Thursday, August 16, 2012

Words have meaning!

I have written at length and on many occasions about how the left has manipulated the meanings of words to their own ends. I have stated that words have meaning…unless of course the words are spoken from the left (in which case the words are totally bereft of any meaning at all!).

Included below, in its entirety, is an article written by Michael Minkoff and published at (see here for full article as published

Why I Am A Radical Liberal Progressive

The left is always sugar-coating its real positions with misleading nomenclature. They never use the term “pro-abortion” for instance. It’s always “pro-choice.” They rarely say “homosexual.” It’s usually “gay” (they’re all very happy, after all). I’m sick of this. They call themselves radical… liberal… progressive. What does that mean? That we are superficial, narrow-minded, and retrogressive? That’s what they would like people to believe. Words and labels are important. And, as usual, they’re abusing them.

Radical comes from the root “root.” Being radical is getting to the root of things, assessing the nature rather than just the appearances of things. But is the left radical in this sense? No. They do want to change the fundamental nature of America, but they have not really looked all that deeply into the reality of what America is and was. All of their solutions are short-sighted ones—aimed at treating symptoms rather than addressing root problems.

Consider the welfare “cure” for poverty. It might give a little more money to some people who currently have little, but leftist “radicals” have failed to understand why most people are poor. It’s often not because they are “under-privileged.” It’s usually because they are lazy. And welfare doesn’t curtail laziness. In fact, it promotes it. That’s like thinking precipitation hurts the bug population just because you don’t see many mosquitos while it’s raining. So, leftists aren’t radical.

How about “liberal”? Well, the word originally applied to what we would call libertarians (Adam Smith and Edmund Burke were self-labeled liberals), and it has become about the most useless word around (next to nice and lolz). I like to be liberal when I’m applying mayonnaise to a BLT or tipping at a restaurant. And, whatever the left may say, so-called “liberals” are some of the most intolerant and close-minded people around. Need I mention Chick-Fil-A (for the googolplex to the infinity-eth time)? On the other hand, people who believe in smaller government tend to be much more open-minded. Think about it. They want you to be able to do what you think is best for yourself more often than they want you to be forced to do what their representatives think is best for you. “Liberals” don’t really care what you think is best for yourself. They want government to tell you what you should and shouldn’t be doing, believing, saying, etc. both inside and outside of your home and business. Doesn’t sound very liberal. Really, when they say “liberal,” they mean morally lax. But that isn’t for your sake. It’s for theirs. They just want to do whatever they want without anyone telling them it’s not a good idea… even if it makes everyone else miserable.

How about progressive? Nope. Under the “innovative” programs of social(ist) crusaders, the only things that have progressed are illiteracy, poverty, crime, injustice, and tyranny (to name just a few social ills).  And the policies that have gotten us into this mess aren’t all that novel either. People have been attempting them against all sound judgment for millennia and they have never worked. Ever. Leftists aren’t progressive either, then.

We shouldn’t be allowing them to do this. The fact is that reasonable, freedom-loving patriots have always been the most radical, most liberal, most progressive people around. And though we may have to give up these labels because they have been tainted by malapropist double-speakers, I just thought someone should set the record straight.

……………………………………………Michael Minkoff,, August 15, 2012

Congratulations Mr. Minkoff! Well said!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Do not vote for fear!

In today’s “modern” world we spend an inordinate amount of time coming up with new theories, new models to explain how things work, and new models to use for economics, or business…and sometimes even science.

Unfortunately models or theories that defy natural laws don’t last….and theories that defy man’s nature don’t work.

It is very simple. No matter how clever scientists are they have never been able to change the laws of physics. Gravity still works. Water flows downhill (if unaided). A combination of lift and thrust is needed to fly.

And I don’t care much people wish these laws did not exist, it is never likely to change. Scientists can create whatever new models they want to explain it…but at the end of the day, water (if unaided) will continue to flow downhill.

There are also several laws for businesses…that have never changed and never will change, no matter how much we wish they didn’t exist. If a business sells its product for less than it costs to make it, the business will eventually fail. You don’t have to be too smart to figure that out. Likewise, if a business does not pass ALL it’s costs onto the ultimate consumer in the form of price for its product, it will eventually fail. Those costs include labor costs and future costs as a result of labor contracts entered into today etc.

