Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Race Card!

Whoopi...congratulations for leading the world in stupidity. Your comments on the View yesterday were typical of the low life you have become.

What is it with liberals?

If I ask someone for proof of who they are, am I a racist? Ahhhh....only if I am white and they are black, right?

If I suggest that someone should spend less time on the basketball courts and more time working, I am a racist, right? Nope...only if I am white and the person I am referring to is black!

This whole race thing is out of control. And who keeps it front and center?

Who benefits the most from keeping race as an issue?

I can think of several:-
1. the likes of the NAACP - if race was not an issue they would not have a reason to exist, so it is imperative they keep race an issue
2. The likes of Jackson and Sharpton - their power base comes from the race issue that they perpetuate
3. our President - without his class and race warfare, he would have zero chance of winning the next election, but by giving blacks a reason to hate white and the rich, he can appear to be their Messiah while simultaneously holding blacks back
4. Whoopi Goldberg - without the race card to play she would be nothing more than another washed out aging bad comedian who couldn't get a gig selling toilet cleaner.

Here's the deal.

It is time for the good people of this world to stand up to the bullies, the morons, the haters from the left.

I do not like Obama - if that makes me a racist, I will wear that title with honor
I do not like the way the economy is going - if that makes me a racist, I will wear that with honor
I do not like government handouts - if that makes me a racist I will wear it with pride

I do not see one place where I mentioned color, race , gender or religious belief in those three statements above - and yet, when I have made those statements in public forums, I have instantly been labeled a racist.

Well...I don't care anymore. Call me a racist. I don't care. That word has long ago lost its meaning. Like all things that the left touches, the meaning is lost in the hyperbole.

If my beliefs in political and economic foundations make me a racist...then I AM A RACIST.

After all, that is what the word now means. No longer should anybody wear that label with disgust but should wear it with honor. Except of course for the real racists. Those who keep the blacks subjugated. Those who use race to control and manipulate the masses. The true racists are way worse than the KKK because they care not what MLK said....they know that their power is NOT coming from the content of character but from the color of skin.

This whole race thing is the illegitimate child of Political Correctness. When the truth is prevented from being heard simply because of the color of the presenter and the color of the receiver...when truth is denied by the leaders of ethnic and racial communities...when truth takes a back seat to political correctness, then I say "screw PC, and let the truth reign"!

Do I hear an Amen?

You will hear no more PC from this writer.

Black, white, green, purple, orange with pink polka dots....its all the same...and I will tell it like I see it...and if you call me a racist for that, I will hold my head high.

The fool will be you who is too ignorant to know the meaning of the word.



  1. Thank you for speaking out about Whoopi. She's gotten dumber over the years. She believes people listen and look up to her. She gives blacks a bad name. Put her on the Al Sharpton list.

  2. Whoopi is only one of many "Hollywood elites" who speak with no knowledge. I could list them all but that would be boring, however, it never ceases to amaze me that when someone makes it big in Hollywood, all of a sudden their opinions are worth listening to? What gives?

    Being able to "act" or "tell jokes" does not, by any reach of the imagination, equate with a knowledge of economics, or societal growth, or even morality. I don't get the attraction we, as a culture, seem to have to every word that drips from the lips of a celebrity. Who gives a toss what Lady Gaga thinks?

    As for Whoopi...I think she left her brains and logic on the floor when she bowed and scraped before His Highness, the President. Obama seems to have that affect on some people.