians, pundits, reporters and all manner of stupid people to defend the actions and policy positions of every lame brained dumb idea that politicians and handlers can come up with to win your vote.

Nothing could be more meaningless and yet so effective in gaining popularity than to talk about “the right thing to do”.

Even when it is not.

Remember folks…the people we will be voting for in November have not yet shown that they are there for you…listen carefully to their words and use a cynical and thoughtful brain before jumping onto their bandwagon.

Elections have consequences. Make sure you understand the consequences of your vote. Do not be fooled by the empty words and meaningless statements of the candidates. Rather look at their records, their actions, and their associates. Words have meanings and that is why politicians choose theirs carefully….

Your vote must also be chosen carefully.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

An unholy alliance...

I have spoken frequently of two great evils that have permeated our society….

They are:-
1.       Political correctness
2.       Affirmative action

While these two evils exist we will never be able to walk as free men and women in a free society.

Now, before any of you start shouting “racist” at me, let me explain… (after you have read and considered the remainder of this post, if you still want to call me a racist, go right ahead…I will wear that title with honor if that is all you can see!)

Let’s start with political correctness. Being PC requires you to be careful of what you say, how you say it and where it can be heard. You are not free to express your thoughts if those thoughts could potentially be found offensive by someone else. You are in fact, censored. This is in complete opposition to your right to free speech.

I do not care if what I say is found to be offensive to someone else. Why should I care if anyone is offended by what I say? Big effing deal if you choose to take offense. I have the right to say it, and you have the right to ignore it. You also have the right to be offended, but that does not change my right to say it.

For too long, this country has suffered under the tragedy that is political correctness.

It is a tragedy because it does only one thing well…it hides truth.

And when truth is hidden, all we have to base our opinions on is lies.

Political correctness has not only destroyed free speech but has peppered the landscape with lies which have now become as truth.

Hand in hand with political correctness comes affirmative action. Affirmative action simply bestows on one part of the community certain rights that are not bestowed on another part of the community. When employers reach a certain number of employees they must employ a certain percentage of black or Hispanics or women or special needs folk (it makes no difference if these people are qualified or not!)

Employers must ensure that certain races are promoted in advance of others to reduce claims of racism against them.

Affirmative action is in fact the illegitimate stepson of political correctness…and arm in arm they have destroyed this great Nation, stolen our freedoms and been the launch pad into a life of tyranny.

Yes, tyranny!


Because these two aspects of American life are so pervasive that they impact everything that you and I do.

And now, we get people who believe that being white is unfair, that being white puts you in a privileged class, that being white gives you better jobs, better opportunities…a better life.

I call BS!!

The color of my skin gives me NO advantages…in fact being white puts me at the back of the line when it comes to gaining access to college, getting a job, getting welfare, getting Section 8 housing, etc etc

So how is it that whites are perceived to have such advantages when in reality PC and Affirmative Action have stripped them of any equality ?

This can only be attributed to one thing…

A belief among the white population that they have to make it themselves….that they are responsible for their own futures.

This translates as:-
-          Needing to get an education even if you can’t win that scholarship to play basketball
-          Needing to earn a living and provide for your family even if it is easier to expect someone else to do that
-          Needing to raise your family to be responsible even when it is easier to let the government to do that
-          Needing the self-respect that honesty provides even when it is easier to steal, lie and cheat
-          Needing to think for oneself and stand up when something is wrong, even when it is easier to run with the crowd
-          Needing to help others when it is easier to take handouts

Now, these things are not attributes of a race…they are attributes of a man or woman who knows how life is. They are the attributes of people destined to succeed where others fail. They are the attributes of men and women who deal with the hand they are dealt and move forward anyway.

The so called disadvantaged in our society will always remain so. Why?

Perhaps it is because there is a different mindset in that culture?

After all, why should they toil through school and get that much revered education when they can play basketball?

Why should they toil all day in the factories and offices of modern America when they can stay in bed and get welfare?

Why should they set the example for their family…government schools can do that free.

Why should they do things the hard way, the honest way, when they can sell drugs, steal, lie and cheat?

Why should they be the ones to stand up and say something is wrong?

Why should I help anyone? Life is tough enough without helping somebody else…now let me go down to the mall and beg strangers for a few bucks so I can buy my drug of choice. Besides, the government hands out free money all the time…let the needy get it from the gubermint.

Do you see the difference?

I know and understand that this is a gross generalization. There are many white folk who think with the wrong mindset just there are many black folk who think the right way.

And guess what?

The black folk with the right mindset have broken out of the chains of ignorance, while the white folks with the wrong mindset have chosen to shackle themselves.

This is not about the color of a person’s skin…it never has been. It is about the nature of a person’s core beliefs and how they drive a person’s actions.

But the liberal, the progressives, the bleeding heart lefties continue to move heaven and earth to keep racism alive and kicking.

Their insistence that skin color either enables success or forces failure is laughable at best but is presented to us daily as a truth.

A truth that has come from the bowels of political correctness and affirmative action…and the stench is palpable…but we simply go on our way, not for a moment considering how preposterous these statements are.

We think of the poorest ghetto, filled with crime and all those downtrodden people who would love a job, if only we could get one for them. Really?

I agree some would love a job…do I really need to complete that thought?

I was asked yesterday….”Why is it that there is currently so much division between the races, between political parties, between workers and employers…after all, aren’t we all Americans who should respect the differences and come together at the end to make America great?”

There are many answers to this question, but one of them is that while we allow political correctness and affirmative action to distort the truth at best, and to hold lies as truth at worst, we can never come together as a united nation.

