Monday, July 9, 2012

Time to grow a pair.

My local newspaper had an interesting story today.

Showing a photograph of some guy holding a sign that read “your $50,000 ticket = my student loans” the story looked at Romney’s latest fundraising efforts among other things.

The crux of the story is that Romney was invited to a fundraiser at Koch’ house in the Hamptons. A fundraiser attended by the uber-wealthy. Attendees apparently were asked to donate $50,000 for their attendance, or $75,000 for two.

Now, I admit that I could not afford to attend such a function…but the fact that there are people who can should be a sign that anything is possible in America. Of course, for those of you with a liberal mind-bent, you will argue that those who afford such a thing must have done it on the backs of the poor, stealing THEIR wealth and using it themselves wasting it on a fundraising event when they could have used that money for much better purposes…such as paying off my student loan!

Oh yeah…I wish I could ask that fool in the photo one simple question. “Did you know when you took out the loans that one day you would be expected to pay them back?” and a second question…”Or did you think that some rich person who does not know you from Adam, who has worked hard for what he has, or was simply lucky by being born into the right family or winning the lottery (yes the same lottery that you buy tickets in every week), would just come along and see your sign and think…that poor guy is in over his head…so, instead of supporting freedom with my donation, I will give it to him to pay off his student loans?”


And unfortunately the world is full of them.

Hypocrites too. Do you think this guy was standing in front of the Hollywood homes of the rich and famous when Obama was having his $50k plate fundraisers? Or maybe, the $50k from liberals wouldn’t = his student loans?

I don’t know about you but the hypocrisy of liberals never ceases to amaze me.

That same story went on to criticize Romney for a number of things….

-          For being the wealthiest person EVER to have run for President (I have read the constitution a couple of times…I don’t recall it saying that wealth eliminates someone from becoming President
-          The story tells us that democrats are demanding full disclosure of Romney’s tax returns, details of his off shore bank accounts etc in an attempt to paint him as not being “in touch” with the middle classes.

As I pondered these things my wife said something that Romney should listen to…she said that Romney should respond as follows:-

“Everyone wants to know all the details of my financial situation. I can understand that and that as a person running for President, many things should become public knowledge. With this in mind I am willing to provide full access to all my financial dealing on the same day that Mr. Obama unseals ALL of his personal records and makes them available for public examination. Those records include his educational records, his financial records, his legal records. The transparency expected of a Presidential nominee should be no greater than that expected of the President. When Mr. Obama chooses to make his records a matter of public record, I will follow his lead and make mine public. In the meantime, and until that happens, I will not make any further comments on this question.”

She went on to say that the tone should be friendly but firm…brooking no argument and accepting no questions. A very simple statement that everyone can understand.

What a great response….if only Romney had the intestinal fortitude to say that and then move on.

But my guess is he won’t. My guess is he will let this opportunity slip by, remaining quiet and hoping that this controversy will be overtaken by the poor economy.

Let me remind you, Mr. Romney, that the electorate is full of people who will believe every single word that drips from the lips of the Liar-in-Chief. They do not care for the truth….they do not think about what is said…they just slobber all over it, making love to his words in their pathetic little fantasies…drooling like zombies as he walks by.

Ignoring this will simply give him another weapon….but defending it gives him strength. Do not defend…go on the attack. Speak once and never again….but make sure the once is loud and clear.

Mr. Romney…you are in a fight against a man who will bring a gun to a knife fight…it is the Chicago way…

Never forget that. It is time to stop the crap talk of Obama being a nice fellow out of his depth.

It is time to talk of his lack of transparency, his lies, his deception and his danger to the freedom that made the USA great.

Grow a pair, Mr. Romney.

That is the only way you can win in November.


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