And economics…what of that? Well, again, there are many laws that simply do not change. The easiest to understand is the law of supply and demand. This law states that prices increase as demand increases and reduce as demand reduces. If you don’t believe me, just go to an auction. If multiple people want the same product, the price will be bid up…if only one person wants it, the price will stagnate. This will never change…

And finally we come to human nature. The laws of human nature are very complex as we have the ability to make choices that can change the actions we take in response to stimuli. For example…when one is threatened we can choose “fight or flight”…some will stay and hold their ground, others will flee…and still others will take a myriad of possible actions that lie on that continuum between fight and flight.
It is because of this complexity that psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals can make a good living…after all trying to decipher why people do what they do is valuable in many ways. It can help protect society by identifying the traits of serial killers as an example…and applying those traits to identify potential dangers before they happen. Law enforcement can achieve a significant advantage as a result of profiling based on the understanding of the human psyche.

Another group that can use this information profitably is the marketer (and his poor cousin, the salesman). Marketers try to understand what drives the market…what appeals to the target market…and how to position their product to take advantage of that. Salesman (at least the good ones) understands what it is that will impact the “buy/don’t buy” decision. Their understanding of the human psyche allows them to identify at an early time what the impediments are to the buyer, and the salesman overcomes them before the buyer even knows he had them!

A good salesman does not need to use high pressure tactics, or twist your arm…a good salesman knows how to guide you along the decision spectrum so that you eventually have no choice but to buy…after all, not only are your fears negated, but the decision was always remarkably obvious…you are so grateful that you made the right decision!

So what are the motivators that drive human decision making?

Money is an important one…but not by any means high on the list. If a product is priced higher than a competing product (but not a lot higher) the buyer starts looking for reasons for the difference. The clever salesman can point out things like a better warranty, better performance, greater color range, more red buttons…anything that gives the perception of better value.

But most major decisions are not based on money.

Status is often an important driver. Many folk believe that their worth as a person is measured by what they choose to buy. Some find status in buying American, or “green”…or foreign. Others find status by buying “high priced” or “bargain”. You see, status is a purely subjective measure. It aligns 100% with what people WANT to portray of themselves…they WANT their choices to line up with “who” they see themselves as. This is not to be mistaken with who are they really are…it is how they WANT to see themselves.
Money and status are not the real driver of the buy/don’t buy decision.

The biggest driver is emotion.

If a guy falls in love with a particular vehicle, he will be hard pressed to ignore the emotional response and buy a vehicle that is more practical, or less expensive, or a different color, or smaller, or bigger or…whatever. If a woman loves a particular car…she will respond the same way. There is little difference between genders when it comes to the part that emotion plays in the purchase decision.

And nobody knows this better than political campaign managers.

And they also know which emotion will garner the most votes…which emotion will get the result they want.

The emotion they will use…the one that will guarantee success…the emotion that is the most powerful in the human psyche is….


Fear that when standing in the polling booth, you will vote for the wrong man.

Fear that if you don’t vote for the right guy, you will be destroying the world as we know it.

Fear that the wrong decision will be disastrous.


The only emotion that is capable of galvanizing incredible heroic action…or paralysis.

The Obama campaign understands this better than anyone…

Since they are unable to run on their record, a record that is mediocre at best, and downright destructive, they have to set their sights on another angle. I don’t believe for a minute that they were ever going to campaign based on what they have achieved or even hope to achieve in the next 4 years. These platforms speak to money and status….not the biggest motivators for selling their programs.

No, the biggest motivation is the motivation of fear.

By scaring the elderly with false claims about medicare and SS, they hope to plant a seed of fear…a seed that they expect to grow…and if it does grow, will result in one of two actions….either a vote for Obama at the polls…or a decision NOT to vote for fear of being wrong. Either way, the elderly conservative vote is impacted.

By scaring the welfare queens with claims that government spending will be cut and they will no longer get any money.

By scaring women with claims that contraceptives will be banned.

