Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Idiot-in-Chief lies again....yawn!

“How have we become a country where so many members of the middle class go to bed at night wondering if they going to be able to keep their homes and put food on the table and send their kids to college?” David Alan (WVEC Reporter) asked the president. “Do you take any personal responsibility for your administration creating that condition?”

What a great question…and a great opportunity for ABC affiliate reporter David Alan. After all, it is not every day that you get to ask the President a direct question that is on the lips of so many people. And a question that seems to box the Fool-in-Chief into a corner where he will have to admit his shortcomings.

Actually…as I think about this, it seems to be very uncharacteristic of Obama to have allowed such a question….he never has before…and I don’t believe he has changed any…so where did this question come from?

Perhaps the answer can be found in Obama’s answer to the question….

“We didn’t create the condition. We haven’t solved it fully yet because it was three decades in the making,” President Obama replied.

OK…that was a nice little side step….”just a jump to the left” as the chorus in that fun ditty from Rocky Horror Show’s “Time Warp” song. A jump to left….how appropriate for this fool.

So, his immediate response is to not exactly share the blame but to immediately pass it off to someone else….but since people are tired of hearing “it was Bush’s fault” he cast the net much wider…to include Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton and Bush 2….

Well played doofus….you clearly understand the blame game very well…too bad you don’t understand economics!

Anyway, the strength of this response starting me thinking that maybe…just maybe…the Fool-in-Chief was prepared for the question? Maybe, he rehearsed his answer…maybe he knew exactly what he was going to say so that he could turn this seemingly difficult question into a vote winning electioneering statement?

I am waiting for the rest of his answer before becoming convinced.

“I mean, if you look at the trend lines, essentially what’s happened is that because of automation, because of globalization, you had a lot of manufacturing move out of the United States. Businesses got more efficient, they needed fewer workers, they had more leverage over workers, and all this added up to a tougher time for middle class families,” the president explained.

Really? Where have I heard this before? Ummm….oh yeah…that’s right…when he was trying to tell us that the ATM’s were the reason for economic distress.

Let me get this right. The former Presidents seem have caused the problems because of the automation and globalization their policies assisted. The innovations that made business more efficient and created wealth are the very things that caused the eventual downturn in the economy? Businesses became more efficient, (and don’t forget that new industries were created) but this simply resulted in the need for FEWER workers….and provided companies more leverage over workers? Did I get that right? This is his position? The whole concept of wealth creation, new industries, lower costs and higher standards of living as a result of automation (and the innovation that created it) and globalization (and the cost benefits that enabled it) are to be totally ignored?


“The good news is that we still have the best universities in the world, the most innovative businesses in the world the best workers in the world, [and] the freest market system in the world,” the president said.

Forgive me for being confused here. Did he not just say that automation was the cause of the economic meltdown? And now he says we have the best universities in the world? Why would we care about that? Don’t universities educate people so that they can be innovative, creative, and enable more efficient lives? Why would we ever want that if that is what causes the economic difficulties?

My head really is starting to hurt with what this idiot is saying.

If his theory is correct that automation causes economic downturns, is he trying to say that the fact we have the most innovative businesses in the world a good thing…or a bad thing? I guess it must be a bad thing…but he says it is also good news. Geeez!

And then he claims we have the freest market system in the world? I assume he is talking about the fact that we don’t have regulations on things like pollution, labor laws, red tape, government forms to complete etc etc etc….but….that is not true. America is one of the most highly regulated countries in the western world. In economic freedom it ranks well behind Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and many other western countries. Maybe he was just confused and thought America was already a Chinese affiliate and was now ranked at number 1 for economic freedom alongside Hong Kong? (see )

SO…America is not number 1 on the scale of economic freedom….so again…what is this fool telling us?

I have to say, I am thinking more and more that this was a set-up question designed to give Obama a chance to campaign.

What else does he say?

“We’ve seen our exports go up, we’ve now seen 21 months of job growth (in the private sector), so we’ve got all the tools to refocus and make sure that we’re growing our middle class again,” the president said. “But we’re going to have to do some smart things to do it: improve our education system, invest in infrastructure, invest in basic science and technology, and make sure the rules of the road are fair and that everybody is doing their fair share.”

Ok…I have had about enough now. His lies are more blatant than ever. 21 months of job growth? Bullsh*t! I don’t know where he gets his facts but this is just not true.

And then he says we have to do some smart things….improve education…didn’t he say we already had the best? I am sure the shovel ready jobs people will be pleased to hear that the smart thing to do is invest in infrastructure. Oh...and the scientists…just think of all the scientific breakthroughs they could achieve…hang on…strike that….innovation and automation is bad for the economy…so the smart thing to do would be to pay the scientists NOT to discover anything. This must be what he is talking about, right?

And then he pulls out the BIG guns….” and make sure the rules of the road are fair and that everybody is doing their fair share.”

Here we go again with the fairness doctrine. He had to find a way to get that piece of horse crap in. Of course…doing our fair share is not about dragging the country forward into sustained economic growth. Far from it. This is code for taxing the rich. Or better described as stealing from the rich so that the government can feed the addictions of the addicted and retain power.

Ok…you all know how I feel about the fair crap.

So, lets take a look at what we find here….

1)      A relatively unknown reporter gets the opportunity to ask Obama a “gotcha “ question
2)      Obama not only easily deflects it, but is able to transform his answer into a campaign speech
3)      The lies he said will be nothing but forgotten ramblings within 24 hours
4)      The last statement he made about fair share is what will be heralded as the most important thing about his speech

I don’t think I can be blamed for thinking this was a set-up to make Obama look good…do you?

What distresses me is that few people will even talk about the Buffoon-in-Chiefs erratic statements. The leftist loons who love this piece of crap will see no inconsistencies in what he said….in fact the won’t ebven hear it apart from his fairness thing.

Conservatives will not attack him, except for a small number like me who will point out what he is really saying.

The conservatives seeking nomination for the GOP presidential candidate will say nothing for fear of being accused of personal attacks and believing that if they did that it would drive the undecided and independents into the arms of the likes of Reid, Pelosi and Obama.

Get real, people.

This Liar-in-Chief must be exposed every time he opens his mpouth. He must be called out. His lies must be exposed.

Do you really think that the independents want to vote for these liberal a’holes who pollute congress with their stupid ramblings? No…but they want a reason to go to the conservative side…and every opportunity to give them that reason by exposing the Idiot-in-Chief for the lying scoundrel that he is, must be grabbed with both hands and shouted from the rooftops.

Fear not the backlash…for when they come attacking you, you know you have hit a nerve.

We need to hit that nerve all day, every day.


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