Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Yes, we can!

“I’m here to say that we can’t wait for an increasingly dysfunctional Congress to do its job.”
……………………………………………………………….President Obama, October 24, 2011

Well, I am here to say “Yes, we can!!”

Do you remember that piece of schlock you used in the 2008 elections, Obama? Do you remember how you told all the people “Yes, we can?”…and then proceeded to prove that “No, you can’t”?

What a fool you are. And what fools your followers are.

Let me start with a few thoughts about the dysfunctional Congress you like to berate so often. Maybe you, sir, would like to explain to us exactly what you consider a functional Congress to look like? Let me guess:-
1.      It would bypass debate and simply pass every bill presented to it, regardless of whether the bill was good or not
2.      It would not serve the people but would serve the President in pushing forward his agenda
3.      It would not question the appropriation of funds, or revenue increases, or spending actions if the President said so
4.      It would shiver in its boots at the mere thought of thinking differently to the President
5.      It would repeatedly say “yes sir, yes sir, three bags full”

That, Mr. President, is the only Congress that you would find functional.

We, the people, on the other hand, have a different definition of functional (and you know something, fool? We employ Congress and you…so our demands of Congress trump your expectations!)

We the people demand:-
1.       that Congress reviews every clause of every bill that is proposed
2.      That Congress debates the bill, firstly by reference to the Constitution, and secondly by reference to the constituents and the desires of those constituents
3.      That Congress shows no favor to any individual or any group when debating Bills (this lack of favor includes you Mr. President – your agenda is irrelevant to Congress)
4.      That Congress limits its activity, and the activity of the federal government to strictly those matters required of it by the Constitution. If the Constitution does not list it as a duty of federal government, it does not pass the first test and should be thrown out.
5.      Congress is good stewards of the money it has taken from the people. This means it spends that money wisely and only on constitutionally sound projects.

Mr. President….given your propensity for panic and last minute rush, do you really want a functional Congress? I don’t think so.

Any fool can see through your words and lies and see the truth of the matter. You like Congress exactly the way it is. You do not want a functional Congress because that would make your ability to follow your agenda all but impossible. However, if you can blame Congress for being dysfunctional, you can then try to get around them with Executive Orders, thrashing the Constitution as you go, with nary a peep from the fools who are your followers.

Yes, Mr. President…we can wait…and we will.

What we can’t wait for is your removal from office.

Anyway, the current crisis is one that Obama is going to fix by making it easier for people who are underwater to refinance their loans. Huh? These are people who have been paying their mortgage payments and just can’t refinance into a lower rate mortgage.

Why should the government get involved in any of this nonsense? Why should the taxpayer be paying for this crap?

To get an idea of how ludicrous our thinking has become, let me tell you about a story I heard yesterday.

A man bought a house a couple of years ago before the housing prices dumped. He got a mortgage that he could afford and has been making the payments on time. His house is now underwater by about $40k…and he believes this new Obama plan is meant for people like him. You see, he is now considering foreclosure or bankruptcy as a way out of his financial problems.

Let me get this straight. He got a mortgage he could afford. He has been making the payments on time. And now that the house is underwater he faces foreclosure? How so? His mortgage payments have not changed, he did not lose his job, he didn’t even have his salary reduced….the only thing that has changed is that he owes more than his house is currently worth. Oh, and the small matter that he has had to pay money for house repairs.

And this tool believes he has a right to refinance? When did people start believing they have a right to low interest rates whenever they want them? When did people start believing the government should have a role in getting people those rights?

This idiot believes it is just fine for the government to take money from you and me to pay for a program that allows him to refinance when no bank in their right mind do that of its own free will.


Last week I attended a conference in Las Cruces, New Mexico. One of the sessions at the conference was looking at intellectual property, and how people and companies should learn how to protect that valuable asset. Innovation and invention are the mainstays of developing nations. That is where value is created, that is where wealth is created.

This country and most of western civilization has always believed that the person who makes the innovation of invents a new product has the right to that innovation or product and has the rights to capitalize on that invention in any way they see fit. Some possible ways could be outright sale of the innovation, licensing of the innovation in return for royalties, using the innovation as a barrier to prevent competition and many other ways.

This is a basic tenet of property rights.

So, it comes to question time and some fool in the audience asks this….

“In the past, some software organizations have chosen to “open source” their software. A good example of this is Linux. There is now a growing movement pushing open-sourcing of hardware. What do you think of that idea?” (This is a paraphrase of the question but I believe it fairly accurate.)

So, let me get this straight. This questioner wants the creators, the innovators, the inventors….to not only give up their intellectual property rights, but to actually provide the hardware so that their competitors can beat them in the market?

Have you ever heard anything so ludicrous?

The panel handled the question well…saying that competition is good, but competitors need to earn their own stripes.

The questioner did not take long to indulge in some Tweets stating that the panel did not “get it” and must not use FaceBook…..huh?? I guess he thinks that Facebook is open source? LMAO

This is the standard of education in our colleges today. This questioner was a student who obviously knows nothing more than the idealistic claptrap taught by non-thinking professors to non-thinking students.

My problem is that his field of study is NOT the arts, or literature or any of that crap….it was in the engineering sciences.

And he truly believed in the destruction of property rights as a way to a better future.

Oh, hang on. Isn’t that exactly what Obama is trying to do with his government mandated mortgage refinancing? He is destroying the property rights of the bank holding the lien on the property and telling them they must refinance, even though the security for the loan has insufficient value. He is telling them they must reduce future revenues from their asset by forcing them to accept a lower interest rate than was initially agreed upon.

He is, once again, destroying the property rights of citizens and corporations alike. This is a major step toward the socialization of America. The destruction of property rights is an important step in the creation of tyranny.

We must be ever vigilant of the attempts by this usurper of power to garner more power. He comes as a thief in the night, with words that sound good, and programs that sound reasonable. He has deceived millions, and millions of otherwise smart folk live in awe of every word that drips from his deceitful tongue.

Stealth is the Obama method.

And its success has emboldened him to say that Congress is no longer an impediment to his agenda. And we allow him to remain in the White house?

Where is the outrage? Where is the media? Where are the good people who, without taking action, will allow evil to complete its work?

When ownership of property….whether it be intellectual property, physical property like a house, or assets such as loans to homeowners come under such potent attacks, we must stand up and say…”NO MORE!”

It’s time.

It’s time to make a stand and take back our country.

November 2012 cannot come soon enough!


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