Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Idiot-in-Chief lies again....yawn!

“How have we become a country where so many members of the middle class go to bed at night wondering if they going to be able to keep their homes and put food on the table and send their kids to college?” David Alan (WVEC Reporter) asked the president. “Do you take any personal responsibility for your administration creating that condition?”

What a great question…and a great opportunity for ABC affiliate reporter David Alan. After all, it is not every day that you get to ask the President a direct question that is on the lips of so many people. And a question that seems to box the Fool-in-Chief into a corner where he will have to admit his shortcomings.

Actually…as I think about this, it seems to be very uncharacteristic of Obama to have allowed such a question….he never has before…and I don’t believe he has changed any…so where did this question come from?

Perhaps the answer can be found in Obama’s answer to the question….

“We didn’t create the condition. We haven’t solved it fully yet because it was three decades in the making,” President Obama replied.

OK…that was a nice little side step….”just a jump to the left” as the chorus in that fun ditty from Rocky Horror Show’s “Time Warp” song. A jump to left….how appropriate for this fool.

So, his immediate response is to not exactly share the blame but to immediately pass it off to someone else….but since people are tired of hearing “it was Bush’s fault” he cast the net much wider…to include Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton and Bush 2….

Well played doofus….you clearly understand the blame game very well…too bad you don’t understand economics!

Anyway, the strength of this response starting me thinking that maybe…just maybe…the Fool-in-Chief was prepared for the question? Maybe, he rehearsed his answer…maybe he knew exactly what he was going to say so that he could turn this seemingly difficult question into a vote winning electioneering statement?

I am waiting for the rest of his answer before becoming convinced.

“I mean, if you look at the trend lines, essentially what’s happened is that because of automation, because of globalization, you had a lot of manufacturing move out of the United States. Businesses got more efficient, they needed fewer workers, they had more leverage over workers, and all this added up to a tougher time for middle class families,” the president explained.

Really? Where have I heard this before? Ummm….oh yeah…that’s right…when he was trying to tell us that the ATM’s were the reason for economic distress.

Let me get this right. The former Presidents seem have caused the problems because of the automation and globalization their policies assisted. The innovations that made business more efficient and created wealth are the very things that caused the eventual downturn in the economy? Businesses became more efficient, (and don’t forget that new industries were created) but this simply resulted in the need for FEWER workers….and provided companies more leverage over workers? Did I get that right? This is his position? The whole concept of wealth creation, new industries, lower costs and higher standards of living as a result of automation (and the innovation that created it) and globalization (and the cost benefits that enabled it) are to be totally ignored?


“The good news is that we still have the best universities in the world, the most innovative businesses in the world the best workers in the world, [and] the freest market system in the world,” the president said.

Forgive me for being confused here. Did he not just say that automation was the cause of the economic meltdown? And now he says we have the best universities in the world? Why would we care about that? Don’t universities educate people so that they can be innovative, creative, and enable more efficient lives? Why would we ever want that if that is what causes the economic difficulties?

My head really is starting to hurt with what this idiot is saying.

If his theory is correct that automation causes economic downturns, is he trying to say that the fact we have the most innovative businesses in the world a good thing…or a bad thing? I guess it must be a bad thing…but he says it is also good news. Geeez!

And then he claims we have the freest market system in the world? I assume he is talking about the fact that we don’t have regulations on things like pollution, labor laws, red tape, government forms to complete etc etc etc….but….that is not true. America is one of the most highly regulated countries in the western world. In economic freedom it ranks well behind Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and many other western countries. Maybe he was just confused and thought America was already a Chinese affiliate and was now ranked at number 1 for economic freedom alongside Hong Kong? (see )

SO…America is not number 1 on the scale of economic freedom….so again…what is this fool telling us?

I have to say, I am thinking more and more that this was a set-up question designed to give Obama a chance to campaign.

What else does he say?

“We’ve seen our exports go up, we’ve now seen 21 months of job growth (in the private sector), so we’ve got all the tools to refocus and make sure that we’re growing our middle class again,” the president said. “But we’re going to have to do some smart things to do it: improve our education system, invest in infrastructure, invest in basic science and technology, and make sure the rules of the road are fair and that everybody is doing their fair share.”

Ok…I have had about enough now. His lies are more blatant than ever. 21 months of job growth? Bullsh*t! I don’t know where he gets his facts but this is just not true.

