Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Union thugs

I am sure everyone has seen the violence erupting in Lansing, MI…all over the silly notion that people should have a choice as to whether they join a union or don’t.

Before I continue there are a couple of things I need to get off my chest…

1.     1.   In watching the few videos from Lansing, I confess to now completely understanding how Obama was re-elected. Never have I seen such a bunch of ignorant, ill-informed, under-educated, slovenly, disgusting, rude and intellectually disabled group as was shown in those videos. I am hard-pressed to find one person in those videos who I would like to hang out with. I suspect it would be impossible to find one I would a conversation with. And certainly none I would care to call family. A pack of misfit losers who don’t even understand what they are protesting against, cannot verbalize it, and know nothing more than how to bully and intimidate anyone who may disagree with them. In other words…union thugs...every one.

2.      2.  There are many good people, hard workers; fine folk that I WOULD like to call my friends who are members of unions. Many of them have no choice if they want to work. Many find their paychecks robbed of money to be sent to the unions for support of programs the worker does not support, to buy elections the worker does not want bought, to fund strikes that force the worker to suffer, and to pay salaries and benefits to union leaders that the workers cannot even dream of ever receiving.

The people trapped in group 2 above, are the ones who will benefit from a “right to work’ state.

But before I talk about that I want to talk about the thugs in group 1 above.

These are the people who live in fear that their lazy habits will no longer be protected by the unions. How so? Well…they understand that they are really the minority. Let’s think about the size of the demonstrations today. Could there have been 5,000 people there? Maybe 10,000? I seriously doubt more than that. And this is ALL the union support that could be mustered?

How many people in Michigan are union members? Better yet, how many in Lansing? I would wager that it would be more than 10,000…substantially more. So where are they? If the granting of choice to workers is such a bad thing, where are all the rank and file union members who should be out en mass demonstrating? Instead we get just a handful of goons intent on destroying property and making a lot of noise. When that doesn’t get the results they need they try violence in the hope that that will work.

Here’s a heads up to you goons…violence will not work. End of story.

The bigger story here is the hundreds of thousands of union members who would rather keep the union dues in their pay check than pay for some union leader to enjoy champagne and cigars while plotting who they will buy the next election for.

Where are these people…?

Maybe, just maybe, these are the people that make America strong…these are the people who work hard, who do their best to support their families, who take pride in their accomplishments and who are more than capable to stand on their own two feet. They don’t need some union thug to tell them what to think…they know what they think already. They don’t need some union goon inciting them with drums and bad grammar….they can motivate themselves.

They don’t need to act like animals…demanding what is not theirs, and taking it by force if not freely given…they earn what they have…and in my opinion have every right to choose what to do with their money.

So what is this really about?

Are the unions really scared that some blood-sucking non-union employee will get benefits that the union fights for, without paying dues to the union? Give me a break. If the unions were really looking after their members they would not need to resort to strong arm tactics to keep their membership. If they were really looking after their members, people would gladly pay the dues.

So does this tell us anything about the union membership base?

Let me see…they don’t show up in massive numbers to support the union…and the unions are scared that they will no longer have the bargaining power they once had….hmmm

Could this be because the workers do NOT WANT TO FORCED into the unions?

Could this be because the unions know that without servitude forced on the workers, they will not by choice be union members?

In honesty, I do not know the answer to this. Maybe as we watch what unfolds in Michigan, we may find out?

In the meantime…I want to say a few words to the thugs.

You can use whatever profanities you like. I have heard worse, and probably said worse. You can call me whatever vile, disgusting, and creative names you wish to call me…I have been verbally abused by the best in the business, so yours won’t affect me. You can threaten me, you can get gangs of thugs to threaten me…I don’t care.


If you lay one hand on me, or mine, you will know that I am not scared of you. It will not be pretty.

And it is time for conservatives across the country to take this stand. Words are empty…do not get fired up by the yelling, the screaming, the ignorant babbling and the incoherent ignorance of a bunch of wannabe bully boys.

Their verbal intimidation is to be laughed at. Their physical intimidation is to be laughed at. But when they cross that line, you MUST let them know they have crossed a line that you will not accept. Your right to defend yourself is what freedom is all about.

This looming battle is not just about unions, not just about politics. It is about your freedoms.

And freedom is worth fighting for.

Do not let the unions or the governments take away your freedoms. Do not let them intimidate you. Stand toe to toe with the cowards...do not cower before their numbers, or flee from their intimidation.

This is merely one of many battles to be fought…and each must be fought with bravery, determination and 100% belief in the rightness of your stand.

The union members of Michigan who do not support your union must now stand up and be counted. This is your time. This is your opportunity to take back that which has been stolen from you.

Just look at how weak the union support really is. You actually outnumber the thugs by a mighty amount…time for you to take back the freedoms that are yours by birth…given you by the Creator…and which no man or government has the right to take away.

We must all stand in support of the good people of Michigan in their battle against the tyranny of the unions. Show them your support at every opportunity…encourage them to remain strong, and to walk fearlessly forward in truth.


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