Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ignorance...way to go America.

Ignorance – “lack of knowledge, information, or education; the state of being ignorant”.

Wake up America!

You have chosen to elect ignorance as your salvation. You have chosen ignorance as your leader. You have determined that a life of ignorance is more valuable than a life pursuing knowledge.

There is no other explanation for the stupidity of the last couple of months.

You elected a man as President who has absolutely no interest in what is best for the country. He neither knows nor cares.

You have elected a Congress that has absolutely no interest in steering the country forward (with a few exceptions)…a Congress that cares only about their re-election prospects.

Other explanations could include lunacy, insanity, greed and selfishness…but I find it hard to believe that so many people would fall into one of those categories (although it is clear that greed and selfishness played a big role in the last election cycle. After all, one candidate promised jobs, while the other promised free gifts. One suggested working for a living while the other said he would look after you. One has a record of job creation while the other has never created a job in his life. And many people said…why should I work for a living? I will vote for the guy that doesn’t want me to work!

They don’t know his name, nor did they care. They just wanted more phones, more unemployment checks and more freebies.

But not everyone who voted for the piece of crap in the Whitehouse today falls into that category.

Many are educated…may have degrees…many are not ill-informed. So why did they vote for Obama?


You see ignorance is not just a result of being uneducated. It is also the result of poor education…or the result of a planned dumbing down of the population.

You think I am over-reaching?

How about this…

The Common Core standards are an effort to nationalize the standards and assessments upon which every public school in America would base its curriculum. The Obama administration has poured billions of dollars into the effort via federal “Race to the Top” grants. Under the guise of Standardizing education, they are in fact dumbing down the students.


English teachers are being told that 50 percent of their course material must be derived from “informational texts.” (Actually, the informational text requirement starts at a “mere” 25 percent of reading material for kindergarteners. It rises to 70 percent for high school seniors.)

Among recommended “informational texts” on the national standards list we find The Federal Reserve Bank’s “FedViews,” “The Evolution of the Grocery Bag,” and “Health Care Costs in McAllen, Texas.” And, roll over “For Whom the Bell Tolls” it’s time to make way for that GSA classic: “Executive Order 13423: Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management.”

If you have ever read any of these documents you will know that they are not exactly what one would define as literary classics. There is nothing like government publications to redefine the meaning of words, make up new words, and totally misrepresent the truth in every way imaginable.

And the plot usually sucks, the narrative is less than creative and any dialogue is completely irrelevant.

Government publications, or information texts, as they are now described, offer nothing of the creativity or wordsmithing of classic literature.

And this is considered the gold standard for education?

The Obama administration has invested millions of your dollars to promote the use of government propaganda as a replacement for classic literature.

If you are having trouble believing this disgrace, simply Google “Common Core Standards” and you will find more research material than I want to read!

So…starting with the children we not only dumb them down by not concentrating on classic literature in English classes but we are encouraged to indoctrinate them with government double speak!

No wonder we have a generational issue with ignorance.

And the sad but complete truth is that both Democrat and Republican administrations are to blame.

On the economic front we pass a bill that not only raises the tax rate on individuals earning over $400k ($450 for families) but include enough pork to more than use all the increased tax revenues. 

This is how the Republicans decide we should resolve the financial cliff issue?

The Republicans have become the party of bend over and take whatever is coming…when the bell rings turn around!

I can’t wait for the next round of serious negotiations over the debt limit.

The only question that remains in my mind is whether it takes until the 11th hour for the Republicans to wave the white flag…or whether they will just save everyone a whole lot of anguish and just roll over now.

As far as I am concerned, the American people deserve better than the farce the Republicans are giving them….it is not even entertaining or good theater!

But then again….we will always get the Government we deserve.

And when ignorant people vote, we get ignorant government.

Stupid is…..

And there is plenty to go around.



  1. It is so sad and discouraging. My only way to fight back is to provide educational pointers to my four grandchildren in conversational asides in everyday life. I'm trying to get them to think outside the box. If I can drop in a quote from Shakespeare, something practical about the Pythagorean equation, historical geology (and natural climate change), and many other subjects I took in school, but no longer in the curriculum; then that is my small effort to fight the faceless bastards that are doing this to our younger generations.

  2. The education system is failing our children. The government is intent on putting financial responsibilities onto our children and grandchildren that they will be ill equipped to handle (even if they were equipped financially).

    Lack of accountability and a willingness to kick the can as far down the road as possible is a reprehensible way to live. And too many are doing it at both a personal level and a leadership level.

    The world needs more people like you Joe...people who take their responsibility for the care, nurture and, yes, education of their children and grandchildren. God bless you, Joe...and keep doing the things you can, even in the face of enormous odds.

    If America had more folk with your sense of right and wrong, your willingness to stand up and be counted, and your acceptance of responsibility, she would be a much better place.