Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The minstrel's song gets louder.

What sort of nightmarish world are we living in these days?

We have a socialist living it up in the White House…enjoying all the luxuries of Monarchy on your dime. He is abusing the people of this country, wasting their money, supping on caviar and lobster while the recovery is stagnating as it has since he claimed it was happening.

We have an Administration so torn by insider strife that the office of White House Chief of Staff has become a revolving door that turns almost as quickly as the office of Presidential Press Secretary.

We have a President who does not even pretend to be concerned with Constitutional law and chooses to ignore it whenever it might get in the way of his plans.

We have a democratic party that can’t pass a budget even when they controlled both Houses.

We have unemployment sitting at 8.5% even though we were promised it would never pass above 8% if the stimulus was passed.

We have more people on food stamps than in recorded history.

And the only good news around is that this is an election year. This is the year we have all been waiting for so that we can remove the Marxist and replace him with a conservative.

And what are our fine conservative candidates doing?

They are attacking Mitt Romney on the basis that he is a capitalist!


This circular firing squad dance that the candidates are doing right now is the biggest mistake they could make. The lefties are laughing their asses off at the cluster that these candidates are indulging in.

Let me see if I can make sense of this…..

Romney as the front runner can expect to be attacked by his opponents. They have plenty of ammunition…so what do they choose?

They choose to attack him because he made sound capitalist business decisions that in some cases resulted in bad companies being closed down, that sometimes resulted in people losing their jobs, that sometimes resulted in profitable asset stripping of crappy companies.


Is there anybody out there?

That is what capitalism does, you fools.

Capitalism does not choose which companies get supported or not. Capitalism allows companies to fail, even though jobs will be lost. Capitalism allows for profits to be made whenever they are available.

Why are the conservatives attacking capitalism?

Lord knows, Romney has enough to attack without attacking the very core of conservative principal.

What are you fools doing?

Enough already!!

It is time to refocus…time to stop attacking each other but rather focus on the true enemy….the racist in the White House.

Listen….any one of these candidates (including Romney) would be a better President than what we currently have. None of them are perfect. Some are worse than others….but anything is better than Obama.

To win victory over Obama, you conservatives are going to have to unite under a single banner of conservatism. Some may be more than others…but you must present a solid front against the allied forces of the left.

The discussion, the debate, the arguments should all arrange themselves around POLICY. Who has the best plan is the starting point. Who can execute their plan is a close second.

The fact they believe in capitalism as the best economic system available should be touted as a great thing…not a weakness.

I am furious with these morons…all of them.

They are becoming no more believable than a box of rocks…and in their haste to become the nominee they are embarking on a journey that will ultimately prevent them from reaching their goal.

The eventual nominee will endure many attacks on his capitalist beliefs when facing the Emperor…today’s battles should NEVER be along those fundamental economic lines!

To remind everybody just what we are facing in November I turned to a classic song from Jethro Tull…
"Minstrel In The Gallery"

The minstrel in the gallery looked down upon the
smiling faces.

He met the gazes --- observed the spaces between the
old men's cackle.

He brewed a song of love and hatred --- oblique
suggestions --- and he waited.

He polarized the pumpkin-eaters --- static-humming
panel-beaters --- freshly day-glow'd factory cheaters
(salaried and collar-scrubbing).

He titillated men-of-action --- belly warming, hands
still rubbing on the parts they never mention.

He pacified the nappy-suffering, infant-bleating
one-line jokers --- T.V. documentary makers
(overfed and undertakers).

Sunday paper backgammon players --- family-scarred
and women-haters.

Then he called the band down to the stage and he
looked at all the friends he'd made.

The minstrel in the gallery looked down on the

And threw away his looking-glass - saw his face in

……Jethro Tull

Make no mistake people…the enemy has cleverly gathered an army of people just like him and has them locked away in his rabbit-run…when Obama looks into this run he sees himself mirrored in every face…regardless of their purist beliefs, he has promulgated a belief that he remains their savior.

Yesterday I wrote of tainted love…today I remind you that Obama is indeed the minstrel in the gallery.

Every word that ushers from the mouths of these conservative candidates must be designed to destroy the enemy…some place with razor sharp precision while others will creep up and surprise the enemy when they are not watching.

Guys…we are at war…but not with each other. It is time to put your beliefs to the test and show that you are the best option…not destroy your fellow conservatives with attacks on what you claim is your own belief.

The enemy is strong…and your continued attacks on each other weaken you more every day.

The minstrel is playing his song as you squander your opportunities. He knows what works…you clearly don’t.

It’s time.

It’s time to identify the true enemy and stand side by side, your solidarity proclaiming to all the world that despite your differences you still stand together facing the common enemy.

You won’t have many chances to do this…the minstrel’s song get louder.



  1. What a great song. Ian Anderson certainly had/has a way with words, and was seldom an incisive as in this song.

  2. Oh one other thing. Only "overfed" is in brackets (describing the TV documentary makers), not the following "and undertakers". This is how a seemingly meaningless series of words can make sense. By the way, a Google search for the expression "overfed and undetakers" returns nothing but references to this song (including this blog page which is how I happened along here) except a couple of ads for funeral parlors at the very top.

  3. And finally, a view from the other side of the world on the subject matter. Obama doesn't have a damn thing to worry about. He is home, hosed and dried.

  4. Hey there anonymous,

    you are right about Ian Anderson's lyrics. His lyrics are far more poetic than many of the time...and often far more "in your face:...Aqualung is a good example of this.

    There is another way to look the lyrics (overfed and undertakers)...referring the TV documentary makers as being overfed even though they are happy to bury the careers of their subjects. Back in the day the purpose of TV documentaries were normally to expose something that was socially unacceptable and to take the role of the undertaker. ie. if you made a documentary you were dead or about to be made dead as a public figure.

    As far as Obama being home, hosed and dried...if the republicans can't get their act together, I fear you may be correct. However, the electorate here is searching for an alternative...and it would not take much for him to be pushed aside.