Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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Let's take a trip. For those on the East Coast, maybe not such a long one, but for those on West Coast, we are going a long assed way so you better get some supplies ready, some food, some drinks, a book or

Ready? Ok. Here we go all the way to Jackson Township in New York.

Why would we want to go there? Well...this is the place where a stand for American freedoms has taken place. This is where a line was drawn in the sand and the brave people of Jackson Township decided to let common sense reign, and stop the stupidity.

But alas, such good old American common sense is unlikely to stand against the combined forces of the Attorney General of New York and the ACLU.

Nope. These two fine organisations are not going to allow common sense to rule. They must fight common sense every step of the way, for as long as one person is left disadvantaged, we must destroy common sense and make that one person happy, less offended, lees disadvantaged....whatever they want to call it.

May we have a minutes silence now...for the loss of the last bastion of common sense in America?

So, what am I talking about?

I am talking about the fact that a small town in New York State saw a need to actually declare that English was the spoken and written language of USA and Jackson Township in particular, and passed an ordinance that English is the official language and that all government business and documents will be in English and no other language.

How dare these people think that English should be the language of the USA?

I think the world would be a much better place if we were all able to speak whatever language we wanted, including our own made up languages...and that every document should be written and translated into every language so that every person would be able to read and understand everything!!

Just think of all the new government jobs my idea would create? Thousands of translators, thousands of printers and toner cartridges and paper mills and truck drivers....all new jobs just to make sure their were plenty of translations....yes!! Economy is fixed with all these new jobs!!

I have not translated this into Spanish, or Japanese, Korean, Swahili...or any other language. I guess if you speak those languages you are just SOL. Maybe you could learn English? What a novel concept!!

Of course, that is a concept totally lost on the Attorney General and the ACLU. How dare we expect immigrants to learn our language? We welcome the legal immigrants with open arms and the expectation that they will add to our of those expectations is that they will learn the language of their newly adopted country. And most do.

We are forced to put up with millions of illegal immigrants who have little interest in adding benefit to our Country but rather want to rape it for whatever they can get, and who show little regard for the laws and societal proclivities of this Nation. We are being far too hard on this horde by expecting them to learn English.

If the ACLU and the other progressives/liberals who are fighting this on the basis that it disadvantages immigrants stopped to apply any thought to it, they may come to a different conclusion.

It is quite simple. A Nation is defined by several things:-
- its borders
- its culture
- its language

Any threat to any one of these and the very Nationhood is threatened.

In America, our borders are porous. Illegals do not even need to slink across them, they simply walk through where they are greeted lovingly by a Nation of progressives who have no idea what a Nation is and why it should exist.

Our culture has always been a mish-mash of everything that is GOOD about many cultures. Legal immigrants have, for 200 years shared the best of their cultures with the melting pot that is America. Somewhere in there an American culture has grown, nurtured by good people with good hearts. This Culture is severely under attack from gangs, drug lords, and...dare I say law makers. The nanny state prevents cultural evolution and opens the flood gates wide for cultural destruction.

And finally, language.

Can America remain a great Nation when the three tenets of Nationhood are so severely under attack from enemies both without and within?

Of course it can. America is nothing without her people and it is her people of all backgrounds who will stand up and say "Enough!!". It is time to protect the borders, time to protect our Culture and definitely time to protect our language.

The brave folk of Jackson Township have taken a stand. I pray they do not fold under the weight of legal action, and I pray that the millions of Americans who agree with them will find a voice and stand with them to fight the good fight.

Can one little township of 2,000 people really make a difference? Yes, it can. There are townships like this all across this Nation, and each one must make its own stand. I am going to step down off my soapbox now.

I can always be surprised by the stupidity of the liberal progressives here in this country. There is literally no end to their stupidity.

But what may be worse is this. That good people find they have to pass laws, or ordinances, to do what good old common sense dictates in the first place.

Yes, common sense is not so common any more. If not murdered by the progressives, it is indeed very sick.

It is time to resuscitate common sense. Let's hope it is not too late.

Stupid is as stupid says.


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