Thursday, June 21, 2012

An unholy alliance...

I have spoken frequently of two great evils that have permeated our society….

They are:-
1.       Political correctness
2.       Affirmative action

While these two evils exist we will never be able to walk as free men and women in a free society.

Now, before any of you start shouting “racist” at me, let me explain… (after you have read and considered the remainder of this post, if you still want to call me a racist, go right ahead…I will wear that title with honor if that is all you can see!)

Let’s start with political correctness. Being PC requires you to be careful of what you say, how you say it and where it can be heard. You are not free to express your thoughts if those thoughts could potentially be found offensive by someone else. You are in fact, censored. This is in complete opposition to your right to free speech.

I do not care if what I say is found to be offensive to someone else. Why should I care if anyone is offended by what I say? Big effing deal if you choose to take offense. I have the right to say it, and you have the right to ignore it. You also have the right to be offended, but that does not change my right to say it.

For too long, this country has suffered under the tragedy that is political correctness.

It is a tragedy because it does only one thing well…it hides truth.

And when truth is hidden, all we have to base our opinions on is lies.

Political correctness has not only destroyed free speech but has peppered the landscape with lies which have now become as truth.

Hand in hand with political correctness comes affirmative action. Affirmative action simply bestows on one part of the community certain rights that are not bestowed on another part of the community. When employers reach a certain number of employees they must employ a certain percentage of black or Hispanics or women or special needs folk (it makes no difference if these people are qualified or not!)

Employers must ensure that certain races are promoted in advance of others to reduce claims of racism against them.

Affirmative action is in fact the illegitimate stepson of political correctness…and arm in arm they have destroyed this great Nation, stolen our freedoms and been the launch pad into a life of tyranny.

Yes, tyranny!


Because these two aspects of American life are so pervasive that they impact everything that you and I do.

And now, we get people who believe that being white is unfair, that being white puts you in a privileged class, that being white gives you better jobs, better opportunities…a better life.

I call BS!!

The color of my skin gives me NO advantages…in fact being white puts me at the back of the line when it comes to gaining access to college, getting a job, getting welfare, getting Section 8 housing, etc etc

So how is it that whites are perceived to have such advantages when in reality PC and Affirmative Action have stripped them of any equality ?

This can only be attributed to one thing…

A belief among the white population that they have to make it themselves….that they are responsible for their own futures.

This translates as:-
-          Needing to get an education even if you can’t win that scholarship to play basketball
-          Needing to earn a living and provide for your family even if it is easier to expect someone else to do that
-          Needing to raise your family to be responsible even when it is easier to let the government to do that
-          Needing the self-respect that honesty provides even when it is easier to steal, lie and cheat
-          Needing to think for oneself and stand up when something is wrong, even when it is easier to run with the crowd
-          Needing to help others when it is easier to take handouts

Now, these things are not attributes of a race…they are attributes of a man or woman who knows how life is. They are the attributes of people destined to succeed where others fail. They are the attributes of men and women who deal with the hand they are dealt and move forward anyway.

The so called disadvantaged in our society will always remain so. Why?

Perhaps it is because there is a different mindset in that culture?

After all, why should they toil through school and get that much revered education when they can play basketball?

Why should they toil all day in the factories and offices of modern America when they can stay in bed and get welfare?

Why should they set the example for their family…government schools can do that free.

Why should they do things the hard way, the honest way, when they can sell drugs, steal, lie and cheat?

Why should they be the ones to stand up and say something is wrong?

Why should I help anyone? Life is tough enough without helping somebody else…now let me go down to the mall and beg strangers for a few bucks so I can buy my drug of choice. Besides, the government hands out free money all the time…let the needy get it from the gubermint.

Do you see the difference?

I know and understand that this is a gross generalization. There are many white folk who think with the wrong mindset just there are many black folk who think the right way.

And guess what?

The black folk with the right mindset have broken out of the chains of ignorance, while the white folks with the wrong mindset have chosen to shackle themselves.

This is not about the color of a person’s skin…it never has been. It is about the nature of a person’s core beliefs and how they drive a person’s actions.

But the liberal, the progressives, the bleeding heart lefties continue to move heaven and earth to keep racism alive and kicking.

Their insistence that skin color either enables success or forces failure is laughable at best but is presented to us daily as a truth.

A truth that has come from the bowels of political correctness and affirmative action…and the stench is palpable…but we simply go on our way, not for a moment considering how preposterous these statements are.

We think of the poorest ghetto, filled with crime and all those downtrodden people who would love a job, if only we could get one for them. Really?

I agree some would love a job…do I really need to complete that thought?

I was asked yesterday….”Why is it that there is currently so much division between the races, between political parties, between workers and employers…after all, aren’t we all Americans who should respect the differences and come together at the end to make America great?”

There are many answers to this question, but one of them is that while we allow political correctness and affirmative action to distort the truth at best, and to hold lies as truth at worst, we can never come together as a united nation.

Truth is the great uniter…not lies.

And as long as our President and his cohorts continue the deception, a deception so willingly swallowed and believed by masses of intellectually challenged folk drooling at his every pronouncement, we will continue to see divisions created between race, class, color and creed.

You see…it suits his purpose to divide…its suits his purpose to use political correctness as the weapon of choice to hide truth. It suits his purpose to use affirmative action as his preferred weapon to keep blacks under his control.

It suits his purpose to pretend a belief in freedom while creating policies that lead to tyranny.

Two great evils that stalk this Nation and have brought her to her knees…political correctness and affirmative action…an unholy alliance that has spawned the society that may re-elect the tyrant-in-Chief in November, unless honest and truth seeking folk speak out.

Do not be fooled by the “feel good” thinking behind these two evils…even the devil himself can speak softly with seduction …leading you to hell in the belief that your intent was good.


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