Thursday, June 7, 2012

Does the death of democracy herald the death of democrats?

Yesterday, it was the death of democracy….today, could it be the start of the death of democrats?

Make no mistake, the death of democrats will be a slow affair….and they will fight with every tool in their arsenal but unless they change the way they have controlled the power base for the last 50 years, their decline as a political force is assured.

Tuesday’s Wisconsin recall election is the first greatly visible sign of the decline of democrat power.

Why do I say this?



Specifically public service unions.

Democrat politicians have relied on union support to fund their campaigns for decades. The unions get repaid by the elected democrats who provide salary and benefits to local, state and federal employees. These employess have union fees deducted from their salaries whether they are members of the union or not…and the union repays the democrat politician by supporting him/her at the next election.

And the cycle continues. The song remains the same.

But now, something has happened to upend this cozy relationship.

People are fleeing unions in droves.

Union membership is declining…and that means that union fees are declining…and unions have less money to support their local politicians.

Democrats will be forced to raise funds from the electorate…and will need to manage their message in a way that appeals to the folks in their electorate. They can no longer rely on the unions for their campaigns.

As was seen in Wisconsin, it is unlikely that the liberal message will encourage ordinary folks to dig into their pockets and financially support their democrat candidate. After all, being a democrat is all about what you can get, not what you can give.

With fewer elected democrats the cycle changes. Fewer perks for the union workers, fewer fees for the unions and smaller support for democrat politicians.

Have we reached the tipping point where the cycle has changed sufficiently to ultimately stop democrats?

Only a fool would think that…but the cycle has certainly been damaged. Sufficiently so that the democrats will be forced to rethink how they will win elections in the future.

If they fail to adapt, fail to change their view of the world…fail to adopt the standard set by John F Kennedy when he said “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”…then the democrat politician will go the way of the dinosaur.

And what happens then?

If we have an administration similar to what we have now, I foresee that  the Constitution will be shredded, and a bold faced attempt to secure power will be certain.  The circumstances leading to that event can be manufactured or real…but with the death of democracy, the loss of power of the Unions, and the inability of democrats to sell their nonsense to the ordinary people of America….the only chance for democrats is the tyranny of the administration.

Do not be fooled…this is their end game.

The death of the democrat will surely bring about tyranny if we allow a second Obama term.

Do not allow that.



  1. You are correct as usual. With the public employee unions on the fire, sooner or later all people will understand the difference of a productive union and a non-productive union. Those unions delivering goods, constructing or building whatever, picking crops, and generally producing wealth are productive unions. State, Federal, and Municipal employees are not productive. I believe that the non-productive unions should not have the right to strike or enjoy collective bargaining.

    With all the people on the dole, I do not feel that life as we know it in the US will survive. I also think that last month we started down the slippery economic slope. June 17th, with the election in Greece, and the people not wishing to take severe cutbacks in living standard, will cause Greece to withdraw from the EU and default on it's loans. Spain will be next if their major bank is not bailed out by the EU. Actually there is not enough real assets to bail it out, and certainly the industrious German people will not.

    The slide will start to go fast and by December there will be great turmoil. Maybe the world will end Dec. 12th, and all of us, including our kids and grandchildren, will be spared extreme hardship. This would be a real long shot. The short shot is we may not be able to overturn disaster. We can do nothing about Europe, Japan, or the slowdown in China, and it will take a long time to overturn the damage that Marxist thinking has done.
    The best we can do is make sure Obama and those who believe in his failed European solutions are defeated at the poles. Maybe then we will have a chance of not going down the tubes, but in my estimation, we have a 70% chance of losing most of what we have. Smart wealthy people will move their money and assets to a place they research as safe, and are doing such. The rest will be stuck. No mun, no fun

  2. Hey 4crapkiller,

    you are so right in your analysis. The only question I have is how long it will take for the turmoil to start. I suspect that a European bailout in some form is being considered at the highest level of government. It will be sold to the people on the basis that if we do nothing, the EU collapse will take us with it while some form of bailout will buy time.

    Few will understand that this will lead to massive inflation and the destruction of America...while EU hangs on from US support.

    At the end of the day financial collapse will happen...I am just not certain that we will see it in the next 6, 12 or even 24 months. After that...who knows?