And then he says we have to do some smart things….improve education…didn’t he say we already had the best? I am sure the shovel ready jobs people will be pleased to hear that the smart thing to do is invest in infrastructure. Oh...and the scientists…just think of all the scientific breakthroughs they could achieve…hang on…strike that….innovation and automation is bad for the economy…so the smart thing to do would be to pay the scientists NOT to discover anything. This must be what he is talking about, right?

And then he pulls out the BIG guns….” and make sure the rules of the road are fair and that everybody is doing their fair share.”

Here we go again with the fairness doctrine. He had to find a way to get that piece of horse crap in. Of course…doing our fair share is not about dragging the country forward into sustained economic growth. Far from it. This is code for taxing the rich. Or better described as stealing from the rich so that the government can feed the addictions of the addicted and retain power.

Ok…you all know how I feel about the fair crap.

So, lets take a look at what we find here….

1)      A relatively unknown reporter gets the opportunity to ask Obama a “gotcha “ question
2)      Obama not only easily deflects it, but is able to transform his answer into a campaign speech
3)      The lies he said will be nothing but forgotten ramblings within 24 hours
4)      The last statement he made about fair share is what will be heralded as the most important thing about his speech

I don’t think I can be blamed for thinking this was a set-up to make Obama look good…do you?

What distresses me is that few people will even talk about the Buffoon-in-Chiefs erratic statements. The leftist loons who love this piece of crap will see no inconsistencies in what he said….in fact the won’t ebven hear it apart from his fairness thing.

Conservatives will not attack him, except for a small number like me who will point out what he is really saying.

The conservatives seeking nomination for the GOP presidential candidate will say nothing for fear of being accused of personal attacks and believing that if they did that it would drive the undecided and independents into the arms of the likes of Reid, Pelosi and Obama.

Get real, people.

This Liar-in-Chief must be exposed every time he opens his mpouth. He must be called out. His lies must be exposed.

Do you really think that the independents want to vote for these liberal a’holes who pollute congress with their stupid ramblings? No…but they want a reason to go to the conservative side…and every opportunity to give them that reason by exposing the Idiot-in-Chief for the lying scoundrel that he is, must be grabbed with both hands and shouted from the rooftops.

Fear not the backlash…for when they come attacking you, you know you have hit a nerve.

We need to hit that nerve all day, every day.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What the hell are you doing?

Today I want to talk direct to conservative voters.

And I have to ask this question…What the hell do you think you are doing?

We are in the process of selecting a nominee who will become the Republican party’s candidate for President of the United States of America.

We are not searching for someone who can lead the High School Debating club. We are not searching for someone to be treasurer of the local charity, or for someone who will look good on the cover of GQ.

We are searching for the person who will best follow the constitution in his or her role as President. Someone who will fearlessly adhere to the moral values espoused by conservative America and will work diligently to reverse the culture of corruption that has been present in Washington for decades but has become fearless under the Obama administration, willing to walk openly for all to see and nobody to fear.

We are searching not for the perfect person, as there is no such thing, but for a person who holds the Rule of Law as paramount in his/her decisions….that respects the opinions and ideas of others, but seeks final guidance from the Constitution. A person who, regardless of their faults, will unite Congress by leading them in the direction this country must go, and by changing the way business is done in Washington.

We are searching for a person who excites the Tea Party folk, and who can capture the imaginations of the more moderate and independent folk.

And who do we have as the front runners in this battle?

Where has the excitement gone? Why are we backing off from our principals and thinking in terms of “who can beat Obama?” rather than in terms of “Who is RIGHT for this country?”…….

Why do we allow the media to determine who the front runners are? Why do we even care? The media is in bed with Obama…and they will select the candidate most likely to lose against Obama, while painting them as the most likely victor of the Primaries.

Where, oh where have true conservatives gone? Why have their voices become soft, barely above a whisper? What are they afraid of? When did the conservative movement become impotent as a force for change, simply accepting what the establishment wants rather than fighting tooth and nail for what is right?

Don’t get me wrong…I think that either Romney or Gingrich will make fine Presidents (if they actually beat Obama)…and both will wind back the progressive direction somewhat….but is that good enough? Or will it simply slow down the rate of decay of America?

