Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ain't technology grand?

I love technology.

Technology is the greatest driver of economic growth and prosperity.  People have often asked me “what was the greatest invention of mankind?”.  While there are many answers to this question, and I certainly have my opinion on that, the reality is that every advancement of human civilization has been the result of technology. Oh, we may not have realized it but that does not mean it isn’t so.

For instance, the ability to control fire was a very early technological advance.

The ability to grow and cut hay and feed for horses was a technological advancement that led directly to man’s mobility. No longer was he restricted in where he lived.

In current times, the silicon chip has become more capable, faster and cheaper….technology.

Cars have become more fuel efficient, more powerful, and safer…technology.

Mattresses have become softer, firmer, and adjustable, longer lasting and providing better sleep….technology.

Virtually every part of our lives is affected by technology on a daily basis.

In our modern civilization the commoditization of computers, and cell phones and the ubiquitous ipad is a visible sign of the impact of technology…and the changes are more rapid and more life effecting than ever before.

Just this last week, a colleague of mine was showing me a new app he had downloaded for his ipad. It was a technological marvel.  It was a translation app…you could speak in one language and it would instantly translate into another language and speak that translation back to you.

Of course, it could not handle all languages in spoken form. When I tested it and showed off my worldly knowledge by speaking in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) it could not actually “speak” the English translation but instead wrote it in English.

SO…to test this I simply said “Good morning Mr. Smith ” in Indonesian…and the translation was more than interesting.

In bold letters on the screen emerged the words….

“sluts and cigars”!!

I don’t actually know why this translation instantly got me thinking about the DNC conference happening right now…but it did.
I guess for some reason it conjured an image of Bill Clinton…the eagerly awaited ex President, the one who doesn’t yet understand the definition of “is”…the one who indignantly proclaimed “I did NOT have sexual relations with that woman”…yes that Bill Clinton.

On second thoughts…maybe that is a very appropriate connection…Bill Clinton and “sluts and cigars” seem to go hand in hand….

But I digress….

This man who is widely believed to have referred to Obama as an amateur (by the way, that book, “The Amateur” by Edward Klein is a very good read. If you haven’t read it yet, you must…it will help put Clinton’s comments into perspective)…this man who sees the only hope of saving the Western world as being nestled in the bosom of his gum-chewing wife….this man who for years was considered as the first black president (until a half black man came along and was quickly pronounced the first black president)…this man is going to nominate the DNC nominee for President of the United States.

And who is he going to nominate?

The very man who stopped Hillary’s chances to become the first woman president. The very man who he calls an amateur. The very man he loathes with every bone in his body.

So, I have to ask…what happened?

Did Slick Willy have a sudden epiphany? Did he decide that if he can’t be the King he may as well as try to be the King maker?

Or he is still dreaming of “sluts and cigars”…and will sell his soul for a run at the White House in 2016?

To be honest, who knows what races through that political mind of his. But you can be certain of one thing….it will never be what you think it is. Clinton makes Obama look like a kindergarten kid when it comes to politics.

And so Clinton stands up in front the crowd…the crowd hoots and hollers…he proudly nominates Obama...and says all the things the sheep in the crowd want to hear. And there is much rejoicing in the land because the anointed one has once again been anointed…this time by the most beloved of all democrats.

I want to throw up!


One lying political “has been” is nominating another lying political “never was”…and the crowd expects that this time he will stop the rise of the waters and start to heal the planet.

Give me a break!

Folks, we are heading into the season of stupidity. Many things will be said…many lies will be told (unfortunately from both sides)…and you all must be on your guard and willing to do the hard work to research every attack, every attempt to slander and deflect the Republican position and nominees. The left will not hold back…their stupid attack dogs, Wasserman-Shultz, Reid, Pelosi and others, will continue to make false accusations and propagate the lies distributed as talking points from the White House.

Yep…it is going to get nasty, folks.

Real nasty.

I was planning to avoid writing about the RNC and DNC conferences because many commentaries have been written by people much smarter and more politically savvy than am I…but I guess I failed in that regard.

Over the next 60 days we must all be prepared to do what it takes to see a conservative victory in November. I don’t care whether you feel Romney is too moderate, or Ryan too scary, or whatever problems you see with the Republican ticket. Right now it does not matter. What matters is that we get Obama out of the White House…replace him with whatever we have…and go from there.

We must not make the same mistake twice…we must not allow the left to cruise to victory.

I love technology…without it my ramblings would be little more than words written in a book that were read by nobody…technology allows others to see what I am willing to show.

I have tried…really I have…I have tried to get into Clinton’s head…to understand him…to get past the surface. But every time I spend more than a couple of minutes with him, my brain feels dirty…it needs a cleansing…

Sluts and cigars…..

Ain’t technology grand?


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