Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dear Mr. President....

Dear Mr. President,

I want, no…need, to make some observations that you, perhaps due to your busy life, have possibly not noticed.  At least, I hope you have not noticed…because if you had AND continue to treat the American people as you do…there is but one conclusion to be made of your character.

Many have called you incompetent….I wish it were that simple to explain away your presidency.

Many have called you a socialist (or Marxist)…while the evidence supporting such claims mounts daily, and while such claims may well be true, I suspect that is not the principal purpose driving your actions.

Many have called you a liar. Indeed I have done so on many occasions…and I would do so to your face should I be unfortunate enough to ever meet you. In my opinion, sir, you are a disgrace to the office of President, and the contempt you hold for the American people is breathtaking in its arrogance.

Many, including myself, have called you a fool. A puppet…with no moral compass you are directionless, being blown wherever the winds of liberal progressive popularity blow. Sir, a man with no moral compass is a man who is no leader.  A man (or woman) holding the highest office in the land must be first and foremost a leader, capable of encouraging his country and leading them forward through the tempests that threaten every day.  Without a moral compass your leadership has left America not knowing where she is going or why.

Many have said you are a narcissist. A sentiment I truly agree with.

And while all of these things are true in one way or another, and to varying degrees….they are but the breeding ground for the nastiest ideas you can summon.

The nastiest of these is the idea that America is beholden to others for what she is now.

What’s that, sir? You believe America is a great nation, offering opportunity to all?
I’m sorry, Mr. President, but isn’t it you who said that if you own a business, you didn’t build that? I hear you trying to explain the context of that comment…trying to walk it back…but the fact is that you said it…and it can’t be unsaid.

But of course, you really meant that government assistance was a large part of the reason for that person’s success. That every successful businessman should acknowledge that and give back.

Give back?

Give back?

Let me see, sir. The government has no money of its own so it takes from the businessman the money that is needed to build the roads, the bridges, the infrastructure that the businessman needs to be successful. So what exactly is the businessman expected to “give back”? What has he received from the government that he has not already paid for? What is the free gift that he has received that he should be giving back?

Mr. President…I do believe that you have screwed the pooch well and truly on this one. Your insistence that you meant something different is of no influence in the real world. You see, sir, the only person I know of who has built something (or at least owned something) that was built by someone else is…you!

You had someone teach you. You had someone else get you into Harvard. You had someone else get you into the Illinois Senate. And you had someone else to get you into the federal senate…and someone else to get you into the Presidency. The truth, sir, is that you did none of that for yourself…someone else did it.

So, what about America. Did she become the nation she is? Or did someone else do it? Is her greatness the result of the hard work of millions of people both past and present…or it the result of unknown faces who designed and built the ships that carried the founders to our shores? Perhaps it was the government of England that financed the journeys to the new worlds, the journeys of discovery, that are responsible for the greatness of America? Or maybe it was Galileo discovering the movement of the stars…or the ancient Vikings who mastered the art of seafaring?
No…you are a fool…the greatness of America is due to the hard work, inventiveness, creativeness and indomitable spirit of the pioneers, the adventurers, the entrepreneurs and the businessman toiling every day over two hundred years of effort, blood, sweat and tears.

Effort that you know nothing of.

Effort that is rewarded by words from the empty suit occupying the White House telling those folk that they didn’t do it.

You sir, are leading this country to an entitlement society. By degrading the efforts of those who made this country great, you are applauding the efforts of the ones that did not participate in that greatness. By telling us there are plenty of smart people “out there”…you are taking away from that inventiveness and creativity that moves a man from being an employee to being an employer. His smarts, his creativeness, his inventiveness is no different to anyone else you say….yeah right! If that was the case everybody would be a successful businessman. The truth is that no matter how much you want it to be otherwise…the world will always reward the exceptional in ways different to how it rewards the average.

And you, Mr President, make the case that the unexceptional are entitled to a share of the rewards freely given to the exceptional.

Are you truly insane?

Under the guise of  “giving back” you want to take from the achievers  and give to the under-achievers through various entitlement programs.

Mr. President….one question?

Is America a land of opportunity?...or a land of entitlements?



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