If either of these guys get the Republican nod, I will throw my voice in support of them to assist the defeat of Obama….but I am not sure either is the best option. So who is left?

I have been critical of Ron Paul’s foreign policy positions in the past. I am starting to think my criticism was too harsh…or perhaps his message was unclear. However, this man is a true conservative who understands the problems. Listening closer to him, he is definitely a friend of Israel and would go to war with anyone who opposed them…IF…Congress declared war. He will follow the Constitution and defend the freedoms of the American people.

Rick Santorum is showing more than he did earlier but seems overshadowed by Gingrich and Romney. His schoolboy look and at times, almost petulant demeanor, does not curry favor with strong minded conservatives…and yet, his message is clear. He will undo what Obama has done, he will clean out Washington and he will usher in real change….if he can execute on his plans, and that is what he must now sell.

Michelle Bachman has her head in the right place, and her heart also, but unfortunately is turning into a lightweight, largely making up the numbers. Her strong conservative views are appealing but few believe she has the force of personality to execute on her ideas.

John Huntsman should just stay on vacation.
So, really….there are just 5 contenders….3 of whom are clearly conservative (one of which is libertarian) and two who are far more moderate and some would say “progressive light”.

And herein lies the problem….

The two progressive lights are the most accomplished. They have the force of personality to drive their ideas and plans through Congress, they have the skills as leaders to drive the country forward into their vision. But do they have the right vision?

On the other hand, we have three folk who have the right conservative vision but not necessarily the force of personality to be the leaders this country so desperately needs.

What are true conservatives to do in this situation?

There are two plays available:-

1.      Vote for the leader types and hope they can differentiate themselves from Obama enough to excite the moderates and the independents, or
2.      Vote for the conservatives and hope that the clear difference between them and Obama will excite the constituents and bring the independents over

Let’s see if we can find some clarification here, in what seems like an impossible choice to have to make….

If we nominate the leader types, and assuming they can win the Presidency, we will be embarking on a journey of death by a thousand cuts – assuming of course these guys do not become more conservative as time goes on. The benefit of course is that they will have stopped the pace at which this country was being destroyed, and in so doing, will have bought some time and would possibly allow for a more conservative run in 2016.

However, I have great reservations in my mind as to whether they can win against a brutal and clever Obama. The tactics the left will use will be truly dirty. They will use misdirection, and downright lies to color the Republican nominee as being little different than Obama. They will do everything they can to show that there really is no choice here….that regardless of the outcome, Obama policies will continue except that if the Republicans get in they will give the wealthy more money and make your grandma eat dog food. If everything else is the same, why would anyone vote Republican? Who wants grandma to eat dog food?

The Republican campaign may find it difficult to protect themselves from these attacks.

On the other hand, if we nominate the conservatives…and they win, we will see rapid change in Congress. I say this because if the conservative is the nominee, I expect to see the Republicans taking significant majorities in both the House and the Senate (which may not happen with Gingrich and Romney).

Of course, they would have to win the Presidency…and they will come under enormous tress and vicious attacks from the left. Until now we have not seen the attacks on these folks as they are largely considered irrelevant…but should they become more popular, the attacks will gain momentum. What is IN their favor is that they present as a totally different option. They will have to campaign on true American values…honesty, generosity, heard work, success, bravery etc…..they will be attacked on moral grounds, religious grounds and the claims that they will support the rich and fee dog food to grandma will be loud and strident. But nevertheless, they provide a real alternative to the voters.

So, I ask again…”What the hell are we doing?”

The Primaries are supposed to be used to find out who the Republicans want as their candidate…and yet poll after poll tells us there are only two real options. Of course, just a few weeks ago there were three but one fell by the wayside as a result of the left’s all out attacks.

If we, as conservatives, had any cajones at all, we would be supporting the true conservatives in this field. At least we would have one “leader” and one “conservative” in the top two. As the caucuses run their course, I hope we see this happening. The reason I feel this is important is that we can unite under a conservative banner and force the left to open their kimono and show their plans for the destruction of the ultimate contender. They will not wait until someone is nominated…they will attack early and hard….but while there are two “leader’ types there, they will wait out the game.

We must have at least one of the three truly conservative candidates doing well in all the caucuses. This is imperative. Over time we will see what the American people feel about the contrasting styles, contrasting positions…and it will become clearer as to not only who can beat Obama, but what Obama’s plan will be.

