Monday, July 16, 2012

You didn't build your business...somebody else did!

"If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen."
                                                                                                   Obama, July 2012

Well, sir…just who was it that built the business? Was it the guy pan-handling on the street corner, wanting me to give him my money that I worked for? Maybe it was the doped up welfare queen eating Cheeto’s while watching “Days of our Lives”?

No…maybe it was the poor uninformed consumer who had no alternative to buy my product/service because I was holding a gun to his head? He clearly didn’t want what I was selling…he must have been forced to buy it, right?

Just who are you referring to when you say “somebody else made it happen?”

Did this mysterious somebody else spend 18 hours a day 7 days a week on a starvation diet while putting every ounce of energy into creating a business, creating jobs, taking risks? Point him or her out to me and I will gladly shake his hand and say thank-you….of course, if someone was doing that for MY business I suspect I would already have noticed him or her…and I didn’t!

Oh….I get it. You are talking about that great teacher we had in 6th grade that taught us how to spell entrepreneur, right? Ok…so, if I recall, there were other students in that class who all learned the same thing…;.so why is that they aren’t also wealthy business owners? If that teacher was the help along the way, why did only 1 of us become successful?

So no…it was not the great teacher….but it may have been the great student!

So, now you are talking about the infrastructure that government created…the roads and bridges…so now it is government that made my business a success? And that it was the taxes of every other income earner that built the infrastructure that made my business a success?

Yes, the government has been stealing money from Peter for decades…and used the guise of infrastructure as the curtain behind which their giving to Paul has been hidden. Those infrastructure programs were wealth redistribution programs…nothing else.  The roads, the bridges, the infrastructure would have been built without any government interference…and probably at a much lower cost to the economy…if they were needed by the producers. The fact that the government did this did not help my business at all…in fact the taxes on my business have in fact stifled my growth, not enabled it.

You, Mr. President are a fool.

As to your final argument that it was the people before us who created the environment where a business could prosper that helped us. I can actually agree with you on this point. It was the founders understanding that a man has the right to create his own destiny free of the shackles of government interference that created the opportunity that business owners continue to invest in today.

Too bad you don’t believe the same way!

To you, government is the only way business can succeed. This is in complete opposition to what the founders believed, to what they fought and died for, to what they created the rule of law to protect. The very constitution that you trample on every day, is the thing that assists small business.

And by your daily actions, sir, you show your disdain for it.

Hypocrite is too polite a term for you. Snake in the grass is closer. Slithering, blithering, tyrannical fool is closer yet.

But, sir, do you know what is even worse?

That you have a group of sycophant followers that believe every lie from your mouth. The fools who follow you blindly, believing the poison you and you ilk spew on a daily basis. why does he say stuff like this when he knows that it is not true?

Class warfare. He is setting up a run at higher taxes on the rich…arguing that the wealthy did not get there through their own toil…that they were lucky to have all the help from all the people of the world who chose to make their business a success. And now it is time to pay back that assistance…it is time to pay the piper…the government that made it all happen.

Refer to my last post about a wealth tax…and my numerous posts about the Divider-in-Chief and his policies to set Americans against Americans.

He knows he cannot remain President of a United Nation…his only chance is to divide based on race, wealth, sexual preference and any other characterization he can find. He continually incites Americans to hate…to hate whites, to hate the wealthy, to hate the haters. This man who promised hope and change, unit, and the most transparent government ever known to this country has delivered nothing but angst, hate, division and rancor.

And now he is trying to take away your freedom. He tells you that you cannot be successful without government assistance. He tells you that your employer’s wealth is a result of stealing from you, or government assistance. He tells you that you cannot succeed without government.

The Liar-in-Chief has overstepped even his own ignorant and selfish desires now.

He is a tyrant who WILL destroy any freedom you have left if he gets another 4 years.

Don’t let him!


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