Thursday, July 5, 2012

The war has begun.

America’s birthday has come and gone.

Today is just another day…and as the sound of fireworks and parties fades away and becomes just another memory, it behooves us to think about what the 5th of July meant back in 1776.

The 5th July was the day America realized that she had brought the wrath of the most powerful army steaming toward her shores in over 130 war ships…bearing 25,000 of the best trained soldiers ever known to mankind.

July 5th was the day that George Washington knew that there was no way out but to fight.

And he knew the odds were impossible.

1776 was the year that Washington nearly failed. Defeat after defeat saw him lose faith in himself, and those in his command started jockeying to take over command of his armies.

The fishermen from Maine helped his cause by arranging his army’s evacuation from New York…and again later when they enabled his weary soldiers to cross the Delaware and gain victory at Trenton.

But the English troops were way too strong and final victory over them was an elusive goal for many years.

July 5th was the day it really all started…it was the day when America’s declaration of sovereignty meant that the future was going to be filled with pain, anguish and, yes, loss of life. It was the day when American’s stood together and determined that freedom was indeed worth fighting for…worth dying for.

It was the day when the dream became reality…and what a fierce reality it was.

Today is July 5…today is the day that conservatives must understand that the future is cast…the battle lines have been drawn…and the fight for freedom must begin. There is no time for the fears and doubts that plagued Washington. There is no time for losses to be turned around and great victories won later.

No. We have to win this final battle now…and we do not have years to stand and fight a well-trained army…we have months only…but the army is surely big and certainly well trained.

Make no mistake my friends…this 5th July we stand in front of the liberal progressive machine preparing their battle plans…battle plans of propaganda, lies, half-truths, and catchy slogans. Their war chests are overflowing with government largesse to the under-informed…votes bought through providing for the care of the less fortunate on the backs of the workers and business creators.

Their rhetoric is never ending…their lies numerous and their numbers seemingly overwhelming.

Washington faced similar odds on his 5th July.

Can we organize an unbeatable force in under 5 months? A force capable of taking on and defeating the opposition? Yes…we can and we MUST.

The Emperor must be removed from his Throne in November. His cohorts, advisers and minions in the White House must be ejected from the people’s house and banished to parts unknown and a life of mediocrity and shallowness equal to their skills and ability.

The Congress, both houses, must be swept clean…throwing out all progressives/liberals and apologists from both sides of the political aisle.

Make no mistake…freedom is at stake here.

This 5th July we are not facing an army with muskets and cannons, but we face an army that has been bought with the trinkets that government can provide. We face an army that is addicted to the government teat…an army that is ill informed about all manner of things of importance…economy, history, morality.

We face an army that has the moral guidance equivalent of an army of Orcs right out of Middle Earth.

And they have votes…votes that are as deadly as a musket shot to the chest.

Victory will not be easy….with the likes of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell being heralded as conservative leaders we have a lot of cleaning to do. They must be swept up with the rest of the liberal detritus and moved aside so real principled conservatives can take those leadership roles.

We must out-think, out maneuver the opposition even as we remain within our moral beliefs, if we are to defeat this enemy.

I leave you with a simple thought….

“There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.”

Be very frightened…the ignorant have the keys of the kingdom today…we must take them back if freedom is to be retained.

Today is the 5th July...the war has begun.


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