Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Swallow now - you may be next on the menu!

The rich must pay their fair share!

It is just morally wrong, indeed reprehensible, that some folk in America get to enjoy great wealth, and pay less tax than their secretaries.

The Buffet rule is a good rule (but don’t ask Buffet….he probably cringes at the thought of ACTUALLY having to pay more taxes – he prefers to pontificate on what should be, rather than taking action on what WILL be.)

Regardless of how you look at the Liar-in-Chief’s continuation of the claim that the rich must pay their fair share…regardless of how he packages it…he is appealing to one type of person. He is appealing the parasite…to the 47% of Americans who now pay zero taxes and yet enjoy the fruits of Government handouts.

He speaks of the millionaires and billionaires…he talks of their secretaries…he hails there willingness to pay more taxes to solve the economic problems.

He lies.

What he is speaking of is cannibalism of the highest order.

He hates those that control more wealth than he has…and wants to bring them back to earth by soaking them as much as he can.

His phony cohorts go along with him because not only does it assuage their guilt – their belief that if they are rich, they must have stolen it from someone – but it makes them feel they are more likeable to the common man. It makes them feel like they are not hated because of their wealth – after all, they can’t be all bad if they are willing to pay more tax and spread their wealth around, right?

Well, let’s just take a look at this and see what is for dinner.
For our appetizer course we will look at the ten richest (by net worth):

These include:
Bill Gates - $59b
Warren Buffet - $39b
Larry Ellison - $33b
Charles Koch - $25b
David Koch - $25b
Christie Walton - $24b
George Soros - $22b
Sheldon Adelson - $21b
Jim Walton - $21b
And rounding off the top 10,
Alice Walton - $20b

Total net worth – around $289 million.

Now, let’s think about this for a moment. This is not income…it is net worth. But, if we are going to eat the rich….indulging in Obama’s favorite bit of cannibalism….we need to get serious and really eat them…not just nibble at the edges.

So I suggest we tuck our napkins in, grab our forks and a big carving knife, and gouge out….oh…how about 91% of their wealth…a staggering $263 billion!

Now what can the government do with that?….It could sure feed the masses…with 300 million plus people in US, we could all receive around $0.87 each! Now, I am sure we could all find a way to make good use of our newfound cash….
Or it could use that money to finance government spending…nah…that won’t help economic recovery.

OK…so maybe we need to eat the top 100….the net worth of the top 100 amounts to around $700b. If we took 91% that would be $637b – almost enough to give everybody in the US $0.87 each and BUY the nation of Greece….we could all go to the Greek Isles on vacation!

But …what would happen when the vacation credit card bills arrive?

Oh I know…we simply have the main course…the next 300 soon to be devoured rich guys!

So now, we have eaten a mere 400 of America’s richest people….and do not have much to show for it…the 300 we had for the main course produced no more than the previous 100…and a quick look at the rich list shows us that after 400, we are down to pretty meager pickings.

But it is time for dessert….and after a vacation to the Greek Isles…and dining on 300 1%ers to pay for it, we deserve a nice dessert and maybe a nice dessert wine as well, don’t we?

To do that we have to eat the next 1, 000 rich people….now don’t get me wrong…these folks have plenty of money….with net worth in the multiple millions of dollars, they can afford to give up 91% of their money, right? Sure they can…we can dine on them like pigs at a trough….

But hang on…isn’t that guy about to be devoured, your neighbor Jim? You didn’t realize he was so wealthy? After all he is just your local McDonald’s franchise owner….how did he get there?

There must be some mistake…we don’t want to eat him…he provides a job for your tennage son to help him get through college….


Too late…Jim has been devoured by the relentless hunger of the addicted. In a flash he is gone, and the jobs he created with him.

Now there are more folk with their hands out….

Now we have to eat 100,000 rich folk just to get a cup of coffee to finish our meal.

The problem is that this 100,000 includes some people who are seated at the table cannibalizing the rich.

Oh well.

Stupid is as stupid says.



  1. your math is off. It's not .87, it's 870 dollars

  2. You are right. Pesky decimal points! Now we all have enough to buy that airline ticket to Greece!