Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our future......

By now you all know what America has chosen…

This choice was not just for the next 4 years, but was for the very future of this country, for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. For the millions of people who are not yet even a twinkle in their parent’s eyes…or their grandparents for that matter.

And America has chosen poorly.

America…the land of the free…is free no more.

Yesterday America decided that she would betray her founders, that she would turn her back on the Constitution and that she would follow economic constructs that have been proven to fail.

Why would America do this?

Well, to start with, only 50 million Americans actually chose this route. Nearly 50 million opposed it. And over 200 million chose not to exercise their right.

Putting it another way…a mere 15% of the population have decided that this is the way America will go.

70% of the population are simply too lazy to care and 15% have fought to not allow this direction.

But America ultimately allowed a vocal 15% to carry the day.

How could 50 million people be so stupid as to voluntarily choose this direction, you may ask?

I ask how 70% chose not to play!

But, at the end of the night when the votes were tallied, we understand that the country has indeed been fundamentally changed…a promise made by Obama 4 years ago…a promise we all thought was not yet fulfilled…close, yes…but not yet there.

We were wrong.

The transformation that started 4 years ago was completed last night.

So what can we expect in the next few years?

Brushing off my crystal ball I see the following:-

-         -  Tax increases, inflation and less employment will ensure a drag on the economy, perhaps thrusting us into a depression

-        -  Foreign policy supporting the radicals in the middle east will be expanded, leaving Israel out in the cold (Palestinian peace talk failure will be blamed on Netanyahu while American foreign policy continues to reward our enemies while putting our few friends in the area at risk)

-          - Government expansion through both government employment and quasi government regulatory bodies will squeeze the energy industry. More funds will be diverted to green energies regardless of commercial viability, while regulations will restrict and most likely impede total energy independence. Energy costs will skyrocket…and there is potential for government takeover of the energy industry under cover of “the good of the people”.

-          - Illegal alien amnesty will be a fact, as the borders become even more unruly and drug cartels continue their takeover of large swathes of border territories both inside USA and outside. 

-         -  Minority groups based on color, sexual orientation and any other way of defining them as not “normal” will be singled out for priority treatment under the guise of “fairness”

-          - The rich, the professional classes and the working class who have been responsible will be held accountable for the failures of America. They will be stripped of wealth, and the poor will be granted more food stamps, more free accommodations, more cell phones, computers and flat screen tv’s.

-          - Poverty will become the new normal as Galt’s Gulch overflows with producers taking their leave.

-          - A new department will be created alongside the new department of business…it will be called some fancy name totally opposite to its purpose…to ensure fairness.

The temptation to continue this list is great…but the depression that reading it will cause is counterproductive to what I want to leave you with today.

Yes, the country is heading down a path that cannot likely be stopped.

The people of America have shown they would rather vote for a living, than work for one.

The fundamental change that was promised has arrived.

But there is hope.

With nearly 50 million people already making their voices heard and voting against the tide, we have a strong core of folk who are ready to stand up and fight.

We must not allow this transformation of the country we love to happen easily. We must not roll over with a whimper and let them win.

After 18 months and two BILLION dollars spent on the campaign trail, we are, politically, in the exact same position we were in before the election.

Liberals are walking around spouting such nonsense as “the results of this election provide a mandate for the democrats”…nothing could be farther from the truth. They are stating these things in an attempt to divert you from fighting them at every turn…but that is what we must do.

Conservatives hold the house…and must be encouraged to stop congressional action unless it is in line with their own political beliefs. We must support our House in its battles, not wavering under the blistering attacks that will surely come.

We must force this Pretender-in-Chief to take actions that show him to be who we all know he is.

We must not give up…and we must never surrender.

Friends, fundamental change has arrived…but we have not yet been rendered powerless.

Until that happens, we must fight. We must hold high the principals of conservatism, never wavering in our beliefs, and never accepting the erosion of our God given rights.

Our future depends on us…but more importantly, our children and grandchildren, those not yet born, are depending on us.

God bless you all…and God bless America.



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  2. Tom Kennedy....I note that you posted anonymously and then signed your name with a link to which I can respond.

    I am going to respond here, since this is where you displayed your ignorance.

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    You see, you have actually saved me a lot of time...I was going to examine what type of person may be representative of today's Democratic or liberal supporter...and you have supplied all the ammunition needed.

    Since you are so prepared to mount effective arguments for your position, you may like to read today's is all ABOUT you!