Thursday, June 16, 2011

LIberals want to create even more unemployment!

Today is just too much fun for words.

I cannot believe how easy it is to show how mentally ill liberals really are.

Let me explain.

Liberals hate Rush Limbaugh, I get that. They hate Fox News...I get that too. Their hate for the Koch brothers knows no end. They love unions and they hate Republicans and Conservatives.

That is such an easy platform to understand.

But...this is kind of confusing for me.....if they love unions and want jobs (even if they are union jobs), why are they boycotting the very firms that provide jobs to hundreds of thousands of people? By doing this they are actually CREATING more unemployment!!

SO...if I don't like someone I use the ultimate form of censorship...I change the channel. Nobody forces me to watch morons like Shultz, Anderson and Maddow.  However, I do not try to prevent them from having their shows. I do not try to get them censored or taken off the air. It is not my responsibility to ensure that they are not allowed their first amendment rights to free speech.

So why does the left think it is theirs? Why does the left stoop to ever lower ways to try to get those whose opinions they don't like, taken off the air? Mr. Liberal, who gave you the moral superiority to determine who I am able to listen to or watch? Huh? Who? Do you really think you are that superior to me?

So, what do you morally superior people do? You try to boycott advertisers who advertise on these programs.

For anybody interested in what I am talking about check out "The People Boycott" Facebook pages...

For a list of the hundreds of products being boycotted go to....

The list includes products from Kraft, Proctor and Gamble, General Mills, Coca Cola, DuPont, GM, Amoco and literally every major producer in America. (It is actually quite laughable that any of the "followers" of this boycott will refuse to buy all of the products listed, but I guess it makes them feel good to SAY they support the boycott - as usual with progressives, what they say is often different to what they do!)

Let's ignore our own logic for a few minutes and assume that a boycott like this can be wildly successful.

There are a number of possible scenarios depending on the level of success, but the most likely ones are:-

1. the boycott is so successful that advertisers refuse to buy spots on Fox News. Fox News can not survive without advertising revenues so it closes down. And the boycotters have created thousand of unemployed people. Who have lost their jobs? Producers, directors, researchers, reporters, camera people, sound people, technicians, lighting specialists, writers, drivers, secretaries, and many many more. The list is really long. Some of these people could be your relatives, could be your friends and neighbors...and you, Mr. Boycotter have just caused them to be unemployed!! Why? Because you think you are so morally superior that you can't abide free speech and you know better. There are words for people like you that start with  "A" and end with "S".

2. It may be that the advertisers will spend their ad dollars elsewhere, but they advertised on Fox for a reason. That reason is that Fox viewers buy their products. Your wildly successful boycott means that there are no Fox viewers anymore. They may have changed their viewing habits but most certainly have dispersed across a wide array of other programming. They no longer form or represent a cohesive demographic that the advertisers can appeal to in one place. The advertisers understand this and cut their advertising budgets accordingly. The manufactures look at their product lines and cut those as they no longer have that cohesive market to promote to. Entire product lines cease to exist.

So, you stupid liberals have succeeded in closing down product lines, putting thousands of blue collar employees out of work. The people who make the products have no job now. The truck drivers who deliver the products have no work. The farmers who grow the food that goes into the products have no market.

I can see that you really care about people when your actions, if they are wildly successful, will lead logically to huge unemployment, and a massive drain on the economy. The results get worse. All the unemployed people face losing their homes, cannot spend to keep the economy moving and are part of the domino effect that will pull this economy to a complete standstill.

All because you think you have the right to tell me who I can and can't watch on my television, and you think you have the right to stop people from having a platform for the right of free speech!


Now...let me explain why this boycott cannot be wildly successful.

