Monday, June 18, 2012

Controlled demise?

The Usurper-in-Chief has done it again.

Once more he has made an end run around Congress and decreed that certain types of criminals be treated differently. Not just differently but advantageously.

So the Divider-in-Chief is not satisfied with simply creating divisions between white and black, rich and poor, union and non-union, but now he is separating one class of illegal from another class of illegal.

Before I get into this, let me make it clear…the people I am about to talk about are NOT undocumented workers….they are NOT immigrants…they are criminals. They have broken the laws of this land.

And now Obama is providing advantageous treatment to a sub-set of these criminals who meet certain criteria.

They must have arrived in the country illegally before they turned 16. In other words they must have been sneaked across the border in the middle of the night either in the company of their parents or by themselves.

They must be under the age of 30 now. Too bad for the illegal who is 31…I guess he will still be treated as a criminal! They must have lived here for at least 5 consecutive years.

They must not have had any felonies, been a good citizen and yada yada yada….

Umm…the mere fact that they are here illegally seems to nullify that in my mind.

If they have an education and served in the military, even better.

These folks…these poor illegal citizens who have more often than not been provided an education thanks to the American taxpayer…will not be sent home….they will be provided with work permits, they will be permitted to stay indefinitely…they will be handed the advantageous action of not being sent home.

Now let me think about this for a minute.

We are talking about illegals that did not cross into America through a border….so how do we know how old they were when they arrived? As illegals, they have lived in the shadows…how do we know they have lived here for 5 consecutive years?

Even if school records indicate that they spent 5 years at school, that does NOT mean they lived here for 5 consecutive years. And how easy will it be to forge school records? Certainly much easier than forging SS cards and drivers ID. I can see a whole new industry in fake school records starting already!

So, in effect, Obama has, by royal decree, simply made a group of illegals aged 5 to 30, legal residents.

One has to ask why he did this?

Why not just give everybody legal status? Why limit the decree to this sub group?

Clearly the answer is that this was a political maneuver and nothing more.

Even Obama knows that a royal decree granting amnesty to every illegal will be met with so much anger that he will be forced to walk back on it…not a good idea in an election year.

But by limiting the amnesty to a closely specified sub-set, he can “sell” it to his supporters as a major step in the right direction and a step toward the Dream Act, while he can “sell” it to his detractors as “an example of what is fair”…after all these children were brought here without knowledge that they are illegal, and after being educated in America, are Americans in all ways except for their papers.

Additional kudos will flow his way from the Hispanic community because their dreams of a better life for their children will be realized…they can now be deported knowing that their illegal activities resulted in good for their kids.

This was truly a masterful move from Obama.

And should have resulted in his being sent to the political equivalent of “hell”…but it didn’t.

Why not?

Because that weak and ineffective Republican candidate for the Presidency has refused to stand up and say that he would reverse that policy, that executive order, when he is elected President.

That lily-livered wannabe , when asked if he would reverse the order, rambled on about how events will overtake this order and it becomes a moot point.


This moron is talking a lot about a permanent solution….readers, if I am wrong on this I will discontinue my blog forever, but I believe Romney is positioning his policy to take a run at some form of Dream Act giving illegals a path to citizenship.

You can take that to the bank.

The more I hear of Romney the more I am convinced that the “Paulbots” are right.

Folks, I have sometimes thought that a vote for Romney is a sure way of getting rid of Obama…and if that is the aim of this election, I think that is true.

But is that the right thing for America?

More and more, as I hear etch-a-sketch Romney clear his platform of all the things he said on the way to winning the Republican primaries and start softening his position now in a bald-faced attempt to win the center left over to his moderate ideas, the more I fear a vote for Romney is a vote for the destruction of this country…albeit slower than Obama would do.

You see, I have no faith that Romney would adhere to the Constitution. I have no faith that he will do what is necessary for this country . I have no faith that he even KNOWS what should be done to fix this country.

On the other hand I am totally convinced that he will do exactly what he needs to do to earn a second term. I am totally convinced that he will sway in the breeze and do what is politically expedient regardless of the consequences to the country.

I am totally convinced that he is nothing but the latest in a line of RHINO’s who will do nothing but usher in a period of controlled (or uncontrolled) demise of this country.

This is where our personal integrity must be considered. Are we willing to vote for a Romney type in the knowledge that he is moving to the left on a daily basis…or do we hold on to our principles and vote for someone we believe in, even if we have to write in his/her name and can possibly waste our vote?

A lot can yet happen between now and November…and while that question does not have to be answered until you stand in the voting booth, it would behoove us all to consider the consequences of our decisions.

I leave you with this single thought…words have meanings and what a man says matters. But what he does matters more. The left is drooling because the way things stand now; they are going to win in November regardless of who gets the most votes.

Stupid is as stupid says….


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