Monday, February 27, 2012


The end of February fast approaches and with Super-Tuesday only a week or so away, the stakes for the Republican nominee could not be higher.

It is clear that Santorum is making big gains on Romney in Michigan…and I laugh when I hear people say that Romney should drop out if he should lose there…what a crock!

Actually, the whole nomination process is starting to collapse into a farce…and this is not necessarily due the stupidity of the candidates (although there is plenty of that to go around!).

No…it is due largely to the media determining what it is that the voter is really interested in…in other words it is the media that is driving our knowledge of the candidate’s positions and determining what we should be “allowed” to think about…and of course, since the media is in bed with the left, and has as a secondary goal the objective to sell product, that message becomes a testament to the left’s determination to control the conversation.

What do I mean by this?

Well, if you read or listen to media reports from the campaign trail, it would not take a great leap of faith to believe that the candidates have moved away from discussions of economics, and have instead embarked on a campaign premised on conservative social beliefs.

Why is this so?

Well, it is simple. The economy and discussions of economic answers is deadly to Obama. He cannot deny that his policies have failed to return America to the prosperity he promised. His excuse that he didn’t know how bad the economy was when he took office will only go so far to numb the minds of the brainless…and has no impact on the partly educated…so he has no way to win if the focus is kept on the economy.

But, if nothing else, the left is smart. They understand that by controlling the conversation, they can direct the electorates thinking to those things that incite an emotional response…a response predicated on feelings rather than logic.

And the left controls feelings.

Social issues are the ones that the left can control…with decades of liberal thinking permeating our culture, it is very easy for the left to ask the questions that they know will generate the answers they want to hear.

Obama is leading the charge with his claims of wanting to be fair, of appealing to the ”rightness” we all feel about everyone being able to succeed. And if we want everyone to succeed, then those that have already seen success should be forced to contribute more…to contribute their fair share so that others have a chance.

So where is the left media going with this?

They are cleverly making the social issue of the day contraception. After all, who would deny that a woman should be able to get contraception (except of course those right wing religious zealots stuck in the dark ages who believe contraception is immoral and therefor would ban it if they became President!)

Oh , what a clever message that one is.

What about abortion? That is not now a winning argument but it still raises the emotions…after all, it is only right that a woman has a right to choose…and of course, if contraception is banned, the abortion numbers will climb…all because of the dark age thinking of right wing religious zealots.

And who is paying their fair share?

And who are you or I to determine what is essentially a moral question that the individual should be deciding for themselves? If you restrict contraception or abortion, you are taking away the rights of a woman to make her own choices.

Oh what a clever trap the left has sprung on the unwary conservative.

If they are not careful they will look like the very right wing religious zealots the left is warning about, or they will back pedal and look like fools or simply people who do not know what they believe.

Oh what a clever fly trap these candidates are walking into.

And not one of them has noticed the trap. Not one of them has yet questioned the premise that is inherent in the questions on social issues. They continue to try to answer the question as it is asked, instead of rephrasing the question so they can answer what we, the voter, needs to hear.

As an example…

“Mr. Santorum, much has been said of your religious views as a Catholic on the question of contraceptives. What is your personal stand on this issue?”

This is a gotcha question…designed to do one of two things:-
-          Get Santorum to say that his religious beliefs do not support contraception
-          Get him to move back/away from his religious beliefs

(Note: you will never hear that particular question asked of a protestant.)

The only answer that makes sense of this question is the following:-

“I understand that contraception is a deeply personal issue, and that individuals determine their positions based on their own beliefs. My Catholic beliefs play a part in determining my position, however my beliefs are not the same as everybody else’s and that is what makes this country great. We do not all have to believe the same thing. And this is why it is vitally important that government stay out of the business of moral guidance. No person should be forced to pay to provide contraception to any other person. The provision of contraceptives is not a government responsibility and people who chose to use it should pay for them themselves. No if’s or but’s…under my administration nobody will be forced to pay for contraception nor will the government provide one dime of funding to organizations for the purpose of funding the availability of contraception.”

So…what about abortion?

Same answer….

“I am personally against abortion, but I recognize that the Courts have held abortion to be legal. I will not be involved in changing that law however I would personally support any challenges. Having said that, while I am President I will ensure that not one dime of taxpayer money is used to provide funding for organizations providing abortion services.  Under my administration no funding of abortion services will be permitted. If women chose to have an abortion, they must bear the responsibility for the cost of that, not the taxpayer. The government, however, will not prevent charitable organizations from providing those services…it just won’t fund them.”

