Monday, December 5, 2011

I wanna be a boss.....

After a few days of vacation, I return to find that the world has not ended, that the Cain train has left the tracks, and that Obama continues to play politics, trying endlessly to outsmart the Republicans, playing stupid political games while the economy continues to stagnate.

I seem to recall some Roman Emperor fiddling while Rome burns….Nero?

Well, our very own Nero plays games while the economy continues merrily toward the basket that it will be carried to hell in!

Doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that Nero Obama is at the helm?

It seems that he is preparing for another speech (ahead of another 17 day vacation in Hawaii).

I suspect this speech will continue in the vein of dismissing Republicans as do nothings, continuing the class warfare against the wealthy, exhorting the country to accept the rape of the wealthy in exchange for reductions in revenues for social security….it just goes on and on and on….

But there is the occasional bright spot…you see, back in the good ole days, before Obama was actually doing anything, 10cc wrote a simple little song called “I Wanna Rule the World”.

As I read through the lyrics, I could not be more surprised by the prescience shown in the lyrics….

“I want to be a boss
I want to be a big boss
I want to boss the world around
I want to be the biggest boss
That ever bossed the world around”

Simple lyrics, but clearly a reference to the Obama thought patterns. Since he received dreams from his father, this Nero has wanted nothing but to be a big boss. He was drawn to community organizing because he could be a boss in a small pool. Then his power lust led him to the senate and now to the White House.

But for this socialist, that is not enough. He wants his power to spread beyond America…and is more than willing to step on the constitution to get his way!

“I want to do it right
I want to do it right away
I want to do it right now
I want to do it right away
I want to do it now”

Obama is a man in a hurry. He has no time to wait for an intransigent Congress…he will do it right now whether he has to bypass the legal machinations or not. No time to wait…must hurry, hurry, hurry.

“Don't want to be a dancer in the Bolshoi Ballet
Don't want to work for daddy
In daddy's shop, 0K
I get confused, so confused
I get a pain, I get a pain up here in the Shirley Temples”

Of course, if anybody had seen this Fool-in-Chief dance, they would know he was not destined for the Bolshoi…but his arrogance allows him to believe that it was a possibility if he wanted to. He surely doesn’t want to work in daddy’s shop….what did daddy do again? As for the confusion…we get it. It must be VERY difficult to carry several thoughts in your head when the only thing you care about is being the biggest boss the world has ever seen.

“What you gonna do
How you gonna do it
What you gonna do
How you gonna do it”

I imagine Obama spent many sleepless nights asking this same question.

“Little by little, ooh
Little by little, bit by bit”

And he came up with the answer….but remember, just because it is little by little, bit by bit does not mean it will be a long slow process. The progressives of the past prepared the way for this fool to step into the driver’s seat and press the pedal to the metal. But he still knows that it requires a deft hand to bring the combined American consciousness around to his socialist views. Little by little…step by step….the frog brought to a boil with slowly heated water!

“Sssh, not too loud, don't tell everybody
Don't give away the game
Oh, I ain't quite ready to reveal my campaign”

An administration that thrives on secrecy has something to hide. This Obama Administration spends untold millions of taxpayer money to keep the truth hidden, conducts deals behind closed doors and generally keeps all their campaigns secret. There is no doubt in my mind that the Obama for President campaign started long ago….and will commence again tomorrow!

“This is not the time
My hero's are alive and well in a cave
I'm keeping them on ice in suspended animation
Till the very right occasion comes along”

A reference to the powerful friends bankrolling Obama. They are staying in the shadows, waiting until final success is assured before stepping into the sunlight, squinting and blinking in the glare of the day. Living in the darkness, hiding from the light has a way of making one even more paranoid than normal…and these hero’s will be ruthless as their paranoia drives their actions. Even as they slither into the daylight, their hearts will be filled with a blackness that seeks revenge on enemies and friends alike. Their distrust will ensure their iron fist spares none, and mercy will be nothing more than a pretty word used in mythical books from the past.

“To our rally come along
Come along to our rally
Come along to our rally come along
To our rally come along
Come along to our rally
Come along to our rally come along”

Here is his call to action. This is the same call to the OWS types. The same call to the unthinking who filled the Mall with their tears as he was crowned. The same "call to arms" to the union thugs, the blacks, the dependent, the addicted, the useless….the call to the masses that rally behind his class warfare. The call to war.