Truth is the great uniter…not lies.

And as long as our President and his cohorts continue the deception, a deception so willingly swallowed and believed by masses of intellectually challenged folk drooling at his every pronouncement, we will continue to see divisions created between race, class, color and creed.

You see…it suits his purpose to divide…its suits his purpose to use political correctness as the weapon of choice to hide truth. It suits his purpose to use affirmative action as his preferred weapon to keep blacks under his control.

It suits his purpose to pretend a belief in freedom while creating policies that lead to tyranny.

Two great evils that stalk this Nation and have brought her to her knees…political correctness and affirmative action…an unholy alliance that has spawned the society that may re-elect the tyrant-in-Chief in November, unless honest and truth seeking folk speak out.

Do not be fooled by the “feel good” thinking behind these two evils…even the devil himself can speak softly with seduction …leading you to hell in the belief that your intent was good.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Controlled demise?

The Usurper-in-Chief has done it again.

Once more he has made an end run around Congress and decreed that certain types of criminals be treated differently. Not just differently but advantageously.

So the Divider-in-Chief is not satisfied with simply creating divisions between white and black, rich and poor, union and non-union, but now he is separating one class of illegal from another class of illegal.

Before I get into this, let me make it clear…the people I am about to talk about are NOT undocumented workers….they are NOT immigrants…they are criminals. They have broken the laws of this land.

And now Obama is providing advantageous treatment to a sub-set of these criminals who meet certain criteria.

They must have arrived in the country illegally before they turned 16. In other words they must have been sneaked across the border in the middle of the night either in the company of their parents or by themselves.

They must be under the age of 30 now. Too bad for the illegal who is 31…I guess he will still be treated as a criminal! They must have lived here for at least 5 consecutive years.

They must not have had any felonies, been a good citizen and yada yada yada….

Umm…the mere fact that they are here illegally seems to nullify that in my mind.

If they have an education and served in the military, even better.

These folks…these poor illegal citizens who have more often than not been provided an education thanks to the American taxpayer…will not be sent home….they will be provided with work permits, they will be permitted to stay indefinitely…they will be handed the advantageous action of not being sent home.

Now let me think about this for a minute.

We are talking about illegals that did not cross into America through a border….so how do we know how old they were when they arrived? As illegals, they have lived in the shadows…how do we know they have lived here for 5 consecutive years?

Even if school records indicate that they spent 5 years at school, that does NOT mean they lived here for 5 consecutive years. And how easy will it be to forge school records? Certainly much easier than forging SS cards and drivers ID. I can see a whole new industry in fake school records starting already!

So, in effect, Obama has, by royal decree, simply made a group of illegals aged 5 to 30, legal residents.

One has to ask why he did this?

Why not just give everybody legal status? Why limit the decree to this sub group?

Clearly the answer is that this was a political maneuver and nothing more.

Even Obama knows that a royal decree granting amnesty to every illegal will be met with so much anger that he will be forced to walk back on it…not a good idea in an election year.

But by limiting the amnesty to a closely specified sub-set, he can “sell” it to his supporters as a major step in the right direction and a step toward the Dream Act, while he can “sell” it to his detractors as “an example of what is fair”…after all these children were brought here without knowledge that they are illegal, and after being educated in America, are Americans in all ways except for their papers.

Additional kudos will flow his way from the Hispanic community because their dreams of a better life for their children will be realized…they can now be deported knowing that their illegal activities resulted in good for their kids.

This was truly a masterful move from Obama.

And should have resulted in his being sent to the political equivalent of “hell”…but it didn’t.

Why not?

Because that weak and ineffective Republican candidate for the Presidency has refused to stand up and say that he would reverse that policy, that executive order, when he is elected President.

That lily-livered wannabe , when asked if he would reverse the order, rambled on about how events will overtake this order and it becomes a moot point.


This moron is talking a lot about a permanent solution….readers, if I am wrong on this I will discontinue my blog forever, but I believe Romney is positioning his policy to take a run at some form of Dream Act giving illegals a path to citizenship.

You can take that to the bank.

The more I hear of Romney the more I am convinced that the “Paulbots” are right.

Folks, I have sometimes thought that a vote for Romney is a sure way of getting rid of Obama…and if that is the aim of this election, I think that is true.

But is that the right thing for America?

More and more, as I hear etch-a-sketch Romney clear his platform of all the things he said on the way to winning the Republican primaries and start softening his position now in a bald-faced attempt to win the center left over to his moderate ideas, the more I fear a vote for Romney is a vote for the destruction of this country…albeit slower than Obama would do.

You see, I have no faith that Romney would adhere to the Constitution. I have no faith that he will do what is necessary for this country . I have no faith that he even KNOWS what should be done to fix this country.

On the other hand I am totally convinced that he will do exactly what he needs to do to earn a second term. I am totally convinced that he will sway in the breeze and do what is politically expedient regardless of the consequences to the country.

I am totally convinced that he is nothing but the latest in a line of RHINO’s who will do nothing but usher in a period of controlled (or uncontrolled) demise of this country.

This is where our personal integrity must be considered. Are we willing to vote for a Romney type in the knowledge that he is moving to the left on a daily basis…or do we hold on to our principles and vote for someone we believe in, even if we have to write in his/her name and can possibly waste our vote?

A lot can yet happen between now and November…and while that question does not have to be answered until you stand in the voting booth, it would behoove us all to consider the consequences of our decisions.

I leave you with this single thought…words have meanings and what a man says matters. But what he does matters more. The left is drooling because the way things stand now; they are going to win in November regardless of who gets the most votes.

Stupid is as stupid says….