Friday, January 11, 2013

Newsflash! Devereaux supports Obama!

Well…it seems to have happened.

All my friends warned me that if I keep watching politics it would eventually happen. Leftists have been convinced for years that I would one day see the light…a future I could not only not imagine, but one that would turn my stomach to goop and send me running to the nearest bathroom so I could expel it!

Even my enemies warned me that one day it would happen.

Well…it seems that that long awaited day has arrived.

Before I go any further, are there any volunteers out there who are willing to take a short trip to hell to see if it has frozen over?  I saw an advertisement on TV the other night that clearly showed a pig flying, so it appears that weird things are happening.

And the weirdest of them all?

I found something that I and President Obama agree on!

No way?

Yep. Way.

So what is this amazing thing?

Obama has been getting grief over his lack of consideration for race and gender when selecting candidates for his cabinet. Yep…he has decided that neither race nor gender is a good indication of ability. THIS IS WHAT I AGREE WITH.

Unfortunately my agreement seems to stop there.

You see Obama has gone further and determined that neither race nor gender NOR ability is important for his candidates. He is an equal opportunity recruiter of incompetence…but his doting fans are critical of his sexist and  racist agenda.

After all…he has just selected four white guys to be his Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Treasury Secretary and head of the CIA.

“Where are the women?” the women scream.

“Where are the blacks?” the blacks scream.

“Where are the Latino’s?” the Latinos scream.

And the stupidest comments of all?

The makeup of Obama’s cabinet should look like America. It should represent the diversity of which America is so proud.

So, that got me to thinking….if incompetence is a pre-requisite for appointment, well, there are a number of things that can be done to assure that the US government looks like America.

Just a little side trip here…for those of you who doubt that incompetence is a pre-requisite….just take a look at Holder, Sebelius, Solis, Chu and Napolitano to name a few.

So, in the spirit of enlightenment that creates a Cabinet that looks like America I have come up with a simple plan of action.

This Obama guy is all about fairness…so my plan builds that into account. It also acknowledges that elections have consequences…so the makeup of the Cabinet must reflect the makeup of the voters that elected the president. Therefore we can ignore anything about people who voted for Romney.

Let’s see what we can find out Obama voters:-

It will be too time consuming to actually do the research but since this is merely an example of “how” my plan would work, estimates are fine…

1.       Blacks – Obama got 93%
2.       Latino – Obama got 71%
3.       Young voters – 60%
4.       Women – 53%
5.       Jews – 69%

Now we have to make some assumptions for the purposes of explanation.
Let’s assume that Obama’s voters look like this:-

Blacks 15%
Latinos 12%
Women 15%
White men 10%
Students/young people 45%
Old white guys 1%
Others 2%

Remember these are merely an example of what the Obama numbers MAY look like.

SO…lets get back to diversity.

If government was being fair…then Obama’s cabinet should comprise the identical breakdown as his voting base.

We need a new government department…perhaps called “The Department Truth and Diversity in Political Appointments”. This cabinet position will be tasked with ensuring that the Presidential appointments to his cabinet match the same diversity as his voters. (A big advantage is that billions of dollars will be needed to fund this department…and it will employ thousands if not millions of people to conduct exit interviews of all voters so that it can statistically calculate the diversity program at each election cycle.

After all…we must be fair with all government actions.

The Department of Truth and Diversity in Political Appointments is tasked with ensuring the correct diversity.

For instance…there are currently 16 Cabinet level departments.

According to the numbers above the heads of these departments MUST be:-
15% Black (2)
12% Latino (2)
15% Women (2)
10% White men (2)
45% young people/students (7)
1% Old white guys (0)
2% Others (0)
So that comes up to 15….of course a black female student falls into three categories, thus leaving two extra spaces on the roster!

If this was instituted maybe we could get a cabinet that looks something like this?

Secretary of State – someone who is good at international stuff, enjoys travel and can be looked up to on the international stage….ummm….how about Beyonce? She fits those requirements and fills one of the black slots perfectly. Also much easier to look at than that piece of crap we currently have!

Secretary of Agriculture – someone with knowledge of food and where to get it, and how to use it…Rosie O’Donnel is the natural choice…and ticks off one of the women’s slots.

Secretary of Energy – a no brainer…Matt Damon – gets the Hollywood folks on Board and fills the white man slot.

Secretary of Education – not a hard one….just go down to the unemployment lines and recruit anybody with a liberal arts degree to fill the slot .

You see how it will work?

Of course, there are many MANY departments and agencies that have to be treated in the same way…and then the employment within those agencies have to be diversity checked too.

And then we get to the real dilemma…so far, The Department of Truth and Diversity in Political Appointments has an easy job…but what about Congress? Surely Congress should also represent the diversity of America…we need to somehow examine the voters preferences and disbar people that do not meet the diversity criteria….but what do we do to be fair?

This is sticky…so I think the Department of Truth and Diversity in Political Appointments should be given broad powers to prevent the appointment of any elected official in congress if his or her appointment would mean the balance of diversity in each house of Congress is not maintained. In the even that an elected official be blocked by the Department, they have the power to appoint someone of their choosing to fill the vacancy and ensure diversity balance is maintained.

The Head of the Department of Truth and Diversity in Political Appointments is a cabinet level position and therefore appointed by the President.

Elections have consequences!

So, Mr. President, your refusal to allow race or gender to have any impact on your selection of incompetent folk to your cabinet is a good thing.

About the only good thing I have seen to date from you.

But I forgot one thing…

How could I forget this?

How does the Department of Truth and Diversity in Political Appointments deal with the two major groups that swung this last election for Obama?

The illegal immigrant is clearly a problem…as estimates are difficult to obtain of their numbers. To be on the safe side the Department may have to ensure the President goes down to the local Home Depot and recruits Jose while he waits for a day labor job….he can Secretary of Homeland Security! That solves that problem.

The other group is the dead…even harder to be fair to.

Let me see…

I would gladly buy Obama a one way ticket to…the place he is carrying America in his hand-basket…perhaps while there he could count the voters….

On second thoughts…does it really matter? His current cabinet is brain dead already…

So there you have it.

For once Obama got it right….if he didn’t the Department of Fairness and Diversity in Political Appointments would be visiting a polling booth near you and making sure that illegals and dead folk have a say!

Stupid is….


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