Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mr. President! You lie!

Today is a very sad today. I pondered wearing a black arm band today to signify the passing of something I hold dear...but decided that that would have been a tad dramatic.

So, here I sit with nothing but a keyboard in front of me as a tool to express my deep sorrow.

This morning I made a major mistake. I thought I would try to understand what the Liar-in-Chief was really trying to do with the budget/debt discussions. Perhaps if I really listened to his press conference, I would be able to see some wisdom buried deep below the hyperbole. Perhaps some secret herebefore unseen gem of logic and reasonableness would appear despite his best efforts to keep it buried...after all, I believe the truth always has a way of trickling to the surface (usually at the worst possible time for the liar!).

But alas, those hopes were dashed within the first few minutes.

And now I have a new name for the Liar-in-Chief. He is also the Weasel-in-Chief.

I mourn today because I believe the last vestige of honor, responsibility, and accountability by this president were sacrificed on the altar of political expediency.

Truth has no place in politics. Obama made that very clear today. He cares nothing about truth...his only weapon is disinformation, lies, fear-mongering and pandering to the illogical thought waves of the liberal audience and the liberal media who refuse to call him out on his lies.

Following his lie-filled speech I witnessed a parade of journalists asking questions that made them feel good that they had the opportunity to ask. They were answered with more waffle than you could find at the Waffle House on a Saturday morning. The journalists refused to call him out for not answering the questions and refused to call him out for blatant lies. Along with truth, the art of journalism was confirmed dead today.

The Waffler-in-Chief did not even attempt to cover his flagrant evasion...even stating that "he doesn't even need to answer the question" after waffling for ten minutes justifying his actions in Libya in response to a question about the Constitutionality of the War Powers Act.


It was at this point that I realized that I would be better informed, better entertained and had a great chance of hearing more fundamental truths if I changed channels and watched an infomercial selling me the latest weight reduction fad. At least the narrators in that could speak well, pulling me in with well selected phrases and encouraging me to buy with emotional calls to action.

But, passing a train wreck, I couldn't bring myself to change channels....I needed to hear the next lie...and did not have long to wait.

Just for fun, let's look at some of the lies the Deceiver-in-Chief tried to sell today:-

1. Obama made it clear that he is pushing for tax increases, along with spending cuts to create a "balanced approach" to dealing with the deficit. He claimed to have spent the last  "two and a half years providing tax cuts to the middle classes".

Really? He has provided tax cuts for the middle class for the last two and a half years? If I recall correctly he was dragged kicking and screaming to a point where he had no alternative than to extend what is euphemistically called the Bush tax cuts. So now, an extension of a previously existing but time expiring condition is "creating tax cuts"?

He knows that his spin is nothing but a lie...and so do we.

2. Obama made a number of claims that I find very interesting. One of these was that "if we do not tax the rich more, we will be unable to provide scholarships for your kids, we cannot guarantee the safety of the food you eat, and we may not be able to fund the National Weather Service".

Really? That is where you are going to cut spending if you can't get a tax increase? Ahhh...I thought not. The reality is that if you cut spending in these areas you will destroy your base, and by letting them think you will, you will gain their support in the fight for tax increases. Count on the liberals to use fear tactics to generate support. know very well that these are not where you would make spending cuts....not gonna happen. So your lies are designed to strike fear into the hearts of your audience. "Oh my God, our food supplies will become unsafe if we don't increase taxes!!!"

Obama, this is an out and out lie.

3. Obama stated that his team has identified over $1 trillion in spending cuts. That sounds like a good start to wards a balanced budget for 2012. Leaves only $600 billion more to find. Of course, he did not mean that that was an annual saving. In fact, he slipped up a little later and declared that "the spending cuts would be achieved over ten years". Oh? Ten years.....? You mean that sometime in the future there MAY be spending cuts over a ten year period amounting to a saving of $1 trillion? Or, if they happen, a whole $100 billion a year? Wow, Obama....I guess you didn't actually lie about spending cuts that had been identified (although the fact that you did not give one single example of where those cuts may be made indicates that this was a throwaway line and not truthful). A skeptic would doubt the truth. But, assuming it is true...a $100 billion a year does nothing to address the debt level issues faced today.

Obama, your attempt to provide disinformation to show something that is not real is a flagrant lie that you should be held accountable for.

