Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Three cheers for the death of democracy!

Yesterday, Democracy died….

It was a long and painful death, and many folk will today be mourning its passing…but die it did.

It was not a natural death….democracy died at the hands of the only thing worth fighting for…a representative republic!

And we conservatives in the rest of the Nation should be holding our heads high, and standing proud in the knowledge that our Republic lives on.

When Scott Walker made history yesterday by being the first Governor in the country’s history to survive a recall, he did more than just become a record…he showed that the Republic is strong.

He showed that the people really do understand what democracy has done to this country. He has shown that the mob rule of democracy is not acceptable to the American people.

Every time I hear a liberal weeping that democracy died yesterday, I stand proudly and say…yes, it did…and the Republic stands strong because the people of Wisconsin refused to bow down to the bullies that are liberals, unions, Democrat politicians and all their supporters nationwide.

Mob rule was defeated…

And to all those whiners complaining that the mob was outspent…I simply say this. You may be right (although I suspect that Union support far exceeded the money spent by Republicans)…but if your cause was so righteous, why is it that you were unable to raise the money to support it?

Today is a day to celebrate the resurgence of the Republic…but it is not time to rest.

Today we must look forward…to races all over the country, where conservatives are standing up in support of the Republic, some battered and bleeding from liberal assault, some having an easier path to victory…but all with one accord. The defeat of the democracy based mob rule must happen…the bullies must be shown to be the cowards they are….and the victory of the Republic in November must be assured.

After November, when mob rule has once more been sent into hiding with its liberal tail between its fleeing legs, conservatives can say….I was there when democracy died…and I support the Republic…a nation ruled by law…

And when the weeping and wailing of the Obama neophytes fades into the darkest pages of history, the Republic shall remain as a constant reminder that this country’s strength lays not ion the hands of a handful of self-proclaimed elites, but in the hands of the people.

It is apt at this time for us all to repeat:-

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands:   one Nation under God, indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for all.”

And remember….The United States of America is not a democracy. She is a Representative Republic, a nation under the rule of law, not under the mob rule of democracy.

Democracy died yesterday…and I for one will celebrate!



  1. Very good post, Devereaux!Very appropriate and timely! Congratulations and thank you!

  2. Hey Joe,

    thank you!

    I wish we were able to educate the masses about the difference between a democracy and a Republic...but most people have been conditioned to applaud democracy while not understanding what a Republic truly is.

    Kind of makes it almost meaningless to recite the Pledge of Allegiance when you do not know what it really means....but that is the state of education in this country.

    Anyway, I really appreciate the support of all my readers, and especially those who take the time to comment...either in agreement or disagreement.