Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Compromise is a dirty word.

Compromise is a dirty word….

Unless of course you are a liberal progressive, in which case compromise means something entirely different than what the dictionary defines it.

….”a settlement of differences by mutual concessions; an agreement reached by adjustment of conflicting or opposing claims, principles, etc., by reciprocal modification of demands.”

…in other words, compromise requires reciprocal modification of demands.

But the type of compromise that the left believes in is one where conservatives fully capitulate….it is not a question of modification of demands, it is a full capitulation of the very ideals that set conservatives apart from liberals/progressives.

And the saddest part of this is that conservatives are all too willing to do this in order to gain a temporary and irrelevant concessions that will time expire in a short period.

I have not worked out yet why this is so easy for liberals. After all, there is no doubt that conservatives hold the high ground with:-

-          Economic thinking
-          Morality
-          Social responsiveness
-          Security
-          Nationhood
-          States rights
-          And many other areas important to the Nation and her people

What do the liberals have?....

…racism that they empower daily
…poverty that they ensure will continue
…trade union bullies and thugs with forced membership
…lack of moral certitudes
…destruction of religious tenets
…over-reaching government
…..and the list goes on….

I understand to some extent why the liberal progressives get support from the very people they keep poor….too many people have bought the lie that it is government responsibility to look after them. Too many people have bought the lie that if they screw up, Government will make sure they don’t pay. Too many people stand in line with their hands out seeking the next freebie….starting with food stamps and ending with free housing.

Too many people are hopeless…and the hopeless will gravitate to whoever promises them a hot dinner. It is too easy to take a free dinner than to fight your way out of your situation.

And the progressives understand this well….the more folk they can keep reliant on the government the more votes they can get. I understand this very well.

On the other hand, conservatives talk about personal responsibility…about working hard, struggling through the barriers and clawing your way to success. Conservatives talk about jobs driving the economy, not government hand-outs…and jobs mean work…and work is anathema to those addicted to the government.

You see, the progressive is offering free shiny trinkets…while conservatives offer hard work.

Progressives rely on the basest of human instincts…laziness and envy…so that the masses they keep poor will demand they take from the hard workers and give them their trinkets, their drug of choice.

So, I get why the voters support the liberals.

But what I don’t get is why the conservatives in office…our politicians who are sent to Washington to represent “we the people”…why do they capitulate at the threat of a fight with the liberals, or even the threat of an angry word?

What is it that the liberals have accomplished that makes conservative politicians shake in fear?

I think there are several things:-

1.       Guilt – the progressives have managed to write a platform where they have changed the meaning of words so that a successful person (particularly financially successful) can no longer be proud of their achievements, but must consider their achievement has been made possible on the backs of all the people who helped him by providing their labor or skills. Wealthy Americans are now compelled to feel guilty of their own success…hence the Buffets and Gates of this world supporting class warfare by taxing the rich. Politicians also feel this guilt…and rather than stand up and say…”I am a great example of what anybody can achieve in a free market system…I want YOU to achieve just like me and I will help that happen by getting Government out of the way”…they say mealy mouthed apologies and mumble something about luck. Guilt – the liberals have a hold of that and use it every day.

2.       Racism – the liberal answer to everything that is negative. You see, the progressives have word to create an underclass of people. People who are reliant on government freebies…people who have worked out how to use the system to their own advantage. Now…any mention of the poor, is considered racial. Any mention of food stamps is considered racist. And…with a black President, any opposition to the President is racist. The liberals have so controlled this term that nobody wants to be seen as even slightly racist therefor they will not say anything that will start that outcry. I want a politician to stand up and say that race is irrelevant, that double barrel nomenclature describing different skin types is crap and that the only racists are those keeping some groups of Americans at a larger disadvantage than others. In short…liberals.

3.       Social justice – another nonsense term created by the liberals but now considered to be normal vocabulary. In fact, social justice means nothing…but people believe it means we need to provide rights to certain groups of the population of Americans that we don’t provide to others. After all, it is not their fault that they are addicted to crack, or killed a shopkeeper while robbing a liquor store, or any of a million different reasons why some are disadvantaged. Of course, the liberals argue that society has an obligation to look after these unfortunates…and if you don’t agree with that, then not only are you a horrible person but you must be a right wing extremist!

4.       The right wing extremist label – this is thrown around at the first sign of disagreement. If you don’t believe the tax system should be more progressive, you are a right wing extremist. If you don’t believe unemployment benefits should run for 99 weeks, you are right wing extremist. If you believe people who borrowed money to buy their homes and stop paying for them should lose their homes, you are a right wing extremist. If you believe (fill in the blank) you are a right wing extremist. Well, if that is the definition, I stand proudly as a right wing extremist!

These are just 4 of the multitudes of lies developed over decades that the liberal progressives have managed to make common beliefs. There are many, many more examples.

So..what happens when a conservative congress critter tries to make a stand for an ideal he believes in?

The attacks from the left become louder and louder…they target his soft tissue…they target the guilt, racism. Social justice and extremist categories. The politician still believes what he believes but now he sees that if he stands on his beliefs, he will be destroyed in the court of public opinion.

And he does the only thing he can do to resolve this problem…he capitulates on his core beliefs in exchange for an irrelevant concession.

I know, I know…it is pathetic, it is unacceptable and it is unconscionable.

But it is how our world works.

This is why the Liar-in-Chief said…..
“A good compromise, a good piece of legislation, is like a good sentence; or a good piece of music. Everybody can recognize it. They say, 'Huh. It works. It makes sense.'”

In this fools eyes, compromise is like a good piece of music?

Of course it is….compromise to him means everybody else selling their ideals for a little piece of fluff.

