Wednesday, October 5, 2011

An historic first?

That idiot Obama is at it again.

When George Stephanopoulos thought he had Obama by the short and curlies by asking “How he can convince people that they’re better off than they were four years ago?” he must have been surprised by how dexterous the Liar-in-Chief was in answering the question.
Obama said…”Well, I don’t think they’re better off than they were four years ago.  They’re not better off than they were before Lehman’s collapse, before the financial crisis, before this extraordinary recession that we’re going through.”

I have been super critical of Obama’s ability to string two words together to make a logical sentence without the aid of his teleprompter. I have said on numerous occasions that his pauses were so that he can work through the best spin he can deliver to make himself look good.

But this?

This is way beyond his ability to think on his feet.  There is no way the Buffoon-in-Chief could have come up with such a clever answer to what appeared to be a “gotcha” question by thinking on his feet.

Nope. This was definitely a planned question and answer. I believe that Obama’s people used Stephanopoulos to provide a “moment” for him.

Here is why I think this:-

1.      The question asked about 4 years….Obama has only been in office for less than 3 years. This set up the opportunity for Obama to respond by referring to a time BEFORE he was President and thereby putting the blame for it on the previous administration.

2.      Obama was too quick to know that the “start” period referenced in the question was BEFORE the Lehman collapse, which happened on Bush’s watch. His answer craftily referred to the time before that, setting up the implication that Bush created the recession.

3.      The question left too much room to allow the President to define it in such a way as to refuse acceptance of responsibility, while still accepting that people are worse off today.

Obama knew this question was coming. It was rehearsed. It was structured to give Obama an “out”.

There is no doubt that people are worse off today than 4 years ago….he agreed with that…and then cleverly pulled out the “blame Bush” card.

Maybe Stephanopoulos should have asked about the last 2 years, and watched Obama squirm….but that would not be right for a left biased “news” organization to nail the President with that sort of question.

Nope. It was designed to look like a “gotcha” while providing not just a way out for the boy idiot, but creating a soapbox for the Obama campaign message.

Obama plans to win the 2012 election. He plans to pull out the stops, and do what he does best…campaign.

In 2008, he ran on hope and change. A great platform that was never defined and never explained, and yet was the driver for millions of ill-informed people ticking his name at the ballot box.

That sort of campaign will not win in 2012. While the electorate is hardly any smarter, it will demand an understanding of why under Obama’s watch there are not unicorns prancing down Main Street and Ferrari’s in every garage.

Unfortunately, this part of the electorate will believe every word that comes from the Liar-in-Chief’s mouth.

And like all good liars, Obama knows that the best lies are tinged with truth, or are simply spun from a question that allows for his definitions.

There is no doubt in my mind that we are at the start of the Obama campaign for re-election. A campaign that will be based around several points:-

-        - The economy has not recovered because the Bush recession was not only deeper than expected, but Congress has failed to pass any meaningful law that would create jobs. Eg. The Jobs bill

-       -  The economy would recover almost instantly if more money was used as stimulus but the recalcitrant obstructionist Republicans in Congress have blocked all attempts at getting money to those that need it most

-      -   The Republicans are not only philosophically challenged but they are not good people. They have allowed the terrorists in the tea party to take over and move the party further toward the right. The tea party policies will starve the hungry, allow the sick to die and deny the police and fire first responders the funds required to do their jobs and protect the people of the USA. Their policies will destroy education, take away your Social Security and Medicare and throw even more people out of their houses. The Republicans are evil.

-      -   The Republicans want to protect their rich friends, the millionaires and billionaires. They don’t want them to pay their fair share. They want the middle classes to bear the burden, and the unemployed to lose their homes. The Republicans want the destruction of the middle classes so that they can become richer along with their fat cat friends.

-      -   The new Obama plan is to increase spending on those who need it most, and to fund that by taxing the rich, to make them pay their fair share.

-        - The new Obama plan will regulate the banks and ensure we do not have a banking crisis again. We will regulate industry to ensure workers and the environment will be cared for properly. We will regulate energy and create green jobs. 

-        - The Hope and Change promised 4 years ago is coming. My administration has made major steps forward. For the first time in America quality health care will be available to all Americans. We have cut spending and are making significant progress in reducing the debt.

-      -   But the work is not yet done. We need shared sacrifice to get this Country to where it should be, and while there is some disappointment that it is taking longer than we thought, it is not my fault. For the last year I have been trying to work with a congress that simply puts politics before the health of the Nation. We must change this. We must have a Congress than is willing to communicate and negotiate…a Congress that is more balanced to match my balanced approach to economic improvement.

Yada, yada, yada….same old same old!!

Conservatives see right through this charade. There is no magic to knowing this is BS. There is no magic in recognizing the deceit in every word. And yet, millions of voters will again drool at the very thought of his name. Millions of voters will line up with hands out waiting for the next trinket to be dropped into their palms. Millions of voters will embrace the class warfare that he is pursuing.

Dare I say it? Race will also be a big factor. He will paint the conservative movement as racists in ways never before done by a sitting President.

And finally, he is setting himself up as the underdog. Say what? 

An incumbent President wants to be seen as the underdog? Damn straight he does…that is a big part of his class warfare plan. He needs to coax the lazy, the doped up, the unwashed from their homes on election day. What better way than to convince them that he is simply one of them…one of the underdogs that if elected will make their lives a land of milk and honey instead of the barren wasteland they currently exist in.

Oh yes, conservatives have a battle ahead of them.

But as Britt Hume said yesterday (paraphrased)….

“Obama plans to run on a campaign of more spending funded by tax increases. He seems to think such a strategy would allow him to engage his base in sufficient numbers to cobble together 270 electoral votes. His election win was an historic first. His re-election based on current policies, would be too.”


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