1. If we have learned anything, we have learned that liberals and progressives are nothing but hypocrites and liars. They say all the things that make them feel good, but do not practice what they preach. They want the rich to feed the poor, but they don't do it themselves. They are conflicted, angry, and ugly people inside. Their penchant for violence, intimidation and downright thuggery is par for the course. When they cannot win on the intellectual battlefield they revert to name calling and verbal intimidation before running away and hiding. They are nothing but a pack of cowards.

The Peoples Boycott Facebook page has a whole 4,460 people who like it. Facebook has what? 40 million users? When I looked at the People Boycott page yesterday, it had a mere 4,452 likes, so it has gathered 8 likes in 24 hours. Not exactly a big movement. Not exactly a movement that strikes fear into the hearts of conservatives or advertisers.

Let me tell you morons will be better off going out to save gay whales than you are being involved with this stupid boycott.

2. Advertisers do not care if you boycott them. If every one of you morons was 100% true to the products being boycotted and NEVER again bought that product, the advertiser would not notice. Your pathetic stand has no effect. And here's some truth for will not grow the movement because most people are not stupid enough to think that it can succeed, that it can make any difference...or that it is the right thing to do. Only you loons who have not thought about it will sign up for it.

3. Your boycott is so asinine that even the most hardened Democrat will see that you have no right to try to prevent free speech. The fact that you fear these things so much that you are prepared to sell your souls to stop them, that you are prepared to ignore the bounds of constitutional rights, simply confirms to all that see this, that you are nothing more than the thugs and cowards stated in 1 above.


OK...rant over.

To my conservative friends, I offer you hope in the face of lunacy. But that hope is not some mindless expectation of something better in the future. Certainly not the hope that Obama preached.

No...your hope comes from within your own hearts and minds. Whenever you see stupidity such as this, be strong and outspoken. Show it to be exactly what it is. Attack it and defeat it with logic.

There is no doubt that idiots abound. No further proof is needed than to spend a few minutes reading the comments on those Facebook pages. Those people hide behind their own perverted view of Christianity and scream the gospels as reasons for their own moral superiority. Do not be intimidated by this. Be armed to discuss with logic what they cannot defend. If you doubt this is possible, spend some time reading my posts...I think you will find that there are gems of arguments in them that will stop liberals in their tracks.

We can not allow the creeping destruction of our beliefs, our morals, our language, our borders, our culture....OUR the hands of these progressives. We have allowed it in the past because it all sounded good and reasonable...and without realizing it, everything that made America great has been turned upside down.

I't time. It's time for US to stand up and say "We are not going to take it any more." The lies, the deception, the ignorance and the deceit stops now.

What saddens me is that so many otherwise intelligent folk have succumbed to the feel good hypocrisy of the liberal mantra. My heart breaks that we have failed them. We have failed to educate them in the truth and have allowed the progressive movement to steal their minds. We can not point fingers without first examining our own faults, and the role we have each played as individuals in allowing this country to get where it is today.

It is not too late, though.

If we each stand up and take personal responsibility for not allowing the lies to continue, for calling out those that would spread them, and to confront progressive stupidity wherever we see it, I believe we can become an unstoppable force ....deceit and lies wither and die in the face of untarnished truth.

So be bold, be truthful, be honest and be strong.

It's time.



  1. That's pretty optimistic. It would be nice if simply repeating the truth could stop the lies, but it seems anytime I say something true, I get fifty people shouting me down. They just really can't stand to hear the truth. I don't know why! Everyone would be so much happier if we all had more freedom, right?

  2. I feel your anguish....I have found that the progressives talk in only one of two ways...either they take the playbook and use sound-bites to try to logically defeat your argument, or they use mob voices to try and drown you out. I used to simply walk away until I realized that they win if I do that. That is why I started this blog. At the very least have now found a voice....and I look forward to liberals coming here to drown me out. Their fear of the truth is only matched by their fear of anyone who will stand up to their bullying tactics. They actually believe freedom is represented by government control. ....hmmm...sounds like an interesting topic for a post one day!

    Stay strong, my friend and speak out with confidence.