Thursday, December 30, 2010

Was Jesus really a liberal?

I am sure you have all heard the statements that come straight out of the liberal handbook, that Jesus was a liberal...or WWJD? (what would Jesus do?). I have to say that I have never heard anything so stupid as these two comments/statements.

I recently was part of a discussion on Facebook about the pro's and con's of liberalism v's conservatism. As is usual in these discussions the arguments went back and forth, with my liberal friend sometimes mounting what appeared on the surface to be logical, well thought out and easily understood positions. Unfortunately, not only were they wrong but they were based on such fundamental flaws that they were easily discredited.

It was then, quite out of the blue, that she made the outrageous statement..."anyway, Jesus was a liberal"!

Really? She was so confident that her claim was unassailable...after all everybody knows that Jesus was a liberal, right? And following that logic, conservatives must be something other than Christians...because if they followed Jesus they would ALSO be liberals.

My first thought about this outrageous statement and even worse implication was that my friend must be getting her facts and moral values from the same priests who diddle little boys when nobody is watching. I sure as hell can not find in my bible any reference to Jesus being a liberal...or conservative...or any other political "label" for that matter. I would not want to fall into the trap of thinking I know what Jesus may think about that, but I suspect he would abhor the labels that we apply to people. I don't know this for sure... I don't have a direct line to know what he thinks...and like everyone else on this planet my knowledge is restricted to what the Bible tells us about him.

My second thought was to challenge her to find some logical evidence that would lead one to the conclusion that Jesus was indeed a liberal. It has been stated so often and so loudly that surely the Bible would provide some evidence, right? Can't be too hard to show that this is a logical and truthful statement?

On a side-note, am I wrong in thinking that I do not recall any conservatives making the claim that Jesus was a conservative? I don't recall that claim being part of their playbook...and yet they are said to "cling to guns and religion" as one prominent person claimed about small-town America (who are largely conservative).

Anyway, back to Jesus and his leftist beliefs...where are they? I pleaded with her to show me some evidence...and she proudly responded with what she believed were inarguable facts, but in reality were nothing more than Bible texts taken out of context (which further supported my initial contention that she got her information from kiddy diddling priests rather than from an understanding of the teachings of Jesus).

Two of her arguments are included below:-

1. The story of the money changers as told in John 2:14,15 .

I am sure you remember this. It is, I believe, the only recorded time when Jesus became angry and stormed through the temple overturning the tables of the money changers and merchants. This clearly emphasizes that Jesus was angry and he did not support the merchants who were "stealing" from the worshipers by charging exorbitant amounts for the sacrificial animals and for the exchange of money. Jesus' statement was that"My house is a house of worship and you have turned it into a den of thieves" (Paraphrased.)

I remain unclear how this is an argument that Jesus was a liberal. If anyone can help me out I would appreciate it. My understanding is that Jesus was not pleased with the worshipers being taken advantage of and having their "money" stolen by these merchants who preyed on them because they had no choice. In common parlance, we would call this gouging...and last I heard, conservatives and liberals alike are against that practice. Nope...this does not prove that Jesus was a liberal but it does prove that Jesus was capable of anger at the injustices that man is capable of.

2. So what about equity and social programs? The usual text thrown up about this is Luke 13: 13,14:- But when you give a feast, invite the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed because they cannot repay you. You will be repaid at the resurrection of the just.

Excuse me? This is an argument that Jesus is a liberal? How? This demands personal responsibility. This demands that you take responsibility personally for the poor, the maimed etc. This has nothing to do with being a liberal! In fact, it is the absolute opposite. Liberals want society as a whole, as a group, to carry the responsibility for the poor. Where does this quote from Jesus indicate it is a group responsibility? Where does it say that the government has that responsibility and all you need to do personally is pay your taxes and life goes on just fine?

Just another example of liberal spin.

I can go on and on about these so-called proofs. And I can shoot each and every one down in flames. If you do not believe me...leave a comment and I will show you the the fault in your thinking. If you suggested that Jesus was revolutionary in his thinking, I would support you 100%. He talked about personal responsibility, a personal relationship with God. This was revolutionary to a people who had previously believed that God was accessible only through the High Priests and that the Law set out their responsibilities. Oooops...doesn't that sound like a lot like the leftist philosophies of societal responsibility and government programs? Jesus changed all that...and you morons have the audacity to call him a liberal!!

The whole idea that Jesus is/was a liberal is simply a lie perpetrated by the left and swallowed hook line and sinker by people who are too lazy to discover for themselves who Jesus was.

Yes...he cared for the poor, the sick, the injured, the meek. But he did not suggest that the government or society in general be responsible for their care. He demanded that the individual do so. And individualism is the enemy of the liberal agenda. all you folk who believe/think that Jesus was a liberal, I suggest you do some honest research and discover who Jesus really was. If your priest/pastor/spiritual leader ever suggests to you that Jesus was a liberal, demand the evidence. He was the Son of God. He was the revolutionary that challenged people on a personal level. No longer could people hide behind a facade of societal norms.

It is not hard. 10 minutes with a Bible and some honesty of thought and you will stop repeating the ridiculous claims that Jesus was a liberal. Moreover, you may start looking at your liberal friends a little differently.

Don't worry...if you stop believing that Jesus was a liberal, you will not become a conservative. That will take much more understanding. will make you more honest...and that is always a good thing.

Remember...Stupid is as stupid says.



  1. read matthew 25:33 or 25:31-46 for the real meaning of sheep to the right but goats to the left. I don't think Jesus approves of abortions.

  2. Yes, the verses you mention are a call to personal responsibility. For it is as an individual that we stand before God on Judgement day. It matters not what the government has or hasn't matters only what we, as individuals, have done.

    I can only imagine that Jesus was not in favor of abortion.

  3. What I was getting at was goats to the LEFT half jokingly that the people to the left were wicked and dishonorable whereas the people on the RIGHT were honorable and kind. In all actually Jesus loves us all unconditionally.

  4. Gotcha. Very clever. In fact, it was too subtle for me. Sorry I didn't get it first time around. :)


  5. i think people typically site "if a man asks for your coat give him your cloak as well" or "rich people sell all your money and give it to the poor" as examples, but those point more to Jesus asking us to be self sacrificial then to him being liberal, although I don't see many christians doing either of those things.

  6. Conor,

    I actually agree with you on this point. I think it is sad that Christians do not follow this...and agree that it points to self sacrifice. Unfortunately, I think many Christians have absolved this personal responsibility by thinking that the government takes this role and therefore they don't have to. Very sad indeed, and very hypocritical.


  7. The 'Jesus is a Liberal' claim seems ironic to me, because Jesus asks people to change their hearts and to be charitable. He says if we give a gift grudgingly, it's like we didn't give it at all.

    People, individuals, are supposed to choose to do what is right. When it is forced on them it's meaningless. If the government forces us all to be 'charitable' by confiscating our money under penalty of law to redistribute as they see fit, that is literally the exact opposite of what Christ preaches. In my opinion.

  8. Very good points!

    I wonder what would happen if we all started taking personal responsibility and accountability? My suspicion is that progressivism would wither very quickly because it's primary adherents are those who do not believe in personal responsibility and accountability.

    Of course, this is futile supposition and we will never know what would happen because too many people like the idea of group think and group responsibility. It is much easier to believe that it takes a village to raise a child, than to accept the personal responsibility of being the loving parent. only takes a loving parent...the village will destroy the child.

    And that is what democrats/liberal/progressives are doing to the child known as America.