Thursday, December 6, 2012

Full speed ahead....

Full speed ahead…stupidity at its finest!

For weeks we have heard of this magical thing call a fiscal cliff that the economy is racing toward at heart stopping speed. When we reach it, we have no alternative to plummet over and economic Armageddon awaits us at the bottom.

We hear democrats saying that we need to make the rich pay their fair share, or that the middle class are being held hostage by the republicans refusal to allow small tax increases for the richest amongst us.

We hear the Republicans saying that taxing the rich will damage the economy and destroy jobs.

So very hard to know the truth…

Both sides of the political divide are saying that the path to oblivion through a financial meltdown is the result of the policies of the other party.

And this is what we get from an administration headed by the great uniter?

The Divider-in-Chief sits on his throne, watching the fun with joy. He knows the truth. He knows that the shenanigans going on are nothing more than fiscal smoke and mirrors.

He knows that his useful idiots in the Democrat party will continue to blame the rich, will continue to spout fair share nonsense, and will continue to create a class warfare that extends to anyone with more than the individual. He knows his useful idiots will engender jealousy, envy and hate where there should be self-reliance and hope.  And he knows that as long as he can keep the fires of envy burning, he can get the support of the people every time he attacks the wealthy.

He also knows that the “right” has no weapon against this. His useful idiots can control the agenda. He knows that the GOP will continue to try to defend the wealthy…putting them on the wrong side of the people who are fed on a daily apportionment of envy.

The GOP on the other hand are nothing more than fools.

Rather than falling back on fundamental truths, they scratch at the edges of convenience…somehow believing that if they just modify their thinking to become more “moderate” they will be able to get the love so often denied them.

Not going to happen!

I am simply astonished by how easily the GOP falls into the not very elaborate traps set by the left. Rather than ignoring the issue of taxation on the wealth and instead concentrating on the issue of overspending by the government, the GOP continually tries to find reasons talk about tax and NOT about spending.

What is up with that?

You would have thought that the Republicans would have learned by now that Obama and his administration do not care what happens to the economy. They care only that they have someone to blame…and the Congressional Republicans are the best game in town to attach blame to.

So…Obama is now in a position where if we go over the fiscal cliff, he can blame the Republicans (and the fools on the street will believe him, because the messiah said so!)

If Obama takes the role of a serious compromiser, and accepts some of the deal that the Republicans all too quickly offer, he has the perfect foil when the policies fail…after all the Republicans forced him to accept a deal…and that is why his policies failed to work.

There is only one way that the Republicans can get out of this.

They state clearly their position. No new taxes. Massive cuts in spending. Spending cuts now, not in ten years time. Take it or leave it.

When Obama says NO (which he will)…the Republicans should demand he bring a bill to Congress for voting.

Republicans should vote neither for nor against said bill, instead voting “present”.

The Republicans must then win the PR war….they must make it perfectly clear that they made an offer to the president consistent with their fundamental beliefs. The President turned down that offer and moved forward with a plan that Republicans could not support. It is clear that Congress has stopped working as it should. It is time for the President to be responsible for his own policies. We will not stand in the way of his implementing them at this time. We will however be ready and prepared to step in and provide solutions when his policies fail. We are currently preparing plans that will address that situation should it arise. In the meantime, we are not abandoning those who voted for us, and will continue to represent them in Congress. We will fight to the end, but when the battle is lost we will regroup and refocus on the war.

It is time for Conservatives to control the discussion. It is nigh impossible for them to control the agenda…but they can certainly choose more wisely than they have to date when it comes to responding to the loony left.

Never going to happen….

Stupid is as stupid says.



  1. Devereaux:
    Long wait for your latest blog. Another one well written! Why is it I do not see any other comment responders? Am I missing something?
    To me your articles always show a common sense that's often lacking elsewhere. Also you have a fine sense of language.

  2. Hi Joe,

    it has taken me a while to get my head around where the country is headed...first came the sense of grief when the election was lost...then the process of trying to understand the next steps.

    Hence the long wait between my blog entries.

    As far as other commenter's...I suspect you are not missing anything. My readership has remained constant notwithstanding the less frequent posts. I have not visited leftist propaganda machines recently, as quite frankly I could not stomach their stupidity any longer.

    The lack of comments is more likely due to the fact that I am currently preaching to the converted, who remain concerned with the direction of this country but are unable to battle any more without some recovery time.

    Joe, you are too kind with your comments...I thank you for your loyalty and hope that I may continue to inspire conservatives to take action and educate non-conservatives in the realities of the world they inhabit...not the fantasies of our current delusional leader.

    Facts and faith will eventually win out over lies and deception, but I fear many battles will be won (and lost) before the war is over.

    Stay involved, my friend...stay the course...and may God's strength be your strength.