Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shot, shot....splash!

This could be a description of a new cocktail....

...or the final chapter of the book of Osama.

Personally, I like that the US has the gumption to double tap a viscous evil purveyor of death, and then dump his body to become fish food. Perhaps it would have been more aprapro to feed his body to the pigs...but hey...who cares?

Dead is dead!

And in this case dead is good.

So....Obama has shown that he is capable of being a killing machine. After all, he took the war in Afghanistan to a new level, he committed US forces to Libya and now he has issued the order to kill Bin Laden....all in a day's work for a president!

But will the left accept that their man has become a killing machine? Where is the outrage that he ordered a man killed? Where is the outrage that he committed US forces to the Libyan situation?

Oh, I know...I am just causing trouble...I get it, really I do.

But I do want to issue a word of warning to our President.

Mr. President. You have proven yourself to be a man capable of taking a tough decision...well...at least once anyway. Your devoted fans are clinging to you more than ever now they see you as more than just a man of useless words and ideologies, but a man of action. You are right up there with Superman and Batman in the minds of those who follow your every word with breathless reverence.

Enjoy this honeymoon. Take photographs of the ratings as you see them bounce following the news. It is unlikely to last. The shine will come off the turd that is your persona soon enough. When the celebrations slow down, and the hangovers wear off, and America goes back to its normal business, the truth will soon hit home.

High gas prices, never ending unemployment, hidden inflation through the dollar losing value, the fear of higher interest rates, the massive spending and borrowing . The list goes on. And people will see that no matter how well polished a turd is, it remains a turd. Oh yes, they may forget for a short while, but that is a passing fad at best.

And then there are your people. The people of the left will be your undoing for you have shown yourself to be no different than the conservatives of the past. Your warmongering ways and orders to kill are no different than the previous administration. Your promises of hope and change have amounted to nothing but spending and higher taxes.

Yes, Mr. President....your days are truly numbered. Enjoy this short vacation from your unpopularity while it lasts. I dare say it will not last long.


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