Friday, November 9, 2012

Tom kennedy....own it!

Tom Kennedy…the liberal personified.

Regular readers of my blog understand that I do not back down from attacks, nor do I suffer fools lightly.

I prefer not to delete comments as I am not a believer in censorship, but when the language is sufficiently foul, and the content insufficiently useful, I will do exactly that.

That is what happened to a comment I received from a person claiming to be Tom Kennedy. After fully abusing me, he suggested I could respond on a Facebook page…a page that was not his (he only allows “friends” access to his page)…but instead was a page related to Canadian hockey.

I will not put a link here for that page….if Mr. Kennedy wishes to respond to this post and provide a link to his own page, I will happily list it.

Anyway, moving on….

I had already decided that today I was going to look at what the typical liberal is like. I was prepared to design a composite view of their character…and try to understand where they are coming from and why they believe as they do.

And then along comes Tom Kennedy…his comment on my blog was such a well written comment encapsulating everything that liberals think, that I could not refrain from including it here in full (of course, censored to the extent of the language used).

So…Mr. Tom Kennedy writes….

“Isn’t the internet great. It allows sh**heads like yourself to say sh** that would, in real life get your head cracked open. Hopefully you’ll suffer the same fate f****ng  c***. Please turn to the loaded gun in your drawer, put it in your mouth, and pull the trigger, blowing your brains out. You’ll be doing the whole world a favor. Sh***ag. I would love to see a son of a bitch smash your face in until it no longer resembled anything human, fa****.
-          Tom Kennedy”

So, what can we deduce about Mr. Kennedy from this comment?

I have to say that it took me a while to get my head around this…I had to pick myself up off the floor and stop laughing before I could give any credence to it.

But I really did try to put my laughter aside and get serious for a minute.

Let me see…he managed to not use any of the typical shorthand we have come to expect from teenagers and young adults…so I would put his age as at least mid-40’s. If he was younger than that, I would have expected more text style shorthand.

He uses punctuation, which implies to me that he is at least high school educated. His sentence structure and use of two, three and even a four syllable word indicates to me that he probably has some college education.  However, I suspect that his graduation from high school required him to attend some remedial English classes at college to bring his language skills to an acceptable level.  This is not unusual as about 40% of college entrants require this type of remedial coursework. This is far more an indictment on the education system than it is of Mr. Kennedy.

So, we can now start to paint a picture of Mr. Kennedy…

My best guess is that he is a late 40’s white guy, some college education (he failed to complete it) possibly in a liberal arts discipline like government studies. He currently works either as a low level government employee or in a mid-management level at a retail chain store…maybe a supermarket or shoe store, maybe electronics shop.

So, now, let’s look at his demeanor.
There is no doubt that he sees himself as physically intimidating…but that is his opinion. I see a bully disguising the coward inside. He needs to believe that his physical intimidation makes him powerful. He uses language in two ways…to shock and to intimidate. He believes the power of his words will send quakes of terror through my bones. (I might add here that it is clear he has not read many of my blog posts – his first real mistake!  Lol)

He is angry. Why, I have no idea…after all his guy won the election…so why is he so angry?

On second thoughts, if I was in my late 40’s and had failed to make a life for myself, with my best hope for the future coming from the handouts the government could give me, I would probably be angry too.

The difference is that I would be angry at the decisions I made that led me to where I was, and would then do something about it.

Tom Kennedy, on the other hand, is angry at the world for putting him where he is…and even angrier at the conservative movement that threatens his future livelihood at the government’s teat.

The final thing I want to look at is his comprehension of the reality of the world.

He seems to think that conservatives have loaded guns at the ready…and that the death of one conservative (me) would change everything that is bad in his life. Or maybe he is simply using me as a means of expressing his anger at all conservatives, and suggesting that if all conservatives were dead, he would become something more than he is?

I am not sure why he goes down this particular path…again, he seems to think that violence is the solution. Whatever. It seems to me that he is simply and purposely seeking someone or something to blame for where he is today…a lack of personal responsibility for ones own actions often leads to the search for someone else to blame.

So now we can draw a more detailed picture of Mr. Kennedy….

He is an angry bully, attempting to dominate me through foul language and overt threats, scared that my opinions will destroy the life he has planned...the parasite sucking the lifeblood from the producers. He is educated, but failed to complete his course of study and also failed to use that education to build a career, rather settling for the easiest way through life.

My guess is that he watches hockey in the hope that a fight starts and he can live his violent life vicariously through the TV set. (He is too much of a coward to actually confront someone in real life.)

He trolls the internet looking for blogs that he can rail against, in the forlorn hope that his angry words will make a difference.

What a sad life Tom Kennedy leads.

So, is that what the 2012 liberal looks like?

With only 15% of the population supporting Obama…and this guy so angry even though he won…I have to question exactly what a liberal is.

Yes, he certainly defines in every way what the majority of that 15% are like.

When I think of liberals today, I think of several descriptives:-
-          Crude
-          Crass
-          Violent
-          Moronic
-          Undereducated
-          Lazy
-          Bullies
-          Vulgar
-          Liars
-          And many more

Mr Kennedy, in a few sentences has simply confirmed everything I know about today’s liberals.

He IS what liberals are.

Now, I accept that not ALL are this way…but those who are not are also not distancing themselves from the vulgar and violent. They do not stand up and say “No, this is not who we are”. No, they snicker and laugh and turn away…hoping that the vulgar among them can make a positive difference.



Is that who you are?

Do you really think that Tom Kennedy represents you and your opinions?

Do you really want people like him…people who wish to use force to prevent freedom of speech…people who believe violence is the solution…people who cannot mount an argument but instead deliver laughable threats….is that who you liberals want to represent you?

If you do not stand up now…you are as bad as Tom Kennedy is. He is you whether you like it or not.

Yes…Tom Kennedy is who liberals are today…he is not a cartoon character…or a figment of the conservatives imagination.

He is YOU. Own it or do something about it.

So, Mr Kennedy…what are you going to say to this? How many vulgar threats can you make? Are you going to get your homies to come beat down my door and make an example of me? I suspect that you will not even respond to this. I suspect that you have moved on in your hit and run style…waiting for the next opportunity to king hit someone when they are not looking.

After all…that is the style of bullies…and liberals.


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