Thursday, June 9, 2011

Who wants a Weiner?

Oh my!

Are we condemned to hearing a bunch of Weiner jokes for the next 3 months? Maybe through the next election cycle?

I was not going to comment on Weiner's unfortunate but nevertheless self imposed quandary. I was going to give it the attention it deserved....none. But the press seems obsessed with him...will he or won't he?

When airlines offer Weiner specials, and even the Food Network gets in the act with a "month of Weiners" I knew I could not remain oblivious. If the esteemed chefs at Food Network are into Weiners, who am I to remain out of the fray?

So...while I doubt that Anthony Weiner even knows of my existence, and even if he did, would, in most likelihood ignore my advice, I remain convicted to give him some

Dear Mr. Weiner,

Get a grip!!


There you go! Done.

Now we can move on to more interesting subjects, but of course they are all related to the favorite subject of the Where would this world be without sex and sex scandals? An entire industry would disappear over night. And the porn industry would go as well. Print magazines would go the way of the dinosaur as would television and movies. Life as we know it would fact it would never have started.

So, the reality is that we are stuck with it. And, we are free to enjoy it in the many variations we like. It is not for me to judge whether a person's specific sexual proclivity is a perversion or simply the manifestation of their deepest erotic passions. In either case, I simply do not care. What adults do in their own private lives is none of my business...and none of your business either.

If someone enjoys multiple partners inside or outside of marriage, that has no bearing on the strength of my own. If someone enjoys same sex sex, that does not change my hetero inclinations. I do not care.

So, why do we all get so pompous and upset when our political leaders display the same human passions that everybody else has? Why do we get inflamed when we hear of extra-marital affairs, homosexual liaisons, sexting incidents?

In reality, who gives a rat's ass about that stuff?

Let me tell you something. I DO!

I don't care what they do, what bizarre or unusual sex acts they enjoy. I don't care who they enjoy it with.

What I care about is this. It is simple really.

I care about the fact that the person who is leading my country, or representing me in Congress is nothing more than a lying, cheating, despicable creep who is willing to throw the trust the electorate bestowed upon him on the trash heap of his sexual proclivities.

I suppose if you want a lying, cheating, despicable creep representing you, you wouldn't care about his sexual dallies, or his lies, and deceit.

Here is my problem. If a politician is married, as most are, and they maintain some sort of relationship outside of that marriage, and hide that relationship from their spouse (as most do), they are lying in the worst possible way to the woman or man they claim to love.

If they can so brazenly lie to the person they love, what do you think they will do to you? Do you think they will care about being truthful to someone they have never met, wouldn't know from Adam and will probably never have to answer to personally?

I don't care if the person in question is named Clinton, Gingritch, Foley, Spitzer....or Weiner....the same rules apply. IF you are willing to lie to your wife(or husband) about anything, you no longer have the right to expect my trust.

So to all the philandering , lying, deceitful Representatives, Senators, Governors, Mayors and elected dog catchers out there....take note. I do not care that you have sexual perversions, tastes different to mine, preferences that I can not ever understand. However...if you EVER have to stand up in front of us with your long suffering spouse by your side (or refusing to be at your side) with the aim of confessing your faults and asking forgiveness, here is what you will get.

You will get my forgiveness...that is what we are called to do. Not because it helps you but because it serves as the first step to repairing MY hurt. You will NEVER regain my trust, nor will you ever get my vote again. When you have proven yourself to be nothing but a lying, deceitful piece of crap, it is done.

So, Weiner....back to you.

I don't know which is worse. That you are refusing to resign and thereby not allowing the faith of those who trusted you to be put where it will be rewarded with honor, is indicative of a man who has no honor. The fact that there is an electorate willing to accept you as the lying cheating bastard that you are, and defend you as simply having made a mistake, and even contemplates your re-election is symptomatic of how low our expectations have fallen. An electorate that even considers re-electing or supporting a lying cheating scumbag is sure to get what they deserve.

Stupid is as stupid says.


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