Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Common dreams - a cult of personality!

I have long considered liberalism to be nothing short of a mental disorder. While I have met some democrats who are clearly deep and careful thinkers and therefor prove that such creatures do exist, the sad truth is that most liberals have cast away the hard work of thinking and replaced it with blind acceptance. Every mind numbing picture that degrades a conservative is treated as manna from heaven…gulped greedily until their liberal minds are suitably paralyzed …and their eyes greedily seek the next dumb statement with which to feed their addictions.

As recently as a few days ago, I may have thought that statement a tad unfair…surely living, breathing humans have more intellectual capacity than that?

And then I stumbled upon Commondreams.org. (http://www.commondreams.org/  ). No further proof of the truth of my statement above is needed.

This page is nothing more than a smattering of mind numbingly stupid captions, user created stories, and liberal double speak. This is what the conservative movement is up against…an army of blind followers with the combined mental powers of an aging Orc from Middle Earth.

Don’t believe me?

Just go to that page and read some of the comments. You will find perhaps a smattering of conservative posts from people who either think they have some chance of penetrating the stupidity of the masses, or want to at least make a conservative stand in a forum that is clearly hostile to any attempt at clear thought. However, if you were to read the guidelines for authors you would find that this organization, while supporting the rights of free speech advocates, very clearly does not support free speech…as evidenced by their requirement that posts should be “progressive”.

My journey into the wastelands of liberal understanding was a disturbing event more akin to a nightmare than an enlightening adventure. I am by nature a seeker of experience, of new ideas, of new thoughts, an adventurer of both body and mind. I often enjoy the debate as much for the formulation of my own thoughts as for the consideration of my opponent’s ideas. It is for this very reason that I often seek out and visit web sites where thoughts that are opposite to mine are freely expressed.

I frequently return from these sojourns feeling a little better educated…a little clearer in my thinking. Rarely do I change my opinions…although the act of challenging them is always enjoyable.

Not so with Commondreams.org . Rarely have I found myself in such intellectual wasteland….a place bereft of originality…a place that is not only bereft of thought but is proud of it. Hostile to new ideas, this page and the lemmings that frequent it are the very proof I needed that liberalism is indeed the mental disorder I have long suspected.

Quite frankly, a primordial swamp has more intellectual honesty than this place.

I must be a sucker for punishment, because against my better judgment, I read more of the comments than a sane man should (at least without risking not only his sanity but the contents of his stomach, as the digestion of stupidity affects the bowels in the same way as an overdose of laxatives!)

After returning from this less than enjoyable visit with the mentally challenged, I felt like I needed an enema for my mind and Pepto for my stomach…although I doubt how effective they would be in removing the stench from my nostrils (another side effect of mental numbing!)

Anyway, when my head started working once more, I started to wonder just how otherwise intelligent people (and I am giving the benefit of the doubt here)…how otherwise intelligent people can so willingly cast aside common sense and salivate after Obama like a horny dog after a bitch in heat.

By contrast, Republicans and conservatives in general, do not worship at the feet of Romney…they are fully aware of his weaknesses….they do not deny them, nor make excuses. But the Obama followers? A totally different relationship exists.

Obama is, to his followers, not one step removed from the Messiah…he IS the Messiah…the One who will roll back the waters, heal the planet, create world peace, fix the economy….and if he doesn’t succeed in all of these…well he can always blame Bush.

He is the One…

I could make some comments about flies here…or polished turds…but I will refrain from such childish comments. (Please forgive me…I suspect I still have mental artifacts from my unfortunate journey into stupidity at the Commondreams pages! )

As I considered these things it occurred to me that what is happening is simply the cult of personality. The cult of personality is a very powerful thing. It is impossible to know just what it is…or exactly how it works…but there have been numerous examples of it throughout history.

In order to be fair to my liberal friends I decided to go to a liberal source for a definition of the cult of personality….

Wikipedia defines it as follows:-

“A cult of personality arises when an individual uses mass media, propaganda, or other methods, to create an idealized, heroic, and, at times god-like public image, often through unquestioning flattery and praise. …. A cult of personality is similar to hero worship, except that it is established by mass media and propaganda.”

Wow…could that have been more accurate?

The cult of personality has been used by many people throughout history….

-          Karl Marx

-          Joseph Stalin

-          Adolph Hitler

-          Eva Peron

-          Chiang Kai Shek

In current days…Vladimir Putin is one of two obvious examples.

The other is Barack Hussein Obama…a man who has hidden his history and created an image about which willing participants’ prostate themselves in worship.

When the people indulge in hero worship of this nature, they are willing to bargain away their God given common sense in exchange for the perception that the object of their worship will deliver them from all the travails of modern life…and will solve their every problem and grant their every wish.

Deep down inside, they know this is not possible, so even as they choose to believe, they instill in their minds all the necessary protections for when failure occurs (as they know it will). These defenses are so powerful that even when the people know their hero is leading them forward to things that do not sit well with their own conscience; they do not hesitate to follow.

This is why Hitler was able to lead an entire nation to believe that the extermination of Jews was good for them…even though they knew in their hearts that it was not only wrong but would jeopardize their national soul for decades to come.

Their minds were numb…

-          Numb to truth

-          Numb to logic

-          Numb to manipulation

-          Numb to free expression

-          Numb to original thought

The cult of personality can be so powerful that anything that even hints at disagreement is filtered, spun, into the type of stupid, illogical and uncompromising comments that one finds in the mental wastelands of cultist blogs.

There is no way to defeat this.

The only way is to eradicate the personality around which the cult fawns. And in a Republic such as ours…that means at the polling booth.

In November this year we can all go and start the process of eradicating the personality that has enslaved so many in stupidity.

Your vote on November 6 could set free millions of people currently captive to the cult of personality. I doubt they will thank you…but over time, they may regain their senses…although it could be a generational thing.

In any event, we must start somewhere…after all; I believe I REALLY will go insane if I have to engage with Commondreams.org again…please, no!!


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