Tuesday, January 3, 2012

This is more important than Iowa!

What better way to start the New Year than by taking the first step toward removing the Liar-in-Chief from his occupation of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

It has been with some interest that I have watched the run-up to the Iowa caucus – actually, if being entirely truthful, it has been far more entertaining than interesting.

You see, there are several parties that have a vested interest in Iowa at this time of the year….once every 4 years, anyway. For a couple of weeks, Des Moines becomes the center of the universe, where all that is of importance will happen…and then, on this day every four years, politically astute (and sometimes opposition combatants) will drag their weary and cold numbed bones to the meeting rooms where the caucus is to be held. An hour, or maybe 90 minutes, of gasbagging will ensue before votes are cast and the now politically numbed will return to their homes to watch the results.

Meanwhile we will endure the endless ramblings of the talking heads, some making predictions, some discussing the ramifications and some pontificating on what could have been.

Television and cable networks will spend millions of dollars covering this first salvo in the search for a president and conservatives across the country will wait with baited breath to see who gets the much desired nod.

What a hullabaloo this is!

We are hearing about it from everywhere…

-          We are hearing that Ron Paul may come in second, but has zip chance of beating Obama
-          We are hearing that Santorum is rushing forward and could be the upset winner
-          We are hearing that Romney is still the conservative sweetheart but may not win Iowa
-          We are hearing Bachman expectant of a miracle
-          We are hearing that Gingrich is out
-          We are hearing that Perry could do better than expected
-          We are hearing Hunstman adding some much needed relevance when he says Iowans pick corn, not Presidents
We are barraged daily with claims that the Iowa caucus is the one to do well in. We are told that candidates with money can afford to do badly in Iowa but that candidates with limited budgets must do well.

An endless array of talking heads seems to say the same things….and I have to stop and ask….why?

Iowa is a state of about 3 million people…about 1% of the US population. There political claim to fame is being the first caucus or primary on the calendar.

Can it really be true that the results from Iowa can make or break Presidential aspirations?

Today…all eyes are directed at Iowa…except for mine, it seems.

I get that the momentum that comes from performing well in the first primary can help….but one would think that the next President was about to be elected…and that simply is not the case.

I listened to Reince Preibus on Greta last night, and for the first time started to believe that the RNC actually has a plan. The RNC is not concerning itself with the outcome in Iowa….it is concentrating on getting Obama out of the White House, and is using the caucus in Iowa as the start of that campaign.

The RNC plan is brilliant in its simplicity. From now until the first Tuesday in November, Obama will be unable to avoid the distaste of his own words coming back to choke him. His lies will be put on display for all to see, and he will choke on them as surely as he would a bad case of acid indigestion. That little blue pill (Nexium, not Viagra – although I hear that Obama could use a little help of the Viagra kind – maybe that would reduce the risk of his wife’s dallies with the secret service agents?)…sorry, I digressed…Nexium will have no effect on the damage that will be done by his own words.

The RNC claims to have more cash available than the DNC – a claim, which, if true, would be remarkable since there is no doubt that the only thing that Obama is good at is fund-raising and campaigning. For the RNC to even have close to the funding that the DNC has is remarkable…to have more is a solid statement of where the quiet support will be this November.

I don’t think it is coincidental that Obama and his family flew back from Hawaii yesterday, just in time to be on the ground for the Iowa caucus. His operatives are sure to have infiltrated the meeting halls and will be doing their best to sway the voters toward the candidate that Obama would most like to face.

But, it simply doesn’t matter.

The press and the President, and all the talking heads would have you believe that what happens in Iowa today does not stay in Iowa but in fact will direct political history for the next 11 months. They would have you believe that what happens in Iowa is a precursor to what happens in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida. That by the time super Tuesday comes around, it is already over and the Republican nominee will have been decided. They want you to believe that for one simple reason.

It gets bums on seats in front of the TV….it sells newspapers….it generates excitement in the early and largely irrelevant races…but more importantly….

….it takes away your belief that your votes matter.

The press, which is dominated by the left, and the President and the hordes of liberal progressives, want to select the Republican nominee for you. They do this by discouraging you….by basically telling you that unless you live in Iowa or New Hampshire or Sth Carolina or Florida, you have no say.

Don’t believe these people…they are the enemy.

The truth is that the conservatives of this country have the responsibility to select the person they believe best able to lead this country in the direction they believe it should be going. That means that even if your man or woman is looking shaky in the polls, you MUST go out and campaign for him or her. You must have your voice heard. You must keep the selection process going for as long as you can.

I know that some candidates will run out of money sooner than others. If that happens, find a way to support them. It is in the best interests of America for as many candidates as possible to fight it out as long as they can….so that more Americans are galvanized into becoming politically active. If the talking heads are right and this nomination process is over shortly after today….then the armies of conservatives needed to effect the eviction of Obama may not be adequately prepared, having lost interest 10 months before the only election that really matters.

So…unless you live in Iowa, today should be spent preparing the way for your preferred candidate in your state.

Let the Iowans and the pundits worry about Iowa….let the NH folks and the pundits worry about NH…your calling is far more important. Your job is to see to it that your voice is heard.

Follow the lead of the RNC…make Obama swallow and choke on his own words. He is the enemy, not the many Republican candidates. Your preferred candidate is in a war….but the war is not against the fellow republicans on the stage, but against a man who has deceived and stolen this Nation.

The RNC wants America to be great once more….every candidate wants America to be great once more…and although there are differences in opinions on how best to execute that, they are of one accord….that Obama MUST go.

Do not allow the Iowa results to fragment the army that can defeat Obama. It is our sole responsibility to select the best person for the job, and our collective wisdom of all folks across the Nation is bound to select a better candidate than the 1% who reside in Iowa. It may be the same person, who knows?

I just know that the spotlight on Iowa is misplaced, and it should be on Obama and his lies and deceit.
So go out and fight for your candidate…and support those who fight for theirs…for only by enduring the test of fire will a candidate gain the strength to do battle with the evil empire…the Liar-in-Chief and all his minions, funded by the greedy, the self-interested, the corrupt and the addicted.

It will take more than economic policy or foreign affairs strategy to win this coming battle. It will take truth, character, determination and honesty.

It will take more than clever spin and deep pockets, more than slick advertising and negative campaigning, more than hand shaking and baby kissing. It will take more than hope and the unfulfilled promise of change.

It will take maturity, honesty, character and determination.

It will take owning your own mistakes and yet moving forward with confidence in the knowledge that you know what you don’t know. It will take the humility to stand in front of America and not make empty promises, but deep heartfelt conviction that you will do the best you can for America.

America does not need any more promises of fantasyland…she needs truth and humility….and your candidate, or your neighbors candidate, better have those attributes.

Pick the one that is best suited.


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