Monday, May 21, 2012

An ordinary man?

Where does the time go?

A new week already!  A new opportunity for Obama to spread his lies as he continues to campaign, blaming everybody else for the mess the country enjoys.

Over this last weekend, as the weather became warmer and we enjoyed our first triple digit temperature of the season, I allowed my mind to wander….allowed it to ask the question…”What would it take to become President of the United States of America?”

It is clear that it takes a large number of skills…just to get through the nomination process. And then you would have to win a tough election. And then success as a President could easily slip away if you were not fully prepared to execute the ideas and promises made on the campaign trail.

Of course…I was wrong in all my thinking.

That is NOT what it takes to become President.

I think the first thing that is needed is a book deal.

An autobiography of the first 30 years of your life would be a great way to prepare the people for your eventual candidacy for President. Of course, since nobody knows who you are or where you are from, the book is likely to languish on the shelves collecting dust….until you actually become someone that the people are interested in, but then your book will become a best seller and serve multiple purposes:-

1.       Royalties will roll in thus launching you into the top 1% (after paying off any debts left over from previous failed public office attempts – at least those debts that some benefactor had not paid off on your behalf)
2.       It will help to convey to the general population exactly who you want them to see. Because it was written well in advance of seeking public office it cannot be claimed that it was written for political purposes – and yet it will serve a massive political purpose if planned properly.
3.       The autobiography can be presented as truth but can also provide the politician’s greatest tool…plausible deniability. The ability to deny what is in the book…the ability to affirm that some of the characters are composites of girls you know, or the ability to state that this is a work based on memories and situations that may or may not have been true but merely represent the feelings of the author about the subject matter. Names and places have been changed to protect the guilty and so on.

As I relaxed in the shade, drink in hand, I marveled at the method behind Obama’s madness….at the age of 30 he wrote his autobiography “Dreams from my Father”.

This book languished on book store shelves for some 12 years with the only sales being to those few people who had even heard of Obama at that time. Most people did not know him, nor could care less about this community organizer who spent 6 or 7 useless years as a State Senator, and then two years as a Federal Senator, before anyone knew him.

But then he spoke at the Democrat Convention in, I believe, 2003/2004…and everything changed.

This nobody suddenly saw demand for his book skyrocket…earning him somewhere around $10 million in royalties.

Obama had arrived. The propaganda he had so carefully prepared all those years ago was working to great effect.

Maybe I should write my autobiography?

Maybe I should write about…ooooh…let me see…who do I want to impact most?

I have to first capture the imaginations of my readers…and their sympathies. Perhaps a “shocking” story to start with would be good…perhaps how I was stolen as a child and adopted by loving but unknowing and unsuspecting parents would do the trick?

Further interest and intrigue could be added as I searched for my biological parents only to never meet them before they died.

I could appeal to the religious right by writing about my religious transformation and finding salvation in the seventies.

I could appeal to the younger people by writing about my experiences with Mary J, and sex as a college student.

I could appeal to the thrill seekers by speaking of my experiences as a traveler through places they only dream they could have visited. For good measure I could throw in my need for speed (not the drug kind, the car kind).

No good autobiography would be complete without a story of heroism, and saving someone from certain death. I could include that too.

And of course through all these adventures, struggles and internal sufferings, I found myself as a successful businessman. Maybe success as a businessman at a very young age would be powerful.

I would call my autobiographical book “An Ordinary Man”. You see, everyone has a story…and while the things I wrote above are all true, it is not what you say, but how you say it that makes all the difference.

I could have written that book when I was 30…all those things listed were real and happened before my 30th birthday. I could spin the stories to appeal to whichever audience I want to appeal to. I could create characters that may or may not have existed …characters that can be used to further evolve the description of the type person I want the world to believe that I am.

Of course, I would leave out the big mistakes I made in life, but would include smaller ones that showed I had not only learned but changed as a result.

Had I written such a book when I was 30….had I been sufficiently aware of what I wanted from life then, I could have tailored that autobiography to describe a person totally different to the one I am today…but a person that Joe Public could identify with. I could become the man that every woman wanted and every man wanted to be like.

And when I moved from obscurity to a position in the public eye…there on the bookshelves of every major book store in town, is the book that will tell people who I REALLY am.
Oh, wait….that has already been done…

Obama did exactly that….he created “Dreams from My Father” out of the memories of his struggle for black identity.

Yeah right! I believe that!

Nope. He planned his career…he believed that he was going to be important…nay, WAS already important.

He craftily wrote his autobiography before he gained prominence.

He craftily wrote his autobiography to appeal to the exact people who would be the movers and shakers that would propel his political ambitions forward.

He craftily wrote his autobiography to be the first BIG lie in his arsenal of lies.

This is who we are dealing with in this election cycle.

Make no mistake…he is an evil snake slithering through the cesspool that is Washington…but just as a serpent is depicted biblically as both evil and crafty, this snake takes his characteristics with great seriousness.

He will slither and slide from one lie to another….allowing no sense of loyalty to get in the way of his progress.

Any man that can plan so far ahead, and is so narcissistic as to write his autobiography at age 30, even though he had achieved NOTHING of note by then…is a man that we must be wary of.

Do not be fooled again.

He is no messiah….he is barely an ordinary man. I challenge you all to look at your own stories…to write down just a few sentences that sum up what has driven your life…and then compare it to the nonsense that is Obama…and you will find that you, too, have a story that is equally as meaningful, equally as exciting, equally as mesmerizing as that of Obama.

An Ordinary Man!

That is all.



  1. There is a lot to be said for having a mentor with money. Ordinary is as ordinary does. Obama is an instant depository for socialist elitist money.

  2. Hey 4crapkiller,

    throughout history remarkable things have been achieved by ordinary people...and it is time for the ordinary people of America to stand shoulder to shoulder in a show of solidarity to stop the ordinary man who, without the help of his socialist buddies would never have ascended beyond being the ineffective and useless community organizer he claims as his right of passage to the Presidency.

    An ordinary man indeed, who has manipulated his way to Liar-in-Chief...Usurper of the Presidency....and supporter of all that is wrong with this country. another ordinary man, I vow to do all I can to stop him.

    With your help, with your friends and family, with the help of all Americans who believe in this Republic and the strength that lies in the hands of the people, ordinary people, we can send this infestation of the White House back to the ghetto where it belongs.