By scaring any interest group they can think of. Their claims do not have to be verified or even verifiable. Their lies will work equally as well. You see, fear is not the product of logic. It is an emotion…it does not need logic…in fact it cannot be defeated with logic.

The campaigning is yet to hit full stride….but we know where it is heading.

Ryan will continue to throw granny off the cliff…Romney will continue to cause cancer and kill people….Romney/Ryan will put the blacks back in chains…and these are just the polite attacks!!
Obama cannot win without engendering fear.

His last 4 years has been directing us that way with his divisiveness.

Do you really think it was accidental that he has divided the country by race, by wealth, by employment? Of course not…these are the divisions that allow him to leverage fear into the hearts of as many people as he can…fear.

Do not be afraid.

Stand up to the bullies…call them out when they lie.

Do not be afraid.

Do not allow yourself to be filled with the paralysis of fear…that which prevents you from taking action.

If you allow fear to drive your decisions, you WILL make the wrong one.

Live in freedom, not fear. A vote for Obama is a vote for fear…not freedom!


Monday, August 13, 2012

American Troopers.

Well…at last there is something that both liberals and conservatives fully agree on. is NOT the state of the economy…opinions on that are wildly divergent.

Nor is it on the level of government spending and debt…opinions on these two issues are so far apart that you could drive a large nation between them!

Could it be that agreement has been reached on how well the Liar-in-Chief is performing his duties…never mind…silly idea.

Nope..the totally unexpected “meeting of the minds” between liberals and conservatives is in relation to Mitt Romney’s choice of running mate for the Presidential election.

Who would have thought that selecting Paul Ryan as the VP candidate would have been received with such high accolades from the right AND the left?

I have to admit that the Obama campaign team had done a sterling job of distributing the talking points and message to be followed should Ryan be the choice. Almost instantly every liberal interviewed spoke of this being a great day for the democrats…that the selection of Ryan would move the debate away from the record of the current President and onto the fact that Ryan wants to throw granny over the cliff. The announcement of his selection was praised high and low among liberals of all standing…each with the identical parroting of the Obama lines.

On the other side of the fence, the selection of Ryan was greeted with much acclamation. Some said it was a great choice, some said risky but great, some simply said it was the only choice.

And conservatives have been reignited…the sleepy speeches from Romney have become more interesting…the rock star in waiting, Ryan, wasted no time in putting Obama on notice that not only will he be the republican attack dog, but he will destroy the Obama team by referencing facts…real facts…not the not the fairy tale “wish it were so” garbage spewed from the left.

But will this be enough to swing an election? We will have to wait and see…not long to wait now…but as I wrote last week…30 million registered conservatives are sitting on the sidelines. I suspect the selection of Ryan for running mate will energize them to get to the voting booths…and that cannot be a bad thing.

Which leaves Obama with a problem…

How does he counteract the sudden increase in potential conservative voters?

As I pondered this, I couldn’t help but think about illegal aliens, the Dream Act…the path to citizenship.

Reminiscent of the movie Starship Troopers in fact. With a tagline like this…”In Every age there is a cause worth fighting for, but in the future the greatest threat to our survival will not be man at all. Now the youth of tomorrow must travel across the stars to face an enemy more devastating then any ever imagined.” ..this movie portends to be a look into the future where the world is a United Federation of all nations. A world with a single world government. A world where there are three classes of people…the government, the citizens and the civilians.

A world where freedoms no longer exist.

“Johnny Rico: Mr. Rasczak, I want to join the Federal Service and become a citizen. But my Dad thinks I should go to college and remain a civilian as he has. What should I do?
Jean Rasczak: Figuring things out for yourself is practically the only freedom anyone really has nowadays. Use that freedom.”
……………………….Starship Troopers, 1997

In this distant future high school kids are encouraged to become citizens by joining the military.

“Newsreel announcer: Join the Mobile Infantry and save the Galaxy. Service guarantees citizenship. Would you like to know more?”
…………………………….. Starship Troopers, 1997

In this distant future, you cannot avoid the propaganda…

“Newsreel announcer: Young people from all over the globe are joining up to fight for the future.
Soldier #1: I'm doing my part.
Soldier #2: I'm doing my part.
Soldier #3: I'm doing my part.
Young kid dressed up as a soldier: I'm doing my part too.
[Soldiers laugh]
Newsreel announcer: They're doing their part. Are you? Join the Mobile Infantry and save the world. Service guarantees citizenship.”

