Friday, October 14, 2011

Deceit uncovered?


Can things get any worse?

I am not talking about the economy, or the state of the Union…I am talking about the growing list of failures of the Obama Administration and the loose threads appearing that, if pulled, will lead all the way back to the Liar-in-Chief.

We do not even have to look at this fools’ inability to get congressional support for his preferred resolution to the economic quandary, although that by itself is sufficient to have most intelligent folk questioning his ability or lack thereof to lead this Nation.

We don’t need to look at his failure to protect our borders, although that is not an issue that he, by himself, has failed to do (consecutive past administrations have also failed in this regard) – but this is the first administration that has actively prevented states from taking on the responsibilities that the feds have failed to take care of.

We don’t need to look at the healthcare bill affectionately known as Obamacare….a bill rushed through without due care, without the support of the people and without adequate congressional review. A bill so poorly written and so obviously stretching the boundaries of federal rights that it will take a supreme court decision to determine its validity….and yet the costs of implementing said bill are accruing daily as the Nation waits to discover its legality.

We don’t need to look at the failed “job’s bill”…you remember the one, the one that was so important that Obama went on 10 days vacation before presenting it…..the one that , once presented, was so important that Obama travelled the Nation demanding it be passed now….the one that Obama claimed would create jobs and, if not passed IMMEDIATELY, would plunge the Nation into a possible double dip recession….you know the one…the one that failed to pass the Democratic controlled Senate….the one that could not garner enough support from within his own party to pass….that one that Democrats could have passed but chose to side with Republicans to block…the one that was nothing more than a tax act disguised as a jobs act.

We don’t need to look at his endless speeches seeking re-election at a time when he should be rolling up his sleeves and seeking solutions.

We don’t need to look at his golf score…the ONLY thing that has improved since he took office.

We don’t need to look at the unemployment numbers, the welfare numbers or the inflation rate (looking at those statistics are meaningless since they are now manipulated easily to suit the story the government wishes to tell.)

We don’t need to look at the lack of economic growth, the extraordinary increase in National debt or the value of our currency….all of which are mere shadows of their former selves.

We don’t need to look at his philosophy, at his green jobs plans, or at his cap and trade nonsense.


To understand how bad things are for the Liar-in-Chief, we need look at only three things:-
1.      The Solyndra debacle
2.      The Fast and Furious gun runner racket
3.      OWS

Let’s start with Solyndra. I don’t know how true the reports are that prior to the Government loans etc Obama had personally invested in Solyndra back when he was a Senator. The news media seems to have stopped talking about that, which was found quite easily when the story first broke.

Even if it is true, it does not, by itself, mean that Obama had anything to do with the decision by the Department of Energy to fund Solyndra. And of course, it would have absolutely nothing to do with the terms of the loan subordinating the loan behind existing investors so that in the event of failure, investors get their money before the government? No….Obama would not have had anything to do with that! But of course, one has to wonder why the Department of Energy made the loan in the first place. After all, it was pretty apparent that China was going after that market, and that Solyndra was likely to fail. As a businessman, I would not lend a company %500+ million dollars if the accountants told me it would fail without those funds. My first question would be “what would prevent it failing WITH those funds?”. Only governments give money to failing businesses. And it seems only Solyndra gets government loans that are outside the normal terms of such loans. And it seems that Obama had a possible personal loss if Solyndra failed.

But, no…Obama had nothing to do with this, right? I believe that…do you?

Now, let’s take a look at Fast and Furious. Much is being said about what Holder may or may not have known, and when he may or may not have known it. There is plenty of evidence suggesting that he SHOULD have known about it much earlier than he has stated,. That, unfortunately, does not mean that he lied when he said he knew nothing of it. It is quite possible that did not know about it.

After all, he is, as head of the DoJ a VERY busy man. He has to ensure that Black Panthers don’t get prosecuted for voter intimidation (and I assume he has to help them orchestrate future actions so that he is not put into the humiliating position of having to drop charges against them and then justify that action – what a drain on his mental capacities!)

Of course, Obama has made no real attempt to disguise his agenda of gun control. He is happy to restrict ammunition supplies as a way of disarming the populace but would much prefer to find the general population supporting his attempts to get full gun control. The only way that can happen is if gun violence becomes so extreme that the “man on the street” decides it is too dangerous to allow people to have guns.

But there is a big problem. Only criminals and bad people do bad things with guns. Obama’s dreams of convincing people that guns are bad rapidly become nightmares unless more bad people do more bad things with guns.

And then along comes Fast and Furious. What could be worse than foreign nationals killing Border officers with guns? Unfortunately, they were American guns, provided by ATF….to the bad guys…with no tracking, no follow up and no action to capture them. And worse…the media found out!!

At best, this whole thing was an exercise in incompetence starting from the Administration and working through to the puppet head of DoJ, and down through the ranks of FBI and ATF operatives who, when trying to do their jobs, were prevented by their superiors.

At worst it was a scheme hatched by Obama and his administration to further their agenda of gun control by manipulating the people.

Now, for the final thing, the OWS demonstration.

Ostensibly a grass roots movement started by the 99% who are jealous of the 1% and are demonstrating against that, it has grown into a mish mash of ignorant people who really have no idea what it is they are protesting. They protest wall street….the very people who supported their hero Obama. They protest the rich…the very people who provide the  jobs they may be able to get if they weren’t protesting. The protest the unfairness of a society that does not pay $20 an hour minimal wage.

The danger to Obama is that eventually these idiots will come to realize, on their own, that what they are really protesting is the fool in the White House, his economic agenda and policies and his failure to give them all the freebies they want. While they remain confused in their agenda, the OWS poses no threat to the White House….but what if they wake up?

Obama cannot allow that to happen so he must ensure that the unions get involved to help direct the anger, to ignite the passions and to direct the resultant protests at the tea party, the republicans and conservatives in general. The disruption caused by the protestors is a great distraction, which benefits him and he applauds their stupidity.


So…3 things that indicate how bad things are for Obama.

I hear you all saying….”But there is nothing to show that Obama is behind any of this!”

That is true.

But let us take a moment to think about who this fool is.

He is a community organizer. He TELLS people what to do. He strategizes, comes up with a plan and then tries to execute that plan.

He is NOT a delegator.

Nothing happens in or around the White House and his circle of friends in powerful places that is not s direct result of HIS instruction. He is a tyrant…he issues the orders…and those who do not follow his orders soon find themselves out of a job….Rahm Emmanuel knows this all too well, as do several others who failed to do what they were told or became too much of a liability (can anyone say Van Jones?)

So…I know I am not the only person thinking this way.

I think the camel’s back is close to breaking….when the next Obama made failure comes down the turnpike, we may see an implosion….heads will roll, shake-ups will happen, and Obama will be running for the nearest cover he can find.

Maybe that will be enough to entice a challenge to him through the Democratic primary process.

We live in interesting times. Deceit will eventually be seen in the bright light of truth, and this fool in the White House will soon discover what it is like to be caught out.


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