Then, we will know which candidate to select.

It is time to stop allowing the media to dictate who our nominee will be. It is time for the conservative movement to once more find its voice. It is time for the establishment to fully embrace the conservative option.

…it’s time.


Monday, December 12, 2011

A Christmas turtle?

With only thirteen days to Christmas it is hard to ignore the festive occasion. For many, it will be a time of hardship and for others it will be an opportunity to reach out a helping hand.

For some it will be an empty table while others will serve at feasts for the hungry.

For some it will be huddling by a small flame for warmth, while others will spread warmth with their gifts of jackets and blankets.

For the Obama’s it will be a time of celebration in the warmer climes of Hawaii, while back at home the White House, although absent the royalty, will be decked with all the trinkets and beauty, color and light, of celebration.

As the first lady says:

"I know for some of you, this holiday season will be tough, but hopefully, it's times like this that make you know that you live in a grateful nation, and that we are just so inspired by your sacrifice. And hopefully, this is a memory that will stay with you every holiday season."

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree!
Thou tree most fair and lovely!
Oh Christmas tree, O Christmas tree!
Thou tree most fair and lovely!
The sight of thee at Christmastide
Spreads hope and gladness far and wide
Oh Christmas tree, O Christmas tree
Thou tree most fair and lovely!

It seems that the Obama’s, in a nod to the difficulties many are facing this Christmas season, and in deference to the many who cannot afford a tree, nor the decorations that enhance its beauty,…

"We have 37 Christmas trees here at the White House--37!" Michelle Obama excitedly told a recent group of visitors. "That's a lot, right? Yes, that's a lot of trees. And we also have a 400-pound White House gingerbread house."

A 400 pound gingerbread house? Wow! Those hips are getting wider even as she starts thinking about such a feast!

Anyway…37 Christmas trees!!

It seems that over 100 people were flown in from all over the country just to erect the trees and decorations.

It is so heartwarming to see the First Lady identify with the unfortunates so well. It would never have occurred to her that an austere Christmas would be seen as being in solidarity with the unfortunate.

Oh wait…she does think that way…after all, the mere fact that the white house has sooooo many beautiful trees must make everyone so thankful for living in such a great nation…a nation where 37 trees are used JUST in the Whitehouse…and the royalty will not even be there for Christmas. What a wonderful country America is!!

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree!
Thou hast a wondrous message:
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree!
Thou hast a wondrous message:
Thou dost proclaim the Saviour's birth
Good will to men and peace on earth
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree!
Thou hast a wondrous message

Do you think the Obama’s even understand the message? Maybe since they have 37 trees, they may start to understand….but somehow I think that is a real stretch of the imagination.

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree!
You stand in verdant beauty
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree!
You stand in verdant beauty
Your boughs are green in summer's glow
And do not fade in winter's snow
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree!
You stand in verdant beauty

When I was younger I always thought that this verse actually refers to the spirit of man when filled with the hope that God provided through the savior’s birth. That spirit that stayed strong in the wonderful times of summer and even stronger when the troubles of winter threatened to defeat mankind’s future.

But it seems I was wrong…the Obama king that offered hope is now revered as the savior…and this is confirmed clearly by the presence of 37 Christmas trees in his home. Oh how the green boughs of summer have turned to the brown boughs in this winter of discontent. Has the green bough of Obama’s hope simply faded to despair? No amount of gaudily decorated Christmas trees in the White House can cover up the stench of decay that emanates from this man’s leadership.

Not even 37 freshly cut trees can mask the odorous and unseemly stench of unrealized hope.

But do not spare a tear for the purveyor of false hope. He has his trees and his decorations…and his warm vacation in Hawaii to provide his succor.

And I am sure he will not waste a moment in contemplative reflection of the poor souls standing in meal lines, or huddling around empty tables shivering in the glow of the small candle providing their only light. He will not be troubled by those whose children will sing carols while hoping that THIS year Santa can visit them, but knowing that once again, Santa will pass them by. His Christmas dinner will not be disturbed by the cries of hungry babies at the barren breasts of starving mothers.