……………………………….. Starship Troopers, 1997

In this distant future, heroes are used in the call to arms to enlist children as warriors…

“Newsreel announcer: We have the ships. We have the weapons. We need soldiers. Soldiers like Lieutenant Stack Lumbreiser...
Lt. Lumbreiser: Over the target area now, Captain.
Newsreel announcer: ...and Captain Carmen Ibanez.
Carmen: This is the captain speaking. All personnel prepare for drop.
Newsreel announcer: Soldiers like Private Ace Levy and Lieutenant John Rico.
Johnny Rico: Come on you apes, you wanna live forever?
Newsreel announcer: We need you all. Service guarantees citizenship.”
………………………………………….. Starship Troopers, 1997

In this future world, the classes were clearly delineated in one particularly important aspect….

“Johnny Rico: Someone asked me once if I knew the difference between a civilian and a citizen. I know now. A citizen has the courage to make the safety of the human race their personal responsibility. Dizzy was my friend. She was a soldier. But most important, she was a citizen of the Federation.”
……………………………………… Starship Troopers, 1997

In this future world, the desire to be a citizen was enough to risk life and limb…but for what?

“Jean Rasczak: All right, let's sum up. This year in history, we talked about the failure of democracy. How the social scientists of the 21st Century brought our world to the brink of chaos. We talked about the veterans, how they took control and imposed the stability that has lasted for generations since. We talked about the rights and privileges between those who served in the armed forces and those who haven't, therefore called citizens and civilians.
[to a student]
Jean Rasczak: You. Why are only citizens allowed to vote?
Student: It's a reward. Something the federation gives you for doing federal service.
Jean Rasczak: No. Something given has no basis in value. When you vote, you are exercising political authority, you're using force. And force my friends is violence. The supreme authority from which all other authorities are derived.”

……………………………………… Starship Troopers, 1997

OK…so in Starship Troopers we see a world where democracy has died, where a small group of individuals have taken over and provided stability…how those who have served in the armed forces controlling both the people of the federation and dying in battles against others, are provided the  authority to vote…

Of course, since the right to vote is meaningless in a society ruled by force, the votes mean nothing.

So how does all this compare with Obama’s problem today?

Let me see…he has effectively weakened the Republic by refusing to comply with the rule of law (the constitution). America is rapidly devolving into a democracy…also known as mob rule…and no democracy has lasted very long before devolving once again into an oligarchy and ultimately a dictatorship. If you don’t believe these broad statements…try some research. It will not take you long to see the failure that results from democracy.

Obama knows that he cannot simply stop people from voting. After all, in America, all citizens are allowed to vote if they meet certain requirements. To blatantly disregard this basic right would damage his future plans…so the simple solution is to get more people able to vote. People that are beholden to him. The Dream Act does just that…come to America…get an education (that we will pay for)…serve in our military…and you can become a citizen.

Am I the only person that sees the parallels here?

The difference is that the bugs the Federation is fighting in Starship Troopers are not the same bugs Obama is fighting in “American Troopers”…but make no mistake….he wants to crush all conservatives under his heels as he would a bug. To him, we are nothing more than cockroaches scurrying away from the light of his magnificence…cockcroaches to be hunted down and squashed by his army of newly minted citizens.

Is Paul Ryan the hero who will change all this?

I doubt it…if anything he will be the catalyst for Obama to speed up his plans. Obama may be shaking in his boots today…aware that Paul Ryan is likely to draw an army of conservative voters to the polls in November…but he will not simply roll over and give up. He will double down…his attacks on Romney and Ryan will multiply in both number and viciousness.

If you think the politics have been nasty so far….just wait…he hasn’t hit his stride yet…and while he is playing dirty with his left hand, watch carefully what his right hand is doing. He is the Master of Distraction, and will stop at nothing to win in November.

Be vigilant, my friends, a cornered rat is a very dangerous animal…and right now, Obama is feeling cornered.

