Friday, August 10, 2012

It will be because we didn’t!

I want to tell you a little story…I confess that I do not know of its truth or otherwise. I do know that in millions of hearts and minds across this great country, the truth of this story will resonate.

You see…across this great nation, people are awakening…they are seeing truth…and they know that things much change.

And embodied in this simple story are many truths….

Izzy Kapp, is now a retired shop foreman from the old Republic Steel Plant in Cleveland .

At 17 Izzy immigrated to the USA from England after his family escaped from Poland when he was 12. A more proud American cannot be imagined. He often said, "I am overwhelmed by the opportunities my country offers me!"

All five of his children graduated from college. One got an MS, another got a JD, and the third an MD degree.  It took Izzy 13 years of night school to get a college degree, but he succeeded.

When a young Black kid was being laid off at the end of his 90 day evaluation period he confronted Izzy in the huge Republic Steel Plant break room at lunch and tried to intimidate him with all sorts of NAACP/ACLU etc. threats.

"I want this on-the-record in front of everybody." the young man said. "You' firin' me 'cause I'm Black!"

Without even looking up from his sandwich the foreman, Izzy,  said…

"No. We hired you because you're Black. We're firing you because you're useless."

In the next 5 minutes I ask that you think of all those you know…the ones who were born in this country and have had opportunity handed to them…and the ones like Izzy who CHOSE to live here, and despite all the hardships reached out with both hands and grabbed the opportunities America presented to him.

My friends, America hasn’t changed. She still offers opportunity to all who seek it, and to all who work for it, and to all who earn it.

Nearly 4 years ago we hired a man because he was black. I am not going to go into the racist angle of this…the reality is that Obama was elected based on the color of his skin.

In November we must fire him, not because he is black, but because he is useless.

Oh yes, make no mistake, we will be called racists and worse…we will be considered haters…we will be the object of the combined hate from every faction of the left and perhaps even some on the right.

And when we speak to our family and friends and tell them that we will not vote for Obama…all we need say is what Izzy said…”We hired him because he is black. We are firing him because he is useless.”

But here’s the problem.

The democrat machinery is moving. The registration booths are already set up in every graveyard in the country, luring the dead to register. The Hollywood cartoon characters have already signed up all their goofy friends as registered voters. The amount of voter fraud that will be mobilized this November will dwarf anything previously seen.

And, if the estimates are correct….somewhere in the vicinity of 30 million conservatives will stay at home and not vote.

If the useless man in the white house keeps his job, it will be because conservatives did not do theirs.

30 million.

That can counteract the impact of a LOT of dead people and cartoon characters…I doubt that even the well-oiled (and better greased) Chicago political machine can counteract the power of an additional 30 million conservative votes.

When you consider that Obama won with around 44 million votes 4 years ago compared with around 43 million votes for the wishy-washy washed up hack known as McCain…imagine if those same 40 million voters were around for Romney…and the additional 30 million conservatives got off their lazy butts and hit the polling stations!

Yep…this time around Obama will not be hired because he is black…but we better make sure his is fired because he is useless!

He will not win because the dead voted….

He will not win because the cartoon characters voted….

He will not even win because of his rally cry to vote early and vote often…

He will win…because we DIDN’T vote.

If you believe he is useless or worse, it is up to you to drag EVERY conservative you know to the polls on November 6.  

If you do not do that…the future can look and blame you!

It happened because we didn’t!


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