Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beware the mob.

Who would have thought it possible?

The much vaunted Arab Spring has turned into a nuclear winter…with fundamental Islam gaining control, spreading its vile hatred and religious dogma throughout the Middle East. The likes of Mubarak and Gadhafi were by no means good people, and ruled with tyrannical fervor; however we knew who they were.

Mubarak, while extremely unlikeable, was at least an American ally and a strong voice defending Israel’s right to exist. Now that he is gone, who in the Arab world will stand up for Israel?

As soon as there were demonstrations in the street this administration through its support behind the demonstrators and called for Mubarak’s removal. Now that Mubarak is gone, Egypt is plagued with violence against Christians, is being controlled by fundamental Islamists and poses a very real threat to the survival of Israel. I imagine this is NOT the way to peace in the Middle East…and yet the administration supported it.

Gadhafi was a different problem. He was no ally of America. He would have given almost anything to see America hurt…but after the American war against Iraq, he quickly came to his senses and stopped his WMD program. He knew that America could stomp on him and his country as easily as a man could stomp on a beetle…and he was not prepared to go down that route.

So what does our administration do? As soon as there is a protest in the streets against this man, America sends forces under the guise of NATO to get rid of him. Does this administration know what is to replace this tyrant’s hand? Of course not…the wisdom of this administration is that we will worry about that later….in the meantime, nobody has any idea where the weapons that Gadhafi controlled are now located, or who has control over them. All we know is that the interim “government” (and I use that word lightly) has declared that Libya will be a fundamentalist Islamic nation under Sharia law. Could this have worked out better for America?

Did I mention Iran? Do you remember when the people of Iran were standing up against the tyrannical government and making a stand? Of course, this administration stood with them, right? You remember how America not only called for the removal of the Iranian government, sending NATO war planes in to support the people’s fight for democracy? What? America didn’t do that? Yep…this administration refused to support a populist movement in Iran that could have started a movement to destroy one of the most evil and western hating governments in the world today. What did we do?…we watched. That is it. Apparently an Arab spring in Iran is just too “ho-hum” to even consider supporting.

So…the Middle East is burning. The Arab spring is rapidly turning into a Western nightmare.

And what is so astounding is that in just these three examples, the Obama Administration has stood on the wrong side, supported the wrong people, and created a future calamity that could have been avoided.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

So let’s leave the Middle East and go look at Europe for a few minutes.

Guess what….Europe is burning too. Do we call this a European spring when the great masses of unwashed protest in the streets against cuts in government spending, unemployment, poor wages, reduction in the number of freebies being given out and assorted other claims of “unfairness”? Nope. Not a European spring…just the people stating their claims and rightfully demonstrating against the injustices of the European money system. Of course, being Europeans, these demonstrations in many countries, but particularly in Greece, are always non-violent displays, right? Never would they throw Molotov cocktails at the police trying to maintain some semblance of order, of prevent normal people from going about their business, would they?


Everywhere you choose to look today you do not have to look too hard to see a strong undercurrent of violence brewing from hatred and jealousy.

One of the big problems with socialism is that when you have addicted people to the teat with freebies, and trinkets, and promises of more….you better be damned sure that you continue giving them those trinkets. Because, when you stop, or are forced to cut back, the addicted will rise up and use whatever means they can to take what they have come to believe is theirs by right. Of course they believe this…because they have been told it so many times, and have been supplied their drug of choice by the government pushers.

This is what is happening in Europe.

And I daresay it is coming to a town near you….and very soon.

I am not one who thinks in terms of violent overthrows or conspiracies. I do not necessarily think that there is some organized scary person pulling the strings….but I do think the world is moving very rapidly toward a very dangerous situation.

Worldwide dissent and angst by those who believe they are owed a living will spread rapidly, igniting the passions of those who wish the world was a different place. Those who deny the reality of economic law will rise up in sympathy with those who believe they are owed a living.

Passions are high…the stage is set. The OWS crowd has shown they care not for civility (and although they have little understanding of what they are protesting….they join together in search of a single target). That target will be the wealthy.

History tells us that the target will be the wealthy.

And as I watch all this, I understand that it will not take much to ignite these passions into a worldwide and probably violent movement to “spread the wealth”…by force.

Governments will fall, and America will not be immune to the dangers presented by the anger of the idle, the frustration of the unemployed and the vehement ramblings of the radicals.

And then we have Obama. I imagine he is watching with glee as he waits the moment when these passions become fully ignited. He wants America to burn…it provides the opportunity for his move from President to dictator. Call me crazy if you will. Ignore my warnings at your own peril.
So…who would have thought it possible that I would today be writing a blog such as this? A blog warning of dangerous events to come….a blog decrying the poor judgment of an Administration so tied to the agenda of a fool that it has, and continues to, put America on an equal footing with third world countries.

When a Nation as great as America becomes little more than a banana republic, the rule of law upon which she has depended for two hundred years will be as worthless as the man who sits in the Oval Office.

I beseech you to prepare.

 Prepare to defend yourselves and your families from the mobs that are coming. Prepare to suffer great food shortages. Prepare for money to become worthless. Find things that you can barter with. Soap, water, knives, clothing, shoes, and of course coffee and tea will become highly prized. Canned food capable of being eaten without cooking will be in huge demand. Medicines too.

The apocalypse will not be in the form of nuclear fallout…but will be in the form of your neighbors demanding what you have as their right. I spoke yesterday of private property laws being dismantled. I fear that the Administration’s actions are hastening that and soon private property rights will not exist.

When that happens, dear friend, be prepared.

I hate being the voice of doom and gloom. I hate writing posts like this. I hope I am wrong and we never have to face the anger that is brewing in many people’s hearts. Unfortunately, that anger is being fed by a President who insists on feeding class warfare, who insists on promising trinkets to his followers, and who insists on treating favored groups differently to those he does not favor.

Will this be a black against white struggle? Probably.

Will it be a struggle for private ownership of property? Absolutely.

Will it be a battle of political philosophy…? No doubt in my mind.

Will it result in the deaths of many, many people? I hope not….but sadly, history teaches us otherwise.

Beware the mob. It is coming.



  1. The mob is here in our cities, now. You are so correct! At this point be thankful for cold weather!

  2. Hi Spectator,

    it is a sad day when we have to watch out our windows to avoid being surprised by the angry mob...but I fear that day is coming.\