It is Paul Ryan’s job to keep him cornered.

And it is our job to take our citizenship and right to vote seriously. This man must go…this election. The consequences for failure are clearly shown in Starship Troopers.

Don’t let that happen.


Friday, August 10, 2012

It will be because we didn’t!

I want to tell you a little story…I confess that I do not know of its truth or otherwise. I do know that in millions of hearts and minds across this great country, the truth of this story will resonate.

You see…across this great nation, people are awakening…they are seeing truth…and they know that things much change.

And embodied in this simple story are many truths….

Izzy Kapp, is now a retired shop foreman from the old Republic Steel Plant in Cleveland .

At 17 Izzy immigrated to the USA from England after his family escaped from Poland when he was 12. A more proud American cannot be imagined. He often said, "I am overwhelmed by the opportunities my country offers me!"

All five of his children graduated from college. One got an MS, another got a JD, and the third an MD degree.  It took Izzy 13 years of night school to get a college degree, but he succeeded.

When a young Black kid was being laid off at the end of his 90 day evaluation period he confronted Izzy in the huge Republic Steel Plant break room at lunch and tried to intimidate him with all sorts of NAACP/ACLU etc. threats.

"I want this on-the-record in front of everybody." the young man said. "You' firin' me 'cause I'm Black!"

Without even looking up from his sandwich the foreman, Izzy,  said…

"No. We hired you because you're Black. We're firing you because you're useless."

In the next 5 minutes I ask that you think of all those you know…the ones who were born in this country and have had opportunity handed to them…and the ones like Izzy who CHOSE to live here, and despite all the hardships reached out with both hands and grabbed the opportunities America presented to him.

My friends, America hasn’t changed. She still offers opportunity to all who seek it, and to all who work for it, and to all who earn it.

Nearly 4 years ago we hired a man because he was black. I am not going to go into the racist angle of this…the reality is that Obama was elected based on the color of his skin.

In November we must fire him, not because he is black, but because he is useless.

Oh yes, make no mistake, we will be called racists and worse…we will be considered haters…we will be the object of the combined hate from every faction of the left and perhaps even some on the right.

And when we speak to our family and friends and tell them that we will not vote for Obama…all we need say is what Izzy said…”We hired him because he is black. We are firing him because he is useless.”

But here’s the problem.

The democrat machinery is moving. The registration booths are already set up in every graveyard in the country, luring the dead to register. The Hollywood cartoon characters have already signed up all their goofy friends as registered voters. The amount of voter fraud that will be mobilized this November will dwarf anything previously seen.

And, if the estimates are correct….somewhere in the vicinity of 30 million conservatives will stay at home and not vote.

If the useless man in the white house keeps his job, it will be because conservatives did not do theirs.

30 million.

That can counteract the impact of a LOT of dead people and cartoon characters…I doubt that even the well-oiled (and better greased) Chicago political machine can counteract the power of an additional 30 million conservative votes.

When you consider that Obama won with around 44 million votes 4 years ago compared with around 43 million votes for the wishy-washy washed up hack known as McCain…imagine if those same 40 million voters were around for Romney…and the additional 30 million conservatives got off their lazy butts and hit the polling stations!

Yep…this time around Obama will not be hired because he is black…but we better make sure his is fired because he is useless!

He will not win because the dead voted….

He will not win because the cartoon characters voted….

He will not even win because of his rally cry to vote early and vote often…

He will win…because we DIDN’T vote.

If you believe he is useless or worse, it is up to you to drag EVERY conservative you know to the polls on November 6.  

If you do not do that…the future can look and blame you!

It happened because we didn’t!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

This chicken tastes good!

As much as I tried to avoid it, I could not…

When such tasty morsels as …

““Anti-gay breakfast sandwich always tastes better when it’s full of hate.”…and…

“serving up a side order of bigotry”…how could I possibly ignore this?

I am, of course, referring the totally unbiased and truthful coverage of the whole Chick-Fil-A nonsense.

For those who have been living on another planet for the last week or so I will detail in simple terms what happened.

It all started when the CEO of Chick-Fil-A stated that he supports the traditional view of marriage. This was in response to a question by a radio journalist. The CEO claimed that he was guilty as charged of supporting the traditional view of marriage as being between one man and one woman.

