Sunday, April 8, 2012

Self-imposed ignorance to self-proclaimed rightousness!

My regular readers may have noticed that there are now no advertisements on my blog.

While you may appreciate this, I am somewhat disappointed that I needed to remove the advertisements which, after all, provided a small income to me…when I say small, I do not exaggerate…after a year or so I have earned enough to buy a nice dinner for my wife and I…hardly enough to call an income!

In any event, it has gone…and I guess our annual dinner (compliments of Google)  is now a thing of the past.

So…why did I stop the advertisements?

For those who do not understand how it works, Google has a fantastic product called “Adsense”. “Adsense” reviews the content of your web site and automatically posts advertisements that should appeal to your readers based on the contents of the webpage. So…if your webpage is about cars, you would expect advertisements about cars, car insurance, car finance etc . You would not expect advertisements about kitchen appliances or garden sheds. 

When people click on the advertisements Google gets paid, and shares that payment with the site owner.

Nobody is likely to become a millionaire from this, but some websites and blogs are able to generate a small supplementary income…if they spend the time to understand what Google wants and bias their blogs or websites that way. Nothing wrong with that, if that is their objective. ( I simply don't care what Google wants, or what anybody else wants...I write what I want...and do not sell out to anybody.)

Google is very outspoken about how well they are able to understand web site content and provide relevant advertisements.

If this is truly the case…why is it that I have found numerous advertisements supporting Obama placed on my blog?

There is no way that any “intelligent” reader could ever confuse me with an Obama supporter – or if that did happen, then I must not be very good at communicating.

So, why would Google persist in placing pro-Obama ads on a website that is obviously NOT one of that fools fan-pages?

I believe the answer is as simple as it is dangerous.

There is no secret that Google and its senior executive support the Obama administration and are one of its biggest financial contributors. No mystery there.

Now, if were inclined to create conspiracy theories, I would say that Obama was behind this…but the probability is that he knows nothing about it.

More likely is the possibility that some clever junior editor working at Google suddenly realized that they could adjust the method of determining relevancy to include any web page that so much as mentions Obama (in any light…positive, negative…no matter). If relevancy was based on that, then the inclusion of advertisements that are pro Obama on websites that are ANTI Obama could have very interesting results.

The most important thing that he or she is hoping for is to raise doubts in the minds of the readers about the efficacy of the poster. After all, if I REALLY believed what I said about Obama, why would I then carry a pro-Obama advertisement? My readers could easily become confused…could easily become cynical…and the benefit of my blog as a tool against Obama would be diminished. At the same time, people who disagreed with me may be tempted to click on the advertisement and follow Obama to the gates of Hell. A win-win for the advertisers.

Of course…it could all be just as simple as poor technology….

In any event, at the cost of a couple of dinners, I have chosen to remove all advertising from my site…I hope all conservatives watch out for this and make the right decision!

Now onto something more serious….

In his 1995 book, "Dreams From My Father," Obama wrote that when he told classmates of his decision to become a community organizer in Chicago in 1983, he would "pronounce on the need for change. Change in the White House, where Reagan and his minions were carrying on their dirty deeds."

So, in 1983 Obama accused Reagan of dirty deeds.

That opinion had not changed in 1995 when his book was published.

And yet, in 2012, with an election approaching…Obama seems to think that those dirty deeds were not so bad…in fact Obama invoked Reagan's name four times in a speech this week to The Associated Press annual meeting. He said the conservative hero, never accused of being a "tax-and-spend socialist," still recognized the need for tax increases as well as spending cuts to tame federal deficits. Obama's verdict: "He could not get through a Republican primary today."

So...I am trying to understand what changed. Was Reagan evil between 1983 and 2011 and has suddenly, in 2012, become the face of moderate conservatives…whereas today’s conservative is the crazy right nut job?

Whatever you wish to say about Obama...there is one truth that cannot be denied. He is willing to say anything that will work to get him re-elected.

He doesn’t care about whether there is any element of truth in it. He doesn’t care what educated folk think about what he says.

All he cares about is to tear down conservatism and to paint himself as the moderate messiah…the messiah that will lead the uneducated out of their self-imposed ignorance, and lead them into the light of his self-proclaimed righteousness.

In order to achieve this he must denigrate everything that people hold important…

He does that with the supreme court…he does that with the much loved Reagan…he takes their attributes and drapes them around his own socialist ideals, hiding the truth from all but the most watchful.

Unfortunately, you will not find among the “watchful” those who should be there. You will not find the journalists, the reporters, the book writers or the movie makers…they have already been fooled…and believe the Emperor is clothed in truth.

You will not find a majority of the Congress critters who have promised to protect the Constitution but step on it every day for their own purposes. They have looked at the Emperor’s new clothes and decided they have never seen such finery. After all, the drapes of the Supreme Court and Reagan can conceal all manner of dangers.

You will not find the unions, the educators, the social workers or the controllers of government handouts…they have long since fawned at the hem of his garments.

The Emperors nakedness is seen only by those who believe in truth…only by those who hold truth and justice as the guiding light of their lives…

It is time for the few to laugh at the fool in his nakedness…to run him and his wife out of the White-house, clothed in nothing but disgrace.

For truth will shine light on the darkness that is his heart, exposing his lies and socialist plans for even the blindest among us to see.

I am sure you remember all those parties in the 70’s when black lights were “de riguer”…exposing all manner of white underwear beneath dark outerwear…well…we are the black lights of the conservative movement…it is our responsibility to expose the truth under the darkness…a truth not many are prepared to accept.

Don't be shy....let's shine our light on the darkness...



  1. Actually, the book's title is "Dreams From My Father". Isn't that a little weird? He sort of inherited dreams from a man he only met once. As for ads, I keep noticing M's picture on the conservative sites I visit. Her hands are extended and she invites the reader to join her & B. I would like to join them by piloting the hope & change bus out of DC in 2013. Jackie in La.

  2. Hi are correct, thank you! I have made the correction above.

    I have always thought it weird that Obama would relate the dreams from his father and claim them as his own personal crusade....but that is who he is...

    I would happily ride shotgun on the bus you are piloting out of DC...we have to make sure none of the vermin escape on the way out!!