Friday, April 6, 2012

Fried chicken for gay whales?

Truly bizarre!

Why is it that the left cannot help but involve themselves in everybody else’s business?

Who was it that decided that the left were the “gatekeepers” of civility and good taste?

After all, with the likes of Bill Maher and John Stewart out there peddling their racist comments and their sexual innuendos and their slurs and downright lies, it is clear to me that the left has chosen to take the moral high ground, right?

No freakin’ way!

And yet, when a company (not a government or government department) negotiates with a celebrity to advertise their new product…and the celebrity accepts the money offered by said company…and said advertisement is made with the full knowledge of said celebrity and said company…and the advertisement is released….the left, with its combined wisdom, decides unilaterally that said commercial is not fit for human consumption because….?

Because it shows a black woman (Mary J Blige) endorsing a product that contains ….oh no….fried chicken!!

Look…I understand that if we did not get off our collective asses and stop this thing we would be starting a trend that could go anywhere….

We could find Italians doing advertisements for pasta….

Mexicans advertising tortilla’s…

OMG…women advertising bra’s…..
And gays advertising bananas!!

Ok…maybe that last one was in bad taste…but who cares apart from the leftist idiots who wanted Burger King to pull the advert?

What distresses me is that Mary J Blige did not care that she was being manipulated into doing a commercial that stereotyped blacks because the enjoy fried chicken. She cared about the dollars she was earning. She probably cared that the product was a good product. I am sure she was totally unaware that fried chicken was the only stereotype that is used for blacks, or that whites clearly neither eat fried chicken nor visit Burger King….

But Burger King pulled the advertisement anyway…and apologized to Mary J Blige (apparently for releasing the advertisement before it was finalized – really? Really?...If you believe that, I have some ocean front land in Arizona to sell you!

Of course, the lefty community is so riled up that Mary J Blige HAD to ignore her fee for performing in said advertisement and in an effort to control the damage from her black fans…and found an elegant way around the problem by saying that the advertisement was released before it was ready and was not intended to look the way it did.

Yanno, friends…I just don’t get what the world is doing.

We have all gone crazy…and weak. Where is the strength that made this country great?

Why did Burger King apologize? They did NOTHING wrong…they did nothing racist…they did nothing offensive to blacks….all they did was produce an advertisement using a celebrity as a spokesperson to promote a new product.

Now…that celebrity was BLACK.

Would there have been the same reaction if Miley Cyrus had done the commercial?


So…clearly there was nothing wrong with the commercial.

So what was the problem?

It is clear that the problem was that the celebrity was BLACK!

And if that is not racist thinking from the left I don’t know what is!

What is next?

It doesn’t take much imagination to see a department of media advertising (government department of course) whose sole responsibility is to look at what color person appears in what advertisements and then determines whether that is offensive or not.

So...a Mexican cannot advertise beans because in some parlance they are called beaners?

While we are on this subject, what gives with Black Entertainment Television (BET)? Where is a channel directed toward white entertainment?

What is Black history month? Where is white history month?

What is the NAACP?

And on and on and on.

Friends, the problem we have in today’s society is that every time you turn around, somebody on the left is pointing out race issues. They tell you that race shouldn’t matter…and yet they base their policies on race…they provide assistance based on race, they bestow rights not found in the Constitution based on race.

And they call the tea party racist.

I for one am sick of the divisions created by these racists on the left, ably led by the biggest racist of them all, the Liar in Chief, President Obama.

Since he has been at the helm he has purposely attempted to divide this country in every way possible….

…the 1%ers against the 99%ers
…black against white
…male against female
…conservative against progressive
…tree huggers against energy developers

You name it…he has divided it.

This from the man hailed as being the great uniter….the only thing he has united is the Unions to his ass.

It is time for mainstream America to take back her promise.  It doesn’t matter whether you are white, black, brown, yellow, red, or green with purple spots. If you love this country you must ignore the trash from the left. You must ignore the empty words from the empty headed suit that calls himself one of the four best Presidents this country has seen.
You must unite, and stand shoulder to shoulder, and show Washington that you will not believe their lies.

Show the left that you have had enough of their manipulations.

Stand up proudly as Americans…of one accord, and demand the freedom you have by right to be restored to you.

If you cannot do this, then this country will become a utopia of worthless, snivelling, uneducated fools with nothing better to do than collect their government handouts while complaining that we have to do something to save the gay whales.

Stupid is as stupid says.


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