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree!
How laden are your branches
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree!
Your presence here enhances
Your silver star does glisten bright
Reflecting all the candlelight
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree!
How laden are your branches

The Christmas trees in the White House may be heavily laden…but many folks in this country will be celebrating Christmas in a far more austere way. They will be focused on the real meaning of Christmas, celebrating the day their savior was born…enjoying church,  singing carols and walking the streets viewing the finely and magically decorated homes before finally settling at home…wondering what it would be like to celebrate in such style.

Will these folk draw any comfort from the White House trees that they will never see? Will the White House decorations provide in them a sense of thankfulness that they live in such a great Nation?

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree
You fill all hearts with gaiety
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree
You fill all hearts with gaiety
On Christmas Day you stand so tall
Affording joy to one and all
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree
You fill all hearts with gaiety

At least one group of people will be celebrating Christmas with gaiety this season. The abolition of “don’t ask don’t tell” will see many in the armed forces celebrating with gay abandon.

Could this be what this Christmas song is all about? Filling our hearts with gaiety?

To all my readers, wherever you may be, and however you are able to celebrate this Christmas season, please spare a thought for those less fortunate than you. Reach out and touch a stranger this year…for no other reason than that you are reflecting the love of God for your fellow man.

Give a gift of love to someone you don’t know, someone who can never repay it, someone who has a real need. Do it without fanfare, anonymously if possible. Tell no-one what you have done.

Every year my wife and I leave an envelope on our tree that we open on Christmas day. The envelope contains only the stories of a person or people in need who we have helped anonymously during the year. It serves to remind us that we are called to love our fellow man, and that such responsibilities do not just happen at Christmas…but Christmas is a special time that we have the opportunity to do more.

As I contemplate the 37 Christmas trees in the White House, I can’t help but wonder…..

“I’m Yertle the Turtle!
Oh, marvelous me!
For I am the ruler of
all that I see!”

“Your Majesty.
Please… I don’t like
to complain.
But down here
below, we are feeling
great pain.”

“And the turtles, of course…
All the turtles are free
As turtles and, maybe,
all creatures
should be.”

……Dr. Seuss, “Yurtle the Turtle”

Does the Yurtle in the White House really represent the average American? Do the values espoused by the President and First Lady match those that you have held as honorable for most of your life?

Do the Obama’s represent all that is right with the world…or all that shines and glistens but is nothing but an empty vessel?

Is the hope offered by this mere mortal any match for the hope offered by our true savior whom we celebrate every year at this time?

Is the wealth of this country best portrayed by 37 Christmas trees or by the adoring smiles on our children’s faces when they see a nativity scene (one that has miraculously avoided the rampaging efforts of atheist groups trying to destroy it).

Is the strength of our military due to its gaiety or due to its bravery?

Is the expectation of freedom dependent upon the decorations in the White House or upon the hearts of mankind and the indefatigable spirit engendered in them by our God?

Is Christmas exemplified by those with 37 trees or by those serving their fellow man?

All administrations decorate the White House for celebratory events. In this austere economic winter, would it have been more appropriate for the White House decorations to have been wound back, with emphasis placed on serving the poor rather than entertaining the wealthy?

I believe we live in an upside down world.

Do not let it turn your heart upside down.


Friday, December 9, 2011

Unemployment creates jobs!

“However many jobs might be generated by a Keystone pipeline,” he said, “they’re going to be a lot fewer than the jobs that are created by extending the payroll tax cut and extending unemployment insurance.”

I am sure you all know what the Keystone pipeline is, right? The Keystone Pipeline System is a pipeline system to transport synthetic crude oil and diluted bitumen from the Athabasca Oil Sands in northeastern Alberta, Canada to multiple destinations in the United States, which include refineries in Illinois, Cushing oil distribution hub in Oklahoma, and proposed connections to refineries along the Gulf Coast of Texas.

It has been estimated that this pipeline would create around 20,000 jobs immediately and 200,000 to 500,000 jobs as the pipeline is completed.

So who said the quote above?

If you thought Pelosi, you would be wrong. Could it have been Harry Reid…No! Maybe Joe Biden? Wrong again.

This piece of idiocy was spoken by none other than the smartest President this country has ever see…the Doofus-in-Chief, the boy who would be King… Obama.

Now, there are a few stupid things in this short statement that require clarification….and I am going to do just that.

Firstly, let’s look at what Obama said before he made this statement. I will paraphrase this as succinctly as I can ….”I don’t know how many jobs the Keystone pipeline will create….that is something the State Department is looking into but I do know this….”

