Thursday, June 30, 2011

Truth from MSNBC? Amazing!

While the American public is on tenterhooks wondering what is going to happen next in the Casey Anthony trial, the fallout from the Presidents speech yesterday gets relegated to the back of the list of media stories that are important.

Are we truly insane?

Yes, the whole Casey Anthony thing was tragic and I am sure most people have views on whether she is innocent or not. All I know is that a child is dead, and that is tragic.

But seriously? How much time do we as a society want to waste worrying about something that has already happened? How much time do we want wasted, listening to talking heads sprouting their opinions on everything from the defense tactics to the prosecutorial mistakes, to whether she wore makeup, or cried or what she had for breakfast?

Who cares?

Let me ask you something....if she is found guilty, will that change your life? If she is found innocent, will that change your life?  I thought so...either way is totally irrelevant to what you are going to do today, or tomorrow, or next week or next year. It will not get you a job, it will not pay the bills, it will not give you an education, it will not even provide good why do we obsess about it?

I understand that most people want to see justice....but really? You want to watch every second of a trial that will eventually provide justice? Why? Are you waiting for the next obscure statement? Or the next big revelation?

Again, I ask , why do you care so much about something that will ultimately be irrelevant to your life, while things are taking place right now that WILL effect your life?

Yesterday we had the Liar-in-Chief delivering more lies than you would find in a jocks changing room, and yet no-body remembers or even cares about this today. It has been relegated to the dung-heap of history in less than 24 hours.

Even conservative biased news outlets have done this...the speech was sooooo yesterday...and the Anthony case is today! The defense rests! We have to cover this crap! The people want it!

Not me. I know I am in the minority...what is shown or written about is what sells. What I do here does not sell (just as well I don't rely on it for a

So...let me take you all back to yesterday. In my post yesterday I talked about some of the lies the Weasel-in-Chief sprouted from his slimy mouth.

Today I am going to look at it in a different light. I am going to ignore the lies and take a cold look at the intent of the speech.

And what I found, I liked not a bit more than I liked his lies.

At a time when there is a perceived crisis coming our way, and the President feels a need to manage the crisis with strong leadership, he comes out and does two very odd things:-

1. he states that he doesn't want to "spook" the folks so he will be careful what he says so as not to be accused of scare tactics. Really? You would think that the mere fact that you state you do not want to spook anybody clearly will spook people, right? And if that was not enough he tells us that if we dont agree with him, then our food supplies will become unsafe! Good way of not spooking the people Mr President!

2. the American people were looking for leadership from their President. And what did he deliver? Something very different and as far removed from leadership as it could possibly be. He delivered a partisan speech that was totally inappropriate for the occasion and supported my opinion that this jerk is nothing more than the Candidate-in-Chief. He is not Presidential...he is not a leader...he acts and sounds like a candidate, and a very bad one at that.

His advisers were very good...I can hear their pre-speech discussion right now...."Mr. President, you have to put all the people off guard. Tell them that you have to raise taxes to keep food safe. Tell them that corporate jets are evil and they are the reason that the food will be unsafe. Don't forget to mention the kids...wrap that in to how jet fuel costs the kids their well deserved education. These are all winning ideas, Mr. President. Your base will love you if you blame the rich, soak the rich, and use the money to make food safe. A winning strategy!!"

Ummm...but doesn't the President use a private jet? A jet that the taxpayer pays for? What is the reason for this war on private jets when you use, and misuse, several all the time?

This is just one more dissapointment for the people of this country.

Let's hope that there is never a real emergency when we need real leadership. If that happens, Mr. Obama is likely to dilly dally, refuse to do anything, and then when he has no choice will rush into the private bathroom on his private jet, put on his best suit and appear in front of the cameras to deliver his leadership speech...
...and be just another candidate.

His words will be of such import that even an MSNBC host will be heard saying "He was kind of a dick" before being tossed off the air. I am not a big fan of MSNBC - it is simply a tool for the left to spread their lies...but in this case Mark Halperin spoke the truth....and for that he gets taken off the funny!

Short of being called a dick, Obama's words will be forgotten within 24 hours, doomed to appear on page 3 next to the picture of a topless girl in UK newspapers. Words have meanings, I always say....unfortunately, in our President's case, words are meaningless.

The Candidate-in-Chief amounts to zero when the country needs/wants/hopes for ...a leader.

Stupid is as stupid says.


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