His experience with Congress is exactly like that…and if he doesn’t get the compromise he wants from the conservatives, he is not afraid of the name calling, the bully tactics and ultimately simply bypassing Congress.

Ghandi understood real compromise when he said “All compromise is based on give and take, but there can be no give and take on fundamentals. Any compromise on mere fundamentals is a surrender. For it is all give and no take.”

He used the word surrender…I use the word capitulate….but the import is the same.

Conservatives must learn to never give on fundamentals. Their reluctance to stand on the very basis of conservatism is the wedge the liberals have used to gain the power base they now have.

I find it astounding that the liberals have no sound foundation…their ideals are built on shifting sands…and they blow in the wind like a tattered old flag…a sad memory of what democrats once were…and yet they manage to hold a spectre of fear over the heads of conservatives who have built their house on a good foundation.

How did they do this?

Because of compromise.

Let me leave you with a quote of my own…

“Compromise is like bad sex….neither party comes away satisfied!”

Of course the compromise liberals enjoy always results in one side being satisfied…theirs!

As Churchill once said…

“We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.”

Conservatives must join together and defend their island….and never surrender, never capitulate…and NEVER compromise.



  1. What's happenin', Dev?

    I was just hoping for more clarification as to who exactly you're referring to when you say 'liberals' and 'conservatives'.
    I can't think of a President who's done more compromising that Obama and many would call him a liberal/progressive.
    I also can't think of many elected officials that would fall under your description of a conservative.
    Is it not our elected officials that have done the most to put us in the predicament we are in, or rather, is it the liberal/progressive mentality that some Americans hold so dear to their hearts?

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    some good requests for clarification there.... :)

    Ummm...it is not surprising that there seems to be confusion about "liberals and conservatives"...far too many conservatives are that in name only and they actually hold secret or semi-secret liberal/progressive views. Too may RINO's sit in conservative seats as imposters.

    You can't be serious about Obama being a compromising President? As far as being the most compromising....perhaps you are too young to remember the Compromise-In-Chief, Bill Clinton? The only things Obama has compromised on are small irrelevant things....he has pushed through bad legislation that nobody wants, he has bypassed Congress and used executive power when Congress has not agreed with him. He is not one that has compromised...as far as whether he is a liberal/progressive or not....he is far more progressive than any other President of the modern time...but has been unable to push as fast as he wants (or as fast as the left wants) because he wanted a second term. Should he win this election, you will see exactly how progressive this poor excuse for a leader is.

    You are right in that there are very few elected officials that fit my description of conservative....and therein lies the problem. Our conservative representatives are largely light versions of their liberal counterparts...except they lack a pair.

    Your final question is very theoretical....but I have to say that the people get the government they deserve. So...if the people have chosen to ignore their constitutional rights and prefer to live in a society where the government controls them, then they will elect representatives that also believe the same way.

    America has grown soft...men have been emasculated while women demand preference. Race is used as a divider. Success is demeaned and education is poor at best. These are just some of the symptoms of a people who have chosen the easy way....the way where their reliance on government has replaced their self reliance. Liberals/progressives/democrats/RINO's...they are all the same and have led this country down a path that will be difficult to recover from.

    Obama has simply hastened this demise and made it easier to recognize.

    So, in answer to your final question...it is the people who have failed themselves. It is the people who have chosen to hand their own freedom to the tyrants in Washington. It is the people who have lost sight of the freedoms promised in our Constitution. It is the people who continue to follow the elected officials like sheep...who re-elect the corrupt, the useless and the pathetic. As I said earlier...the people ALWAYS get the government they deserve.

    This country will only turn around when the people decide that they deserve better...and are prepared to stand up and say "enough!"

    If you require further clarification, read my lips....liberal/progressive thinking has brought this great country to her knees....but the people have allowed it.

    Read my other blog posts if you still have doubts about what I mean.


    1. Just what I needed to hear (to visit your blog again)!

      Having read only today's I thought you might actually believe that Democrats are to blame and that Republicans are a separate entity and hold views that are in some way morally righteous. You get that we're dealing with one party.
      This is important for any meaninful discussion, imo.

      Couldn't agree more that we get what we deserve.

      Also, appreciate the super speedy reply. THanks!

  3. Hey anonymous,

    you will find that I am very conservative...and generally support Republicans in a two party system...but I often cringe at the thought because Republicans have failed miserably and too often are the same as the left (or at least have only small discernible differences.)

    You will also find that I am pretty consistent with my opinions...if they appear inconsistent it is more likely poor communication than uncertain beliefs.....lol

    Appreciate the test...good for you!

  4. Devereaux: You've made your site much easier to leave a comment in. Thanks very much!

  5. This was a fun, fun article!

    I totally agree with your view of the liberals 'accomplishments'.
    A little above that you offered up this gem but with far fewer words to accompany it.

    "After all, there is no doubt that conservatives hold the high ground with:-
    - Economic thinking
    - Morality
    - Social responsiveness
    - Security
    - Nationhood
    - States rights
    I just found this really funny and will be looking to your other posts, hopeful that I will find some proofs of these conclusions you've come to. Certainly there is no doubt in your mind, but there is much doubt in my own.
    Morality is the one point I don't need to be convinced of but everything else...wow

  6. Hi Anonymous,

    glad you found it entertaining.

    As you peruse the rest of my posts you will find a lot of information supporting my opinions....but remember ....they are only opinions. I have been wrong before...I can remember two occasions...no...three...so it IS possible.... lol

    My intent is not to convince people I am right...I don't care what others think...my intent is simply to throw out there other ways of thinking about things, pointing out where stupidity reigns...and trying to point to the truth.

    Welcome aboard...