“A Brave new world will rise from the ashes
And there upon a rock ***anic
I'll cast a giant shadow on the face of the deep
And never again will they dare to call me
A freckled, spotty, specky, four eyed, weedy, little creep”

Now we get to the crux of the psychology of Obama. He is a narcissist of the first order. He grew up in the shadow of his father…not black, not white…not Christian, not Muslim. He was gangly, a drug addict, a failure.  But the narcissist within would never…could never…allow him to believe he was nothing more than spotty, speckled, weedy little creep. Oh yes…he was that and more…but he knew where he was destined to go…he knew he would be a boss, the biggest boss the world had ever seen. So this mulatto gathered his friends in caves, gathered support from the powerful and corrupt, organized Chicago ruthlessness and union thuggery to steal the White House where his title should be enough to secure the respect he so rightly deserves.

Well, Obama…you deserve no respect. You are a disgrace to the Office. And the Conservative backlash that is simmering now will become a torrent in mere months, and wash you away, back to your caves….as it cleanses your filth and the filth of your cohorts from the White House.

“No more tremblin' and quakin' in the gym
No more come on fellas, let's get him”

Obama is surrounded by a protection detail, 24/7. He has nothing to fear from those who are tougher, bigger, stronger, faster….but the Fool-in-Chief forgets that truth is mightier than any physical protection. Truth cannot be stopped by armor or guns…by Special Service agents trained to keep him from physical harm. Truth that will spread its light across the country, penetrating even the darkest caves where his heroes plot. You may not tremble and quake any more…but your eyes will be opened and you will be defenseless as truth enters this war.

“What you gonna do
How you gonna do it
What you gonna do
How you gonna do it”

As much as the answer seems simple, the question remains. What if the people do not come around? What if my foes are able to spread the truth faster than I can spread the lies. The question haunts Obama to this day…and shows his weakness and doubts.

“Little by little, ooh
Little by little, bit by bit
Little by little, ooh, ooh
Little by little, bit by bit
Bit by bit, bit by bit”

It doesn’t matter how many times he lies to himself with this answer, it is very clear that there has to be more. Far more. People have a way of not falling into line. They have to be appeased, to be led by a great leader and if that doesn’t work, to be threatened, to be punished, to be forced.

“Everyone's going to be free
But they'll have to agree to be free
They'll have to agree to be less free than me
'Cause I rule the world you see
So wait for the army of kiddy-winkies
And terrible tiny tots
In armored school buses
Firing poison pea-shooters
And sinking their milk teeth into your thighs
Delapsus resurgam when I fall I shall rise”

Obama and his progressive allies-in-crime know that the only way to succeed is to create an army. An army of youngsters…the newly minted college graduates who have not been educated are the first line. Behind them come the high school graduates and drop-outs. And the grade school kids emulating their older siblings, all too ready to take a bite out of the conservative foes at every opportunity. An army of terrible toddlers playing zombieland at the cost of the conservative, the religious, the believers in freedom. The promise of any drug of choice is all that is needed for Obama to create his armies of kiddie-winkies. The ones that are needed at home and are equally as powerful as the traditional armed forces. The army that Obama said America needs.
Beware the children for they are already his.

“I want to be a boss
I want to be a big boss
I want to boss the world around
I want to be the biggest boss
That ever bossed the world around”

Tomorrow the campaign to be the biggest boss the world has ever seen commences in earnest.

When Lol Crème, Graham Gouldman and Kevin Godley penned this song in the early 70’s they could never have known that 40 years later it would be a perfect representation of the President of the United States of America.

But there you go. Nothing is new in this world. Every student of history knows this…and every student of history also knows that the reality of history often is corrupted by the fantasy of those who remember how they wished it was.

My conservative friends, please hear me.

Do not be fooled by this man in the White House. He knows what he is doing. He is not simply “in over his head”, but is imparting on a course of action written of by 10cc around 40 years ago.

Do not allow this blight on American exceptionalism to win another term. Do not allow this smear on the face of true American values to corrupt America for another term. Fumigate the White House next November….get the stink of his policies and the stench of his corruption away from our children, away from or future, away from us. His ability to destroy, to divide and to corrupt cannot be contained by the rule of law…since he ignores the rule of law.

Another term…and this smear will become the thing he wants so much….to be the biggest boss the world has ever seen!


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