Ummm…Obama…what the hell are you saying here? You are telling us that you don’t know how many jobs are going to be produced but you know it will be less than those created by unemployment benefits? Are you truly insane or what?
Let’s take a look at job creation for a moment.

We all know that governments do not create jobs, people do. So I guess his argument goes thusly….

-        If we extend the payroll cuts, employees will have more money in their pockets to spend and will help keep the economy moving, and
-        - if we extend unemployment benefits, the unemployed will have more money to spend to keep the economy moving.
If people like this are spending money, then demand for products and services increases, and the economy grows.

Does anybody else see the total idiocy in this argument?

There is no doubt that the people will spend more if they have more…but what is happening with the government? This is the other side of the equation that nobody seems to pick up on.

The two proposed actions have an effect on government….

-        The first (extending the reduced payroll tax rate) has the effect of reducing the revenues the government receives. Since payroll taxes are mostly used to pay for social security, all this does is reduce the amount the government has to meet its social security obligations, meaning it has only three options:-
-        1. It can reduce social security payments
-        2. It can print money to meet those obligations
-        3. It can borrow money to meet those requirements

Since Obama will not reduce benefits, the government will have to increase debt or increase the rate at which dollars are printed to meet the existing liability that now is not covered by payroll taxes.

We know that borrowing or printing money has the ultimate effect of inflating the currency…ie. The dollar becomes worth less, and buying power is reduced.

So this action of extending the payroll tax savings has NO impact on the economy and will not produce a single job. It does not create economic growth…it simply inflates the dollar to make up for the reduced taxation. Unless the government accompanies a reduction in taxes with a reduction in SPENDING of at least the same amount, there is NO impact on the economy. What people forget is that government taxation and spending is a ZERO SUM game. Government CANNOT create economic growth by taking from Peter and giving to Paul!

So, let’s look at extending the unemployment benefits.

Yes, the unemployed will have more money to put into the economy. There will be fewer foreclosures (maybe – I don’t know anyone who can pay their mortgage on unemployment benefits!) and fewer people living on the streets, I guess. This probably has some sort of societal benefit which is difficult to measure.

However, where did the money come from to pay the extended unemployment benefits?

If it came from increased taxes (on the rich), it is no more than redistribution of dollars, which we know is also a zero sum game with NO economic benefit.

If not from taxes, where?

Oh yeah…we have seen this before….borrowing or printing are the only options. And what does that do? It inflates the currency, reduces buying power and does not contribute a dime to economic growth.

And this fool thinks that extending the payroll tax cuts, and extending unemployment benefits will create more jobs than the pipeline?

I don’t know about you, but my rudimentary math skills indicate that if even one job was created by the pipeline, that is still more than the combined net jobs produced by extending the payroll tax cuts and unemployment benefits.

So, one of two things is happening here.

Either Obama is just stupid and can’t do simple math….or he thinks YOU are stupid and can’t do simple math. Of course, there is a third…and that is that he is simply a liar who thinks you can’t do simple math!!

OK, so we know that Obama is a fool….but here is something that will absolutely drive you crazy.

This fool is “laser focused” on creating jobs, right? He has told you this, so it must be true.

So, why does Obama do a comparison between the tax cuts and unemployment extension compared with the pipeline?

Why is there ANY discussion at all about the relative job creation capabilities, and the implication that we must do one or the other?

Why doesn’t this fool do both?

He continually presents the American people with choices that are not necessary…the pipeline has nothing to do with his favored tax and spend policies. If jobs are indeed what he is laser focused on…he would get the pipeline built.

No…something else is going on here.

I have heard it postulated that if he builds the pipeline he will piss off the greenies and lose their support….but if he blocks the payroll, he will piss off the unions and lose their support. The truth is that he cannot afford to lose the support of either of these groups PRIOR to the next election. So…being the political animal that he is, he will refuse to make a decision until he is in his second (and last) term. He then wouldn’t give a toss who he pisses off.

In the meantime, both groups are supporting him and giving him money for his 2012 campaign….a cynical man might think he doesn’t want to lose that under any circumstances.

We are SO fortunate that this fool is laser focused on jobs!

I call BS…

Stupid is as stupid says….and this fool sure is stupid!