Monday, March 26, 2012

No more excuses!

A very short post today....

While much talk centers around the battle for eventual nomination as the Republican candidate...and many errors of judgement have been seen as the candidates vie for not forget that the main focus must remain on getting that idiot currently occupying the White House out of there.

Today's gaffe when talking to Medvedev was far less a statement about the likelihood of Congress doing anything between now and the elections, than it was a statement of Obama's intent to continue to fundamentally change the good ole US of A...unfettered by the bonds of electoral necessity.

To telegraph  his intent to a foreign dignitary who is by no means a friend of the USA is testament to the stupidity that this fool has been blessed with.

To do it without realizing a microphone is on is the sort of moronic thing an amateur broadcaster would do...not the President of the United States.

So...we need to get rid of this man...(and I use that term lightly as he shows very little evidence of being a true man and much more evidence of being a conniving, lying, scheming bastard who will say anything to win votes while telling people that once the election happens, things will all change!)

Let me ask you something...if your son or daughter was a pathological liar, would you offer him or her a position of leadership in your your your government?

I think not!

So why do we stand for this?

We need to send a very strong message in November - no more!

It's time.

It's time for the good folk of America to stand up and stop this progressive movement that is destroying our  country, our freedoms and our morality.

The excuses must stop.

The war is upon us.


ps. I am on vacation for the next week or so...I doubt that my posting will be frequent during this time. But keep checking back never know what you might find.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I don't remeber the sex but I know I am being screwed!

Let me see….

Today I want to talk about something dear to my heart….women’s reproductive rights.

Oh yes…we have all heard the arguments…a woman’s right to choose and all that stuff…but I sense a change in the air….I am getting the slightest whiff of something noxious and nasty coming our way.

Here is what is coming at us like an out of control 18 wheeler….paid family leave when children are born.


Here’s the thing…women want somebody else to pay for their birth control (you DO remember the whole Sandra Fluke thing don’t you? If not…read this… )

But of course the fact that a woman can choose to engage in sex or not is an irrelevancy that bears no consideration…if they want to have sex, then somebody else should pay for their birth control. Good one!

Now, what happens if they choose not to use birth control (available to them free of charge because somebody else is paying for it for them) or the birth control simply didn’t work, and they chose to have sex…and the got pregnant (I hear it happens today the same way it did when I was in college)…then the woman has the right to choose to have an abortion…and if they choose this path, somebody else has to pay for that for them…it is their right, you know!!

Hmmm….ok….so several choices available….but if they choose abortion, somebody else should pay for that choice?

So now we get to the biggest stupidity of them all….

There is now a movement afoot calling for paid leave when a child is born. Yes…you heard that right…there is a demand that women who have children be paid to stay at home and raise those children.

So now…not only do strangers get to pay for a woman’s birth control, they also get to pay for her abortion…and if she chooses to have the child, pay for her caring for the child.

Wow…here we go…I get to pay for all the expenses relating to a woman’s sexual conduct…and I didn’t even have to buy her dinner!  Shame that I didn’t get to enjoy the sex…although somehow I still seem to be getting screwed!

If you doubt the veracity of what I am saying, check this out - – although I hate to actually direct anybody to this site.

Now there are a few arguments that I have seen mounted that support the paid maternity leave idea….

1.       All other Western nations do it…in fact America is one of only a handful of nations that does not pay family leave on the birth of a child.

OK…I say, so what?  If every Nation in the world paid it, it doesn’t make it right! Morality and right/wrong is not determined by how many people do it…if that was the case we could legalize murder simply by having enough people commit it. What a stupid argument…and yet the left uses it and similar straw man arguments every day to influence our thinking.

2.       New moms cannot afford to stay off work for more than maybe just 2 months. It is bad for the children if the moms are forced back to work simply because of financial reasons, rather than staying home.

Really? REALLY? So….a new mom who has made the choice to get pregnant and have a child (my money gives her options not to get pregnant or have a child) claims it is unfair to have to go back to work too soon. Poor child!!

What a load of crap!

Have these people never heard of personal responsibility or accountability for their actions? The answer is really simple…don’t have children until you can afford to have them. If you choose to have them before you are financially stable, then don’t buy that shiny new car, take that vacation or live in a big house. Maybe hubby needs to take two jobs…or three to make ends meet. This is your choice, your problem. Don’t ask strangers to be responsible for your own choices!

3.       We are not asking for handouts…we want to make sure the children get the best opportunities so they can compete with children from other countries.

What do you call asking somebody else for money? If a beggar walked up to you on the street and asked for money, you would consider it panhandling, begging or asking a stranger for money, or a handout. What is different about what you are wanting? In fact, you are worse than the beggar on the street….you are demanding that the government steal money from strangers and give it to you…yes, that is what I said…stealing. If you get this crap through, you will be forcing strangers to give you a handout.