Now…I believe this statement was made on a Christian radio station or in response to an article in a Christian magazine.

Of course, the loony left has nothing better to do than to troll these sources of Christian thought searching for something they can use to show how horrible Christians are.

It is no secret that Chick-Fil-A as a company, holds strong Christian views and has chosen not to open on Sundays. As the hyperbole says they chose to put God before profits.

So I wonder why it should be a surprise that they hold views supporting traditional marriage.

Now. As I said…the left discovered this view and dissolved into a hissy fit of such magnitude that we feel the repercussions today.

They called Chick-Fil-A every foul name they could think of. They stamped their feet, they screeched in anguish, they beat their breasts…if one did not know better, one would have thought that the world was about to end because the CEO of Chick-Fil-A had the gall to express his opinion!

What is the world coming to when somebody takes it upon himself to express an opinion!

Can you imagine just how impossible it would be if more people started expressing their opinions?

What’s that? We are in America and it is not only allowed to express your opinion but the right to do so is protected by the constitution?

I find that very hard to believe!

After all…if it was protected by the constitution how does the Mayor of Chicago get away with telling Chick-Fil-A that they cannot open stores there? Or Philadelphia…or San Francisco?

Folks, I don’t care if we are discussing lesbians, gays, pygmies or giraffes. I don’t care if you agree with my opinions. I don’t care if you disagree with my opinions. I simply don’t care. And it is not my right to attempt to prohibit you from holding opinions that differ to mine.

I don’t have to agree with you. I don’t have to like you. I don’t have to buy your t-shirts, or drink your beer. But I DO have to respect your right to say whatever you want.

Maybe my conservative underbelly is showing here….but you see I believe the loony left has the right to disagree with Chick-Fil-A. They even have the right to try to get others to agree with them and disagree with the chicken guys. They most certainly have the right to not buy their food there. Boycotting a place of business is a perfectly legal and moral and acceptable action to take. I even applaud that.
But…you do not have the right to tell that company where they cannot open for business. You do not have the right to prevent that business from selling food to anyone who wishes to buy it. You do not have the right to “demonstrate” by engaging in unacceptable practices in the restaurant…and before you loons get off on me by saying their practices are not unacceptable…let me tell you that I would throw a heterosexual couple kissing passionately out of my restaurant just as quickly as I would a lesbian couple of a homosexual couple (I will no longer refer to you as “gay”…there is nothing “gay” about you!).

You do not have the right to use the law to punish free speech. You do NOT have the right to tereat Chick-Fil-A differently than you would any other fast food store.

The story drags on. Mike Huckabee planned a Chick-Fil-A appreciation day for yesterday. It’s popularity was such that lines of customers stretched around blocks, calmly waiting patiently to be served. Record sales were experienced.

The community of true Americans who believe in the constitutional right to free speech stood up and were counted. I daresay that among these people were some folk who disagreed with the opinions of the CEO…but the right he has to hold those opinions and speak freely trumps their concern with what he believes.

Of course, there was a group of people who simply could not allow such free speech. Who would do whatever they could to disrupt this activity.

Around the country protestors showed up…mostly peacefully…but still with an agenda to spread their opinion at how intolerable and horrible this company was for upholding traditional Christian beliefs.

Yada, yada, yada…..

And then their is the media…with such truthful coverage that they ignored the appreciation lines and concentrated on the small groups of protestors.

Some tidbits of media coverage include:-
-          Washington Post columnist Sally Quinn urged homosexuals to “infiltrate” the privately owned company. “Make the restaurants gay hangouts of the community,” she wrote. “Gays and lesbians could start applying for jobs at Chick-fil-A. Get in there. Become managers, take over the places.”

-          MSNBC contributor Jonathan Capehart urged protesters to bully the restaurant chain.
“Find out who is affiliated with Chick-fil-A in any way and put pressure on those folks,” he said.

-          Fort Myers News-Press reporter Mark Krzos wrote his observations about Chick-fil-A on his Facebook page, according to the media-news site “Such a brave stand…eating a g**damn sandwich,” he wrote. “I have never felt so alien in my own country as I did today while covering the restaurant’s supporters,” he wrote. “The level of hatred, unfounded fear and misinformed people was astoundingly sad.”