4. While listening to a question from a journalist about a "balanced solution" Obama rudely interrupted the journalist with a statement "Republicans do not want a balanced solution.!"

Really, Mr President? You have finally understood this? While I think your arrogance and rudeness are second only to your deceit, I am surprised that you slipped and allowed this truth to escape your lips. I know you meant it to be a slam on this case your lie has a grain of unintended truth.

Here's the thing, Mr. President. Republicans swept to power in the House last November because they stood on a platform of reduced government spending and lower taxation. These Congressmen and women are not your slaves. They do not answer to you. They will not be bullied by your thuggery and will not compromise on what they were sent to the Hill to do. If they do any of these things, they will be looking for a new job next election.

Where you lie is here. They are not necessarily unwilling to take a balanced approach. They have their orders from their new taxes. They have also been told very clearly that compromise is not acceptable. (In my opinion compromise leaves both parties dissatisfied!)

The balanced approach the Republicans are willing to take is simple. Cut spending. Cut spending more. Cut spending even more. Do it now....not over ten years. Do it on wasteful spending first and then find a way to deal with entitlements. That is balanced. Taxing the rich is not the balanced solution they can accept.

5. Here is the greatest lie of all. Obama spoke of the cuts in spending the Pentagon was finding. He couched it in terms of "while others are examining their sacred cows, surely the republicans can do the same" and "we have all carried the burden, so , is it too much to ask the millionaires and billionaires to do the same and have higher taxes...they can afford it....they can still fly their private will just cost them a little more".

Obama...what burden have you personally carried? Where have you personally reduced spending on your sacred cows? In fact your sacred cow has just spent an estimated $1 million on a trip to Africa , where she disgraced herself on numerous occasions. Is that what you mean by bearing the cost of reduced spending?

Where are your instructions to reduce wasteful spending on green technologies that have little chance of success? You want to reduce concessions to oil and gas companies while increasing subsidies to green technologies. Where is your pain, sir?

You are a degenerate liar who's hypocrisy know no end.

But you are clever, I will give you that. You understand that a lie tinged with the slightest truth has more chance of being accepted as truth. You understand that the "people" are compassionate. You use that, you use their fear of inequality as the foundation for your lies., my hopes of seeing truth were sadly unrealized.

Today, journalism and truth were both sacrificed.

But that is not the reason for my mourning.

Today, I mourn for the people of America. I mourn for the loss of innocence as the realization that we elected a despotic liar as our President seeps through our numbed consciousness. I mourn for the millions of sycophants who still fail to see the Liar-in-Chief for what he is. I mourn for those lost in an internal turmoil of their own making. The uneducated who believed in the Messianic nature of "the one", the ignorant who knew no better. I mourn for this country's future, and for the children who will be exposed to the hate and vitriol that explodes each day as the progressive movement continues to destroy lives while fooling its adherents.

I mourn for the loss of faith as more good people fall by the wayside because their energy to fight is sapped by the lies form the President.

Perhaps, the conservative movement will find a leader who can infuse strength, moral character and truth into the political process. A leader who shows by example, who is not afraid of the taunts of the left. A strong man or woman who will call the President out without fear of being called a racist. A person of the people, with faults and issues like everyone else, but one who will honestly accept responsibility, yearn accountability, and lead the people.

Without such a person emerging, this country is doomed to make the same mistake in 2012 as it did in 2008. It will be doomed to elect the sort of President who stands in front of the people unabashedly lying to their faces, and believing his own BS.

America, please, do not let this happen. If you do...

Stupid is as stupid says.



  1. "But, passing a train wreck, I couldn't bring myself to change channels....I needed to hear the next lie...and did not have long to wait."
    I used to be like that, but 15 or 20 seconds is all I can take of "The Liar-in-Chief".

    My first visit here and I like it. Keep it up.
    I will be back.

  2. Thank you long as stupid people say stupid things, I will write about them. As long as liberals continue to distort the truth, I will continue to call them on it. As long as conservatives do dumb stuff, I will continue to have reason to write.

    Fortunately liberals and progressives say more stupid stuff, distort the truth and do dumb stuff than conservatives...and I do not mind at all pointing out that idiocy.

    Looks like I will be writing for a long time yet!! .....devereaux