Monday, March 26, 2012

No more excuses!

A very short post today....

While much talk centers around the battle for eventual nomination as the Republican candidate...and many errors of judgement have been seen as the candidates vie for not forget that the main focus must remain on getting that idiot currently occupying the White House out of there.

Today's gaffe when talking to Medvedev was far less a statement about the likelihood of Congress doing anything between now and the elections, than it was a statement of Obama's intent to continue to fundamentally change the good ole US of A...unfettered by the bonds of electoral necessity.

To telegraph  his intent to a foreign dignitary who is by no means a friend of the USA is testament to the stupidity that this fool has been blessed with.

To do it without realizing a microphone is on is the sort of moronic thing an amateur broadcaster would do...not the President of the United States.

So...we need to get rid of this man...(and I use that term lightly as he shows very little evidence of being a true man and much more evidence of being a conniving, lying, scheming bastard who will say anything to win votes while telling people that once the election happens, things will all change!)

Let me ask you something...if your son or daughter was a pathological liar, would you offer him or her a position of leadership in your your your government?

I think not!

So why do we stand for this?

We need to send a very strong message in November - no more!

It's time.

It's time for the good folk of America to stand up and stop this progressive movement that is destroying our  country, our freedoms and our morality.

The excuses must stop.

The war is upon us.


ps. I am on vacation for the next week or so...I doubt that my posting will be frequent during this time. But keep checking back never know what you might find.

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