-          MSNBC host Thomas Roberts said any gay marriage supporter who eats at the restaurant is a “Chicken-eating Judas.”

Is this what America is? Are we now a nation that believes that disagreement means hate? That disagreement is racist or sexist or any other form of “ist”? Is this truly what we have become…and are we happy to have become it?
I stumbled upon the following comment today…and am proud to reprint it here. This guy, God bless him, understands what is at stake…his words are powerful.

“I began to react to this nonsense in a reasonable fashion by offering the perspective that if the proponents of gay marriage want it to become the law of the land, all they needed to do was organize a movement towards a Constitutional Amendment. I also suggested that they get started since it is indeed quite a process with good reason. I stand by that position but find myself losing all respect for the issue and worse, contempt for the people behind it. THIS is not how we do things in America. The press is predictably shameful as well. As absurd and surreal as this entire situation has become, we may want to consider using it to start turning the tables on the minorities involved and the media. While they continue to manipulate the facts to make it appear that hundreds of thousands of people supporting CFA don't matter, those same numbers need to STOP patronizing the news papers, the networks, their affiliates, their sponsors and those that pretend to be comedians...just stop watching. They cannot survive without an audience. Further, the interpretation of the subject has been convoluted in order to fit the progressive agenda. It is nothing short of ludicrous to equate non-agreement with hate. It is pathetic PC-driven posturing for local fascists to literally prevent people from conducting business in a certain city. It is despicable to use this fabrication to justify violence. We the People MUST truthfully ask ourselves - just how much more of this BS are WE going to take before we take OUR country back from progressives? There is no longer a question that THIS is what our country will look like IF we don’t stay current on the issues, get off the couch and VOTE.”
……………………………………………………………………………..Anthony De Rubeis, August 2, 2012

Nothing more to say.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Financial Armageddon rides this way.

Roughly half of the US population thinks the economy is in dire trouble…that the US dollar is about to collapse and that financial Armageddon is about to be unleashed on a poorly prepared and vulnerable population.

Roughly half of the US population thinks that while the US economy is not as strong as it has been that it is heading in the right direction and showing signs of strength. They believe the US dollar is fine and the dark storm clouds on the horizon hide nothing more sinister than a silver lining.

The small part of the population who believes neither of these things are probably in that blissful state of ignorance brought about by lack of caring for anything but their next government handout and the next re-run of The Brady Bunch….the biggest question on their lips is “Will Marsha get caught sneaking out to kanoodle with the boyfriend nobody likes…or will she get away with this deceit?” (This group of people will almost all be rooting for her …they have long abandoned any sense of personal responsibility, integrity or sense of “right or wrong”.)

We have the republicans blaming the lazy, the unemployed, the unions, the democrats, and the welfare queens.

We have the left blaming the right wing nut-jobs, the religious, the employers, and the wealthy.

We have the 1% blaming the 99%.

We have the 99% blaming the 1%.

We have the tree huggers blaming the energy producers and the manufacturers blaming excessive government intervention.

We have the government demanding more taxation as the solution…and the people demanding less taxation.

Every possible interest group has found someone to blame…and e=very possible interest group is blamed by someone else.

Even our President is not insulated from this…he is blamed and in turn blames everything he can think of, from his predecessor to tsunamis in Japan and economic crises in Europe.

The blame game.

While I am sure it makes everyone feel better if they can find someone or something to blame, it does absolutely zero to address the problems this country faces.

(As a side-note, the German state in the 1920’s was not far different than what is happening in America today…every interest group was blaming every possible target for the ills that befell the country…from the conservatives, to the socialists, to the Jews, to the government…you name it…it was a target. History shows us the fears were well-founded…and the cure in the form of a tyrant named Hitler, was ill conceived. )

But I digress….

Let me start with a very broad statement….the roughly 50% of the population who fall into the second group I mentioned above…are simply na├»ve. They are not necessarily bad people, they are not necessarily stupid people, they are not necessarily uneducated or unthinking….in my opinion they have simply checked their logic at the door as they line up for more government handouts in the same way as the addicted think of nothing more than their next hit.

