Monday, April 2, 2012

Another arrow in the heart of our Republic.

"I'm confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress,"
……….Obama, April 2 2012

It appears that Obama has decided that America is a democracy, and no longer a republic.

Although I suspect that he fails to appreciate the difference.

Let me explain.

A republic is governed by the rule of law. A republic relies on a constitution to determine what a government may and may not do. A republic relies on a court system to protect the country from government overstepping its constitutional duties. In the Republic that is America, the Supreme Court is appointed by the President to defend the constitution and to prevent government from stepping on the constitutional protections provided in the constitution.

On the other hand, a democracy is nothing other than mob rule. Elections mean that the person with the majority of votes wins, and has the say. Without the rule of law, and the independence of a court system appointed to protect that rule of law, a democracy falls into nothing more than the rule of the majority …with no concern for the rights of the minority. It is mob rule, pure and simple.

And Obama made it clear today what he wants for this country.

He wants a tyranny of the majority…he wants his position as President to interfere with the rightful actions of the Supreme Court. He wants the world to believe that simply because Congress voted for a law to be passed, and he signed said law, that its constitutionality should not be questioned by the Court.

Friends, there is no other way to say this…he wants mob rule.

He wants the destruction of the Republic.

He wants tyranny.

This could not be clearer than what he said himself.

Notice that in the quote above he did not speak of right or wrong….he did not speak of the Court fulfilling its purpose of defending the constitutional rights of the citizen…he spoke only of his confidence that the Court would not take “an unprecedented, extraordinary step”.

Listen to me Obama…the declaration that a law is unconstitutional should never be discounted simply because it is “an unprecedented, extraordinary step”.

To be fair he also said "I'm confident that this will be upheld because it should be upheld,"

Really?  It will be upheld because it should be upheld?

What sort of double speak crap is that, Obama?

I know you believe that the law is constitutional…or you want everyone else to believe that….but you also believed that the waters would recede, global warming would reverse, the economy is strong and that if you had a son he would look like Trayvon….didn’t you?

Let me see…according to the latest fake data from the leftwing conservatives, global warming has not reversed and the sea level is not dropping. I guess you were wrong on that count!

The economy is strong only in the drug induced dreams of the cocaine sniffers surrounding you and advising you. The people on the street know that…but you don’t. You are wrong again Mr. President!

As for your son looking like Trayvon, unless you were having an illicit affair with his mother that would hardly be the case…. But who knows? Are you suggesting some sort of questioning on Trayvon’s parentage is in order?

You see Obama, you don’t have to look too far to find examples of you being wrong before….

So why is it so hard for you to imagine that you could be wrong this time too? For a supposed constitutional expert, you are really are very dumb, sir!

You see, it is not up to you to declare something constitutional or not.

That is the job of the Supreme Court.

Trying to bully the Court to decide in favor of you is just another page out of the liberal playbook, and certainly not unexpected.

But a real leader…a real American…would have stood up proudly proclaiming the expectation that the Supreme Court would take its duty seriously and, after conducting a full investigation, would come to the right conclusion. A true American would say that he expected the Court to deliberate carefully, and that in the final balance he hoped they would agree and find the bill constitutional, but if they did not, then Congress would need to revisit the law and make the necessary adjustments etc etc

A real American would not threaten the Court, would not try to direct its thinking, and would not publicly set up the Court for his scorn should they decide against him.

No…a true American would support the Republic with his very life…not replace it with the mob rule of democracy.
Just another day…just another stupid statement from Obama…just another arrow through the heart of this Republic.



  1. Why was there no word of criticism in the mainstream media regarding this Executive Branch demagogic attack on the Judicial Branch? Sure, they reported the Circuit Court of Appeals issued a summons to the Justice Department, but little else but standard parroting of the Democrat's charge of "judicial activism", an activism they encourage when it suits their purposes. I just hope enough people can see through this double speak.

  2. Hi Joe,

    all Americans should be outraged by this attempt to bully the marginalize water down the value of the Constitution.

    But the reality is that only those with an interest in such things will know or understand what is going on here.

    The media is bought and paid for by the Obama circus...they will ensure that his words are not questioned but are instead shown as often as possible to the undereducated who will also not question his words.

    He is telling the unthinking what to think...and setting up a political play where the Supreme Court can be blamed for taking away your poor brother's health care, or your aging mothers care, or your kids (always the kids!).

    What saddens me is that too many....somewhere around 40% of the and breathe by the words that escape the lips of this LIAR!

    The tyranny of the majority is becoming the tyranny of the 40%...we cannot...nay... MUST NOT allow that to happen or we will see the destruction of our Republic in short order.