There is no other way to define it…and clever words do not change the nature of what you are doing. You who support this are nothing but the lowest form of thief!

4.       We want this because we are raising the next generation of Americans, and for America to be strong we need to get this right.

Really? Let me ask you something…..a generation ago, your parents found a way to raise you without begging strangers to pay them to raise you. Were they raising the next generation of Americans? If not, what were they raising?

When I listen to this argument, I start to see some logic….you see, your parents apparently raised children who believe it is right to steal from strangers to pay for the results of their own decisions. Now THAT is decidedly not the American way!

5.       We do not want the taxpayer to carry this burden…we want the employer to pay.

Ok…let’s follow this argument to its logical conclusion. I understand that supporters of this concept do not admire logic but maybe some will see the truth.

Let’s assume that employers are forced (through government regulation) to provide a minimum of 40 weeks paid family leave for an employee who gets pregnant and has a child. In addition the employer must keep the job open until the new mother returns to work.

Now let’s assume that a young law graduate starts work at a prestige law firm, earning, say, $70k a year – not unreasonable for a new graduate. So she gets pregnant…and when the child is born, she continues to draw her salary of $70k a year.

But the law firm cannot wait for her to return, they must employ another graduate to take her workload, at another $70k. So now, the cost for the firm to do exactly the same work load is $140k. Can the law firm afford to pay that? Not without charging more to its clients. But the clients (let’s use Church and Dwight Company) now have a much higher legal fee to pay….so they pass on those additional costs by increasing the price charged for their Trojan brand condoms. So the package of condoms you used to pay $10 for, now costs $11.

But that doesn’t “cost” anyone anything because condoms are now covered by health insurance….(it really is a shame that our woman in this example didn’t use one!).

But health insurance is paid for by levying premiums on the members…and because their costs have gone up, the premiums will also go up. So every “stranger” is now paying for the family leave you are taking from your employer.

(Of course, if health care becomes fully nationalized, it will be the taxpayer who is ultimately on the hook …but that is going to happen anyway as you shall soon see.)

So, remember the legal firm that employed our young graduate?

Their senior partners have a sit down in the board room and discuss the fact that their clients are pushing back against the inordinately high fees. Their little strategy session includes ideas on how to turn this to their advantage…and the answer is simple. They will just stop employing young ladies of child bearing age.

This will give them a real competitive edge in the market place as they can reduce their charge rates and be far more competitive than the law firm next door…and they also will reduce the overhead associated with all the paperwork needed for new mothers….and they won’t have to re-employ her when she is ready to return to work – after all the law moves quickly and even 9 months out of the workforce is enough to make her ineffective as a lawyer.

It takes all of 1 week for evry law firm in the country to see how this can be done…and within months no female law graduates of child bearing age are being employed. The demand for their male counterparts is high and salaries go up quickly, but only for a short while as more young men see the opportunity and enter law school.

This scenario is played out in every industry, in every business across the nation.

Soon, the only jobs available to women of child bearing age are in small businesses with less than 50 employees, who are not required by law to offer paid family leave.

Young women are consigned to either flipping burgers at the local McDonalds, waitressing or secretarial functions in small businesses…the battles that women have been fighting for the right to equal opportunity have disappeared in a flash amongst their demands for preferential treatment!

The government sees this problem. They cannot allow such a large segment of the public, a powerful voting block too, to experience unemployment and low paid jobs this way. They understand what happened, and their efforts to prevent it by enforcing laws that prevent employers from not hiring women of child bearing age are easily ignored. There are many reasons a potential employer can say no. And all diversity efforts have resulted in little difference.

There is only one choice…take the burden of paying family leave away from the employer, and make it a government paid entitlement!


In one foul swoop the taxpayer gets to pay, once again.

Screwed again!

SO…to all of you who think it is right that employer pay family leave….why don’t you just stick your hand in your wallet and throw whatever money is there down the toilet….because that is where it is eventually going to go when the government decides that YOU should pay for the upbringing of a child you are not responsible for.

Paid family leave…just another cleverly crafted way for the left to steal from you. It is redistribution of wealth. It is abrogation of personal responsibility.

It is morally and ethically reprehensible.

And it is growing in popularity. See the depiction below to show how far and wide this concept has been accepted.

I am proud that America has not yet fallen to this socialist program…but I fear that with Obama at the helm, it will not be long.

We must fight this and every other program that seeks to take from one person and give to another.

We must NOT allow ourselves to be lulled into thinking that we are responsible for somebody else’s decisions. We must NOT be tricked by arguments that say “it is for the children” or “if we don’t do this the children will suffer”. These are nothing but straw man arguments designed to take your attention away from the true purpose.

The true purpose is to create a socialist utopia where those that work for a living pay for those that vote for a living.

Do not be fooled…this is coming….it is coming quickly…and will be another nail in the coffin of a free America.