So…given that I am clearly in the first group described above…it is fair that my readers want to understand why I think that way.

There are several reasons.

The first is that government debt is out of control.

The second is that the Fed continues to create money from nothing, while the government continues to print money. The effect of this is to devalue the currency.

The third is that entitlement programs (and yes, I consider SS an entitlement program) are responsible for using over 100% of all government revenues from taxation. This means that the government must borrow to spend on things like defense. (43% of every dollar the government spends is borrowed!)

The fourth is that few politicians from either party are prepared to make the tough decisions, and take the actions required to reverse these trends. (Many believe it would be political suicide to do so.)

The fifth, and final, reason is the worst….the American people want to keep things as they are.

How did we ever allow the country to get to this state?

To answer this question fully requires a short visit back to the 50’s and early 60’s. Many refer to this period as the golden age following the second war…an age where optimism was high, an age where the impossible was believed to be possible. An era where a man saw his role in life as being important, as being responsible for his own well-being, and for that of his family. Where a man was proud to work hard and provide for his children and his wife…where to be unemployed carried a stigma…and few remained unemployed for long. An era where hard work was real. Back breaking work over long hours was the norm…and was accepted with pride. An era where workers were proud of their efforts, proud of the results of their labor and proud of America.

Now we fast forward to 2010. Advances in technology have reduced the number of back breaking jobs. They have been replaced with machines, and a higher trained workforce. So…why is that fully 5% of today’s workforce cannot work because they are disabled (when in the 60’s that number was less than 1%)? Why is this so?

Why is it that today we have people unemployed for 2 years…when back in the 60’s nobody would dream of being unemployed for that long?

Why is it that today nearly 50% of the population is expected to be the recipient of food stamps at some time in their life, when back in the 60’s such a thought was incomprehensible?

For all of you who say the economy is suffering today and it wasn’t back in the 60’s, you are right. But that is not an argumnent6 that answers my questions. The mid eighties through 2000 or so saw the greatest economic growth ever experienced in America (or the world for that matter)…and yet the statistics quoted above were not significantly different during that boom time?

So…how do you account for that?

While the blame game is used to divert attention from the truth, we will never accept the reason the country has arrived where it is at today.

I believe there are two very simple reasons:-
1.       Free money
2.       Greed

The good people of America have over time abrogated their responsibility to their families and replaced that with the expectation that the government will take care of them.

All they need do is ask (or demand) and the government coffers will be opened up and they will be showered with all sorts of monetary gifts.

And the greed starts…the scamming of the system starts…when a man is addicted to free stuff, he wants more…and more…and more.

Free money and greed have led America by the nose to the brink of self-destruction.

But we can’t sit here smirking and nodding our heads in agreement without first considering our own role in this tragedy.

It is the American people that have not only allowed greed and free money to bring us to the brink of ruination, but we have encouraged it.

Every time we hear about a proposed change to Social Security, the shouts go up…”don’t touch my SS…I paid for that!”.

Every time we hear talk of cutting the subscription drug benefits for the elderly, the chorus erupts…”You want to kill granny? No way!”

Every time we hear talk of freezing the debt ceiling the angry mob tells us about all the children who are going to die, all the people who will lose their jobs, all the helpless unemployed who need the stimulus to have any chance of getting a job.”

And the few true conservatives amongst us who shout loudly about the wrongness of all this, find their words blown away in the winds of hate…our warnings fall on deaf ears.

Yes, WE are to blame for where we are today…it is our greed, our love of free money that brought us here.

As for the government? She also loves free money. When the gold standard was abolished, it paved the way for the government to create free money.

SO now, the peoples demand for free money is answered with the provision of free money.

Can you really argue that this is sustainable?

Do you really think that all is well?

Do you really think the dollar can sustain its value in the face of free money?

Or greed?

Financial Armageddon is heading this way…she is galloping in on the heels of the four horseman of the apocalypse…and she is a crazy bitch.

None will avoid her revenge.

When will she arrive? I don’t know. Maybe tomorrow….maybe ten years or more away…but arrive she will.