Do you see how the question can be answered clearly and precisely without having to step away from personal beliefs, and by turning the answer to a discussion on the governments role?

Of course, the left media will simply lie about the answers anyway….but at least the question has been parsed away from a gotcha question and into a discussion of government.

These are two very obvious examples…but there are many more where the wrong questions are asked and where the wrong answers are given.

It is time for conservatives to take back control of the discussion…to ensure that the left does not dominate.

Here is another example.

There are several states that are looking at the possibility of mandating drug testing for welfare recipients as a way to reduce the spiraling costs of welfare.

While I fully support this concept, I find it amazing that the proponents of this are defending it using the wrong arguments.

The left is stating that to drug test everyone assumes that the recipients must be using drugs and that this is a government overstep into personal rights.

The right argues that when they have to get a job to earn the money that gets taxed so that welfare recipients can get their checks, they have to be tested for drugs…so why should the welfare recipient not be held to the same standard.

I am sure you have heard this argument a thousand times. Unfortunately, this argument puts you fair and square on the playing field of the liberals. They can counter that with very logical arguments all day long…it does not matter if they are right or wrong because that argument assumes one major thing…

…by making that argument conservatives are immediately accepting that the government has a RIGHT to take your money and pay welfare of any sort!

The argument conservatives should be mounting is that it is unconstitutional to provide ANY form of welfare…and it doesn’t matter whether they are druggies or clean, white or black, yellow or brindle….the redistribution of wealth through a welfare system is simply not constitutional.

Where are the voices saying that?

I don’t hear them…I hear them saying that it is “only fair” that welfare recipients be tested.

Only fair?

That is the same words that Obama uses when he wants to steal more money from the rich….only fair!

I am sick of “fairness”. It is an arbitrary word with no meaning when used in this context.

Is it fair that I have to pay higher taxes so someone else gets to sit on their duff all day?

Is it fair that I have to see the value of my investments decline through inflation, so that someone else can sit on the duff all day?

Is it fair that I have to pay $5 a gallon for gas because the currency becomes less valuable due to government printing presses running so that someone else can sit on their duff all day?

Yeah…funny how the concept of fairness can only go one way…it is not fair that someone has to sit on their duff all day without enough money to buy popcorn while they watch their big screen tv…all the while knowing that some rich CEO is working 80 hours a week creating wealth for himself and his country…it just isn’t fair that he gets to do that while all I get to do is sit on my duff all day.

Oh, boo f’n hoo!

You know…as much as I hate the interloper in the Oval Office, I have to confess that I admire his cajones….

Who else can stand up and say there is nothing that can be done about high gas prices? Huh? Really?

Who else can support algae as the next “soon to be proven as a failure” answer to America’s needs…and do it with a straight face…just months after the Solyndra debacle and the failure of all his other initiatives.

Who else can declare war on higher and middle classes and immediately say he is not proclaiming class warfare?

Who else can declare war on religious freedom while proclaiming religious freedom.

This double speak tyrant has learned well the lessons of the past. He knows that most people have been dumbed down so far that their average concentration span is less than 10 seconds….

“What did the President say? Oh yeah…religious freedom is good, or something…now turn the channel because I think those guys on Survivor are about to build a fire to keep warm.”

This is the mentality we have to deal with….the addicted are so addicted they no longer are capable of clear thought even if they wanted to. The left has succeeded in dumbing the country down to where nearly 50% think no harder than how to put out their hand for the next handout.

Is there a solution?

I don’t know.

Education would help, but how do you educate those who do not believe they need it? How do you educate those who believe the liberal lies? How do you educate those who rely on liberal media to tell them what they should think?

The answer is simple…one at a time. Every conservative must seek to educate their family, their friends, their coworkers…one at a time.

We are not looking for a conversion experience….we are looking to get them to ask the right questions, to think deeply and to rely on their own common sense.

Many will never change, they are a lost cause. Many will laugh at you…or worse…some will threaten you…and the occasional one will kick your butt….

You see, the last thing liberals can accept is being faced with the truth.

They will do anything to avoid that nasty reality.

But the truth is the panacea for all that is wrong with this country…

And the good people of this land who value the truth will never lay down and see it subverted, manipulated and hidden the way this administration does.

It is time to rise up and demand the one thing that the Constitution promises as your right….the “Right to LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of happiness”…

There is no right to contraception…

There is no right to abortion…

There is no right to welfare…

There is no right to fairness.

Those created rights in fact prevent the very constitutional rights you DO have…life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


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