Monday, November 28, 2011

16 ways to happiness

 The title of this post sounds almost like one of those marketing know the ones..."Lose 100 pounds in 16 days or get your money back!"...or..."These 16 simple tips will turn you into a millionaire in 16 days or less!"...or how about..."16 little known techniques that will get you love life turned up to 16 on the heat scale !"'s blog is nothing like is ....

.... brought to you by…the number 16.

Sixteen is not just the sweet birthday your daughter is looking forward to…although it is sweet in a couple of other ways.

1.      16 is the number of democrats in the House who have now stated they will not seek re-election in 2012. This may not be a remarkable number but compared to the Conservatives 6 is certainly noteworthy. All we can hope for is that the Democrats do what they do so well…run and duck as fast as they can, run away when the chips are down, and that the inflation that is coming to a store near you first reaches the numbers of democrats not running in 2012.

2.      16 just also happens to the number of terms that the loveable, happy and gay Barney Fwank has served in the House prior to today’s announcement that he will not seek re-election. How fitting that his announcement after 16 terms makes him the 16th democrat to make that announcement. Of course, his decision not to seek re-election clearly has nothing to do with the redistricting that makes his re-election almost impossible…but as he says, it was because he can no longer “represent the people in a House that refuses to accept increased taxation” (paraphrased).

3.      16 is also widely believed to represent the number of lies the Obama administration has started before breakfast today. While there is no real evidence to support this, I am of the opinion that the number is actually significantly higher than this…but since today is brought to you by the number 16, then political expediency requires me to accept that it was exactly 16.  (OMG – I have caught the disease….am I really becoming a liberal and making the information fit the story regardless of truth?)

I actually do not know if 16 is a large number of politicians from one party who have decided not to seek re-election or not. Last I looked, there were 192 Democrats in the House….16 represents 8.3% of sitting Democrat congressman. (To be fair 6 Republicans are also not seeking re-election – out of 242  - approximately 2.4%)

I am not a big football fan, although I do enjoy watching the game occasionally…to me American football is too slow…too “stop and start”. (My wife says she can’t believe grown men fighting over one little ball…just give them all one!) After seeing Australian football, American football simply lacks the speed, agility and flavor…but I digress.

What would we think if 8.3% of last years Superbowl winners, the Packers, decided to retire this year?

What would we think if 8.3% of teachers decided to retire this year?

Or 8.3% of policemen, or first responders of any type?

In my books, 8.3% is a large proportion of anything, and the loss of so many in one year will damage any organization.

And yet the progressives tell us everything is fine and dandy in Leftyland!!

As far as I can tell, the rats are deserting the good ship Lollipop faster than Barney can re-open his gay prostitution ring! Not only is Barney the poster boy for term limits, but he is the king of corruption and prince of economic doom. The only people who will miss this creep are those hoping to follow in his footsteps, seeking to learn how to enter Congress as a pauper and leave as a multimillionaire.

Barney…may the blue bird of happiness crap all over your retirement cake just as you did the American people.

I really have to learn to say what I really mean!

“You know, Barney, life is funny. One minute people are your best friends, and the next you're fantasizing they're being ripped apart by a pack of rabid wolves.”
……………………………………….Betty Rubble, The Flintstones, 1994

Oh yes, Barney…how well do you imagine those wolves now?

On more important issues, …..oooops…if the news headlines give any indication, there are no more important issues than Barney’s retirement. Even the Dow finished up 300 points…the talking heads say that is in response to the big Black Friday sales results…but I disagree…it is because Barney is going!!

So…onto things of lesser importance….

I read recently that China is the second largest importer of foods into the USA (after Mexico). Even our apple juice comes from China.

Now I have to wonder something…..if the Chinese and Mexican economies are so bad that they have trouble feeding their own people, what the heck are they doing feeding us lazy Americans? Or does it have something to do with the quality of the product they send us? Could it be they send us the stuff they know their own people won’t eat/drink? After all, the shipments of products most rejected at our ports come from China. Wonder if there is some connection…….?

As long as people prefer to pay less for the low quality and potentially dangerous stuff coming out of China and Mexico, these countries will continue to feed our ignorant masses with low quality and potentially dangerous stuff.

Of course, the left would have you believe that this is just a way of ensuring world wide income equality…that the people of China and Mexico are assisted by the consumption of these products in America. While this is true…and I am not saying it is necessarily a bad thing…I have to ask the question…..why do we even care about income equality?

Why is this even a topic of discussion let alone a statement of legitimacy that OWS type groups can attach themselves to?

Why is that we try to find arguments to support income inequality?

What is income equality if not stealing from one and giving to another?

The reality is…life is not fair. Some people have more than others…some people have less…suck it up and stop complaining.

I swear I am going to bitch slap the next person who tries to justify taxes, entitlements, freebies or any other form of government largesse on the basis of income inequality. If there is one thing that I can point to in the liberal mantra that the conservatives do not yet understand…it is their reliance on income equality or inequality as a justifiable argument for social programs, spending, taxation and a myriad of other wrongs that the governments from both sides of the fence have perpetrated against the workers, the producers of this nation.

And conservatives fall into the trap of trying to argue…when they should simply say…”Yes, income inequality exists. So what?????”

When are conservatives going to learn that as soon as they start playing the game of the progressives, they lose.

Stupid is as stupid says.


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  1. It is not illegal to be dumb in the US and pretend you are smart. Therefore dumb people listen to old failed agendas from progressives re-spun. Worse than that many of our teachers push the failed agendas. Share they say, a game is for fun not winning, self esteem is more important than knowledge or ability. No teacher teaches the value of human excellence or the nature and effects of ignorance.

    People who are truly smart realize how ignorant they are and look for enlightenment. Education never stops. When I was eighteen I knew more than my parents or the writers of history: I was liberal. But as I grew older I partially realized how ignorant I was. Now that I am 74 I know I am truly ignorant. This makes me very, very smart, and I am a conservative like you.

    Too bad when we blog or comment we usually are preaching to the choir. The progressives know everything already, so mostly we cannot change their opinion or agenda. However we persist, looking for one good mind, and these are few